General Election 24: Labour’s Chris Vince takes the fight to Church Langley

Elections / Mon 10th Jun 2024 at 02:56pm

WE could not help noticing that Labour candidate Chris Vince and his team have been on the doorstep in areas such as Sheering, Hatfield Heath and Hatfield Broad Oak.

One has to remember that the constituency stretches out to just before Takeley on the A120.

On Sunday morning, we caught up with Chris on Malkins Drive in Church Langley.

They know that in clawing back a 14,000 plus majority, he has to try and secure key voters here.

In the recent local elections, 5,063 votes were cast for the Tories in the two wards in Church Langley. Labour polled 2,825.

Mr Vince said that people are listening. His message was very clear in that if elected, he will work night and day for residents. That in many ways, is his unique selling point.

Interview below.

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6 Comments for General Election 24: Labour’s Chris Vince takes the fight to Church Langley:

Judith Foster
2024-06-10 20:50:11

I am interested in helping the Labour election in my area

2024-06-11 05:28:56

Simple question Chris, Labour plan to add VAT to Private School fees, will this include University fees? Also in 2008 Angela Rayner stated Labour would bring ALL schools under state control, is that still the aim?

Me, Harlow
2024-06-11 08:39:36

Pedro is pretending to be concerned about VAT.

2024-06-11 17:44:39

Serial failure. Threw his toys out of the pram and stormed out of the council elections when Labour lost in May.

2024-06-11 21:27:54

Deep disappointment at an election result is a bit different to the the thorough disrespect of sneaking away from the D Day commemoration.

2024-06-11 22:25:31

Sunak & Starmer. Two cheeks from the same @rse. Vote for someone else.

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