Conservative candidate Hannah Ellis: “I will fight to scrap ULEZ and defend motorists in Harlow and the villages”

Elections / Mon 10th Jun 2024 at 06:31am

CONSERVATIVE candidate for Harlow and the villages, Hannah Ellis, has vowed to fight to scrap Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ which is hitting motorists in Harlow and the surrounding villages every time they cross the border into London. 

In a passionate statement, Hannah Ellis declared herself a ‘defender of motorists and workers’ pledging to continue Robert Halfon’s legacy of successfully campaigning to freeze and cut fuel duty which the Government has done every year since 2010.

Hannah Ellis said: “This election will decide who will be your next MP and the choice for motorists is clear: a Sadiq Khan and ULEZ supporting Labour candidate who will cost you more every time you fill up your tank or a defender of motorists and workers.” 

“Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ is proof of what Labour would do in power. And just look at what Labour did to motorists when they were last in Government. They introduced the fuel duty escalator which, if Robert Halfon had not successfully campaigned to scrap, would mean that motorists would be paying hundreds of pounds more every year to fill up their car or van.”

“A vote for anyone else is a vote for ULEZ, higher fuel duty, pay-per-mile schemes, blanket 20mph speed limits and a war on motorists. It’s bad enough in London. I will fight to stop Labour rolling it out across the country.”

Robert Halfon added: “I fought every day in Parliament to freeze and cut fuel duty which resulted in a £20 saving every time a motorist in Harlow or the villages filled up their tank. I have heard time and time again the devastating impact that Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ is having on workers and if we have a Labour MP, who supports Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ, you will not only see fuel duty increase, but ULEZ rolled out across the country.

“For an MP that will stand up for motorists in Harlow and the villages, fight to scrap ULEZ and cut fuel duty, vote Hannah Ellis on Thursday 4th July.”

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24 Comments for Conservative candidate Hannah Ellis: “I will fight to scrap ULEZ and defend motorists in Harlow and the villages”:

2024-06-10 06:44:03

So the tories would scrap ulez even though it was them that made khan expand the ulez zone.

Neil Francis Rickards
2024-06-10 07:04:43

U have my vote Hannah

Harlow Lifer
2024-06-10 07:14:15

Ulez is here to stay! You can fight to scrap it all you want but it is not ever going to be scrapped. You would be better off putting your effort into making sure the next part of Khans plan never comes to fruition which is……… PAY PER MILE!!!!!!!!

2024-06-10 07:27:11

Erroll perhaps you could explain to me your statement , I am all for learning. Ken Livingstone introduced the Congestion Charge. (Labour) , and Khan introduced ULEZ also Labour

2024-06-10 07:44:25

Eddie, see here from 2015. ULEZ was a conservative led policy: "The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, today (Thursday 26 March) confirmed the introduction of the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), and welcomed an increased fund of £65 million to help support London taxi drivers’ transition to zero emission capable taxis." https://www.london.gov.uk/press-releases/mayoral/ultra-low-emission-zone

2024-06-10 08:10:49

Thankyou Charles! People like to blame Khan for everything, but the Cons came up with the idea and you'd expect someone who is running to be an MP would've researched had they been any good. It has also improved the air quality for Londoners, so does Hannah not care about the health, only wealth? True blue after all it seems... Also, how would Hannah would be able to scrap something unless she ran for London Mayor??

Guy Flegman
2024-06-10 08:22:09

ULEZ is just a front for road pricing. Think about it, as time passes there will be less and less vehicles that are not compliant and revenue will no longer cover the cost of the system, so they will change it to road pricing as this was the plan from the beginning. You get less resistance if you introduce all the tech as an environmental initiative than if they said it was road pricing from the start. If they really want help the motorist go back to pricing fuel by the gallon so people can really see the difference in price. When it was priced by the gallon and there was never more than a few pence per gallon difference between stations. Now as we pay in litres( approx 5 litres to the gallon) the difference in price per gallon works out at over £1.50. It’s all about perceptions!

David Forman
2024-06-10 11:02:30

A healthy study by HealthLumen in 2020 says: "The report found that the policies in the London Environment Strategy (including the ULEZ) are predicted to result in the avoidance of 295,000 new cases of NO2 and PM2.5 related disease and 1.23 million new air pollution related hospital admissions London-wide by 2050. This equates to a cost saving to the NHS and social care system of £4.96 billion." See https://www.london.gov.uk/press-releases/mayoral/ulez-to-save-billions-for-nhs

David Forman
2024-06-10 11:24:33

There is an ongoing CHILL research project looking at air pollution and children's lung health. It's interim report says: "Traffic-related air pollution is associated with adverse health effects across the life course and substantial health inequalities. Children are particularly vulnerable, with adverse effects observed on developmental trajectories and long-term health, including birth outcomes stunted lung growth, delayed cognitive development and increased incidence of psychiatric disorders. Exposure to air pollution during infancy and childhood is associated with increased risk in later life of asthma, pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease." All this costs taxpayers more to pay for NHS treatment. See report at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC10625305/

James Gamble
2024-06-10 12:07:37

Does Hannah not believe in democracy? There has been a Mayoral election in London and the constituents voted for Labour including ULEZ. They obviously believe clean air is good for them.

2024-06-10 13:25:27

Hannah, as your first policy announcement this is very unoriginal and uninspiring. Years ago, Mr Halfon wanted cheaper fuel and reduced congestion, he didn't seem to get the point that cheaper fuel leads to more miles driven so more congestion. Of course, now, we are all more aware of the environmental aspects of pollution. Mr Google tells me that 80% of vehicles are already ULEZ compliant and presumably this is increasing all the time. Why is improving air quality such a No No? As for 20mph, why is that so bad, how fast do you need to drive in a town. The road past my house in Harlow is 20mph. Would you have it removed? Please concentrate on Harlow, perhaps getting your ECC colleagues and beyond to start fixing the potholes, or to get people in to the Burnt Mill flats. Show us you have learnt a bit more than this from your years with Mr H

Harlow resident
2024-06-10 13:39:44

Need to stop parents fighting to park as close as they can to the school gates often despite double yellow lines... Don't they care about the impact on their children's health? Hannah concentrate on local issues please.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-06-10 14:27:28

Perhaps Hannah is not aware that Conservative controlled Epping Forest DC has talked about making a charge for driving through Epping Forest. This is one method they may, in trying to mitigate the effects of building thousands of new homes around Harlow and within the EFDC district, to save the forest from the effects of toxic fumes emanating from vehicles. Saving peoples lives is of course far more important so whilst charges are not really welcomed, there is the science behind the need to reduce the use of cars and lorries using London's roads.

2024-06-10 14:50:23

Eddie - as part of the deal to give TFL money to stay afloat during covid they had to agree to extend the ulez zone and remove the final salary pension from tfl employees. Lovely people

2024-06-10 15:33:17

Never too old to learn.

Another Harlow resident
2024-06-10 15:44:08

So that's nothing to do with Harlow then? Or is Sadiq Khan running for Harlow MP? Just for clarity.

2024-06-10 16:58:52

Oh but I thought HGGT was turning us into a sustainable traffic town, everyone will be using public transport. You need to be focusing on sorting out Harlow's infrastructure and reducing motor vehicles within the town, not worrying about the ULEZ zone. Harlow is practically gridlocked for large parts of the day. Focus on improving public transport links and reliance on cars. Harlow isn't just about commuters, the town needs to be made safer so pedestrians aren't risking their lives using pedestrian crossings that some drivers, and it appears to be a lot, feel they csn completely ignore. Gilden Way has become a race track. Too many cars on the roads and too many people driving like idiots.

2024-06-10 18:27:21

Perhaps the Tory candidate can explain, as others have said, why she is going against government policy. https://www.onlondon.co.uk/charles-wright-yes-sadiq-khans-ulez-expansion-really-is-in-line-with-government-policy/ “We must take action now to tackle NO2 pollution. Air pollution predominantly affects those living in our major towns and cities due to the concentration of vehicles and other sources of pollution. This continues to have an unnecessary and avoidable impact on people’s health, particularly amongst the elderly, people with pre-existing lung and heart conditions, the young, and those on lower incomes.” Will the Tory candidate explain why she wants to ignore NO2 pollution, and why she wants to inflict health problems on the elderly, and the young? The quote is from a policy document: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/633269/air-quality-plan-overview.pdf Perhaps some should show the Tory candidate a map and show here where Harlow is and where the ULEZ stops. Clue: nowhere near Harlow. If the Tory candidate ignores government policy, wants to shorten the lives of the elderly and those with health problems, and doesn't know that the ULEZ doesn't reach Harlow, who's going to vote for her? Apart from Neil Francis Rickards, that is.

2024-06-10 20:45:38

Feck London Hannah sort Harlow's impending traffic disaster once the Eastern Crossing (raised culverted road barrier) is built east Harlow will gridlock. Get up to date cars are bad news. Harlow was designed for walking, cycling and low cost good public transport. Go see what other countries in Europe are doing from free public transport to growing cycling routes. Works better than just building more roads and cramming more cars into towns.

2024-06-10 21:00:35

Try fixing all the problems in harlow first, or stand in islington if so bothered about ulez,

2024-06-11 16:28:31

Ask your average Harlow voter what's high on their list of concerns, and ULEZ won't even get a mention from the vast majority. Who's doors is Ms Ellis knocking on that she would give this topic such focus? This is why Reform will take millions of votes from the Conservatives right across the country.

2024-06-11 16:33:18

Hannah, I hope you do irony. You want to get rid of ULEZ and increase driving yet you say in your election pamphlet your grandparents swapped the smog of the city for fresh air in 1964 (did you google when the last smog occurred). You have grown up in Harlow, it would have been great to see a lot more about young people rather than spout the same old stuff as Robert Halfon.

Mark Gough
2024-06-11 16:54:16

Very odd choice of battle for the Tory Candidate. Trying to change something where she has no vote and no influence whatsoever. Surely getting our potholes and pavements fixed here in Harlow is more of a priority. The clean air quotes above are estimates. The effect is a drop of about 0.01% in air pollution - which is pretty pathetic. Mark Gough - Harlow UKIP

2024-06-12 09:30:22

Hanna. My daughter drives a car that is 11 years old , and it complies with ULEZ rules , which means she can drive through a ULEZ area at no charge to her. I would guess the percentage of people from Harlow and surrounding villages who need to drive through a ULEZ area with a car that does not comply with ULEZ rules is very low. Please deal with Harlow problems , and let the MP for a ULEZ area worry about that. We have our own problems to sort out. You have made a massive mistake mentioning ULEZ to an area that does not have the problem .

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