General Election 24: Former MP Robert Halfon backs Hannah Ellis: “Now, more than ever, we need someone who can truly champion our town”

Elections / Tue 11th Jun 2024 at 04:27pm

FORMER HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has made a heartfelt endorsement of the Conservative candidate at next month’s General Election, Hannah Ellis.

In a three minute party political piece, Mr Halfon details why voters on July 4th should back Ms Ellis.

Mr Halfon said: “Now, more than ever, we need someone who can truly champion our town”

The film is below.

For details of all the candidates and General Election news for Harlow, click below.


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35 Comments for General Election 24: Former MP Robert Halfon backs Hannah Ellis: “Now, more than ever, we need someone who can truly champion our town”:

2024-06-11 17:06:27

The Conservatives have seriously let down their core voters on immigration. Continuing to import cheap labour for their greedy cohorts. I wrote two polite and constructive emails to Mr Halfon on the topic and was ignored on each occasion. No doubt he dismissed my concerns as 'bigoted' or suchlike - as they all do. I have voted Conservative since 1983 and this time I will vote Reform. They represent the concerns of core Tory voters much more so than the Torys do.

David Forman
2024-06-11 17:51:09

Nor have the Conservatives treated genuine asylum seekers with any compassion. Also, they have ignored sound advice on immigration from David Neal, the former Independent Chief of Borders and Immigration. Mr Neal was a highly respected retired Army officer who was commandant of Military Police, which made him the top Army cop. The way the Government refused to renew his appointment at the ICIBI was a total disgrace, making him a scapegoat for highlighting security deficiencies at London City Airport. Many army veterans will be livid with the Tories for the way they treated David Neal. A Guardian editorial says it all: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2024/mar/03/the-guardian-view-on-asylum-failures-david-neal-was-sacked-for-telling-the-truth

David Forman
2024-06-11 17:53:41

The first thing a Starmer government can do to clear up the immigration mess the Tories left behind is to reinstate David Neal as chief at the ICIBI.

Bill Jones
2024-06-11 19:28:41

For the first time in my life I am voting Labour. I am sure Starmer has something none of the conservatives have that is integrity. I’ll never vote for the Conservatives again until they have there act together.

2024-06-11 19:39:39

Bill Jones - Integrity? He went fully behind Corbyn to get into his shadow cabinet, then stabbed him in the back when it suited his own career. He has also consistently changed his policies to suit popular public opinion. He's about the least trustworthy candidate of all. A slippery snake, who I have no doubt will be ousted by the left wing of the Party at the first chance they get - to be replaced by one of their own.

2024-06-11 19:50:19

Thanks, but I’ll be spoiling my ballot once again this year. The two main candidates for Harlow are a career politician with zero real world experience and a guy who’s parachuted himself into Harlow having failed in Colchester. Not for me, thanks

2024-06-11 20:05:09

“Now, more than ever, we need someone who can truly champion our town” - Well that's obviously not RH who was so keen to forgive Boris one last time for all the lies during Party Gate. And for being completely and wholly supportive of the Liz Truss Budget That Broke the Markets. As for immigration, you voted for a points based system, you got a points based system. Don't like the results, look at who you voted for. Keep doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity. Integrity? Do we want someone who was fined for breaking Covid laws when he was part of the government? And fined for not wearing a seat belt? And lied about reintroducing the nurses’ bursary. And lied to parliament about the number of new homes being built. And hasn't kept 4 of his 5 "pledges". This and more from someone who promised “integrity, professionalism and accountability at every level”.

Riad Mannan
2024-06-11 20:50:22

Belle - may I ask, what would make you not spoil your ballot and vote?

2024-06-11 21:04:25

Hi, Riad. I’ve been disillusioned with party politics for a long time now. It’s far too tribal & I’m fed up of our elected representatives ending up being awful shills repeating slogans & slinging mud. I guess what I would like is someone who understands the needs of the people they represent, puts them first and rejects the notion that they need to toe the line to appease the whips. That’s a very short explanation, a generalisation. Thanks for asking, wishing you the very best of luck in the elsction 🤝

2024-06-11 21:37:28

I find it strange that, having been kicked in the backside for 14 years by this incompetent bunch, promised the earth and delivered gruel, some people just ask how much further they need to bend over for another kicking!

2024-06-11 21:45:12

Eskoman - Labour will be just as bad, if not worse. Angela Rayner? Please.

2024-06-11 22:28:34

Belle, your comments are interesting but most people's opinion of their mp reflects the party they support. You have a bigger choice of candidates than labour or tories, please do vote else we may end up without elections

2024-06-11 22:29:24

Colin - no I'd rather a political leader with principles. I don't agree with Corbyn's politics but he's honest, has his principles and sticks to them. Starmer changes his opinion every ten minutes if he thinks it'll win him votes.

2024-06-11 22:30:22

Pete - I absolutely agree 100%.

2024-06-11 23:11:17

Hmm.. Angela Rayner, a woman with a normal upbringing and more of an idea how ordinary people live, versus born with a silver spoon in their mouths Eton bore who's only interests are lining the pockets of their friends and themselves? Absolutely no contest who I would like to see in charge for a while. Never in my years have I seen the country as badly run as it is right now, in just 14 short years it has changed beyond recognition, NHS, schools, roads, cost of living to mention a few, all now so much worse. Now the conservative party need to get rid of all those many rotten apples and change their talent pool for many people to ever consider voting them in again, quite right too. Oh, and all those who love to fall for the immigrant spin too, it's common at times when they are hard to blame 'Johnny Foreigner', it's happened in the past, now and will do again in the future am sure. Sadly people are too stupid to see they are being manipulated into looking the other way from the people who really are to blame for the mess.

2024-06-11 23:16:28

Starmer, a man who is 'changing his opinion' versus a lying man without a plan who has broken the country and not kept any pledges? Again, absolutely no contest who I want in charge for a while. Funny what people hold dear.. judging someone on principles or the very real ability to be able heat your home AND eat dinner.

Jimmy 1968
2024-06-12 05:06:38

Nigel farage is the only person I can relate to.

2024-06-12 07:18:36

Jimmy, you have some very questionable relations! Farage stated quite openly in the debate the other night he wants to replace the NHS with an insurance based system, I.e. a paid for system! Do we really want to throw it all away?

2024-06-12 08:03:35

I asked a question of the Tory candidate then of the former MP, neither of which have answered. If she can't answer now what would she be like if she got elected?

2024-06-12 08:13:44

Yes Farage is right! The NHS IS BROKEN and abused… it needs to be changed

2024-06-12 08:23:31

Eskimon, Farage is right to raise the issue of the NHS. It was revolutionary in its time, but the world had moved on. Unfortunately, for both Labour and Conservatives and others like the Lib Dem's and SNP, it has the status of a Sacred Cow. This is not helpful. All that is ever proposed is pouring more money in to what is a bottomless pit. It needs a thorough and objective review. We need to look at other developed countries health systems, e.g. Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Australia, the Scandinavian nations, etc and look at the outcomes, funding models and administration. Farage is right to open this debate. The current model is no longer adequate. Farage is also right about immigration. Our population is spiralling out of control putting unsustainable pressure on the NHS, housing, education, environment etc. The main parties offer no real solutions.

2024-06-12 09:20:10

Alex, we wouldn't have an NHS if it wasn't for immigration. Also, we do pay, we pay national insurance and tax. Also, spending was higher on the NHS under the last Labour gov, and guess what? At point of use, the NHS was better for us all. Waiting lists down, could see a GP, ambulance times miles better, dentists around. You could come to the conclusion that underfunding for years by the tories had a negative affect. It may need a bit of a sort out to stop some of the waste (and stop giving mates contracts for dodgy PPE and similar), but it does actually need funding correctly, not the real term cuts it's had. We really do not want a system where the poorest cannot access healthcare properly and only the wealthy can afford to be well. In a country where there are far too many people living in poverty, this is going to happen, just like in the USA. Nearly 50% of Americans struggle to afford healthcare, many many are in debt because of healthcare and bankruptcy is high. Farage is no leader, he has made his name through divide and racism. He's not been able to answer difficult questions regarding their ideas this run up to election, he just doesn't have the brains. He is a one-trick pony and the trick isn't any good. He has no idea how to run a country successfully and no way is he ready to be in power of the UK.

2024-06-12 09:24:13

One thing that could be done is companies could be given tax breaks to create private medical insurance schemes for their employees. Personally I have this benefit from my employer, the result of which in our case is that my wife and I have not seen our GP or anyone in an NHS hospital for many years. If we have an ailment requiring the attention of a specialist, we simply arrange a video call appointment with a private GP, and get a referral to the private consultant. We attend a private hospital and have any diagnostics etc done at the expense of the insurer. Can you imagine, if this was expanded widely, how much pressure and expense would be removed from the NHS?

View from Afar
2024-06-12 10:53:14

Poor Sunak said he had to grow up without Sky TV !! Some of us didn’t have a TV at all! He’s totally clueless how people live. All this nonsense in the manifesto about cuts in taxes etc - check the facts, they’re not immediate but over the course of the next parliament up to 2029. Why would be worry? Him and his wife’s fortune went up by £122M last year to £651M

2024-06-12 11:18:05

I think we are living in cloud cuckoo land if we assume private health is the answer. A lot of the population haven't even got an employer let alone health insurance. There are operations that private hospitals like Rivers won't undertake, so they piggy back off the NHS. Our health service has to work equally for everyone, as best it can, not just fortunate individuals. The NHS is definitely broken, far from perfect and definitely needs reform, but to go with a system that just turns its back on people without resources can never be justified!

David Forman
2024-06-12 11:56:42

If you want to see what's wrong with an insurance based health system and what has ruined our NHS, then please watch the film 'The Great NHS Heist': https://youtu.be/Www0cHLQulw?si=UujhHf8cPFRZOgmI

2024-06-12 11:57:19

The NHS is totally inefficient from an administrative perspective in many ways. One example I know of personally is concerning a friend of mine. He developed a skin condition and at the time he was living near the south coast. He was referred to a hospital specialist by his GP and after undergoing several months of testing & trying various medications, he found it necessary to move to the midlands due to work relocation. His GP records were transferred, but he was not passed from one healthcare trust to the other in order to continue his treatment. Instead, he had to be referred all over again by his GP, and then start the whole process over again at his new local hospital.

2024-06-12 12:31:40

Well, there you go! I moved a little over 200 miles when moved to Harlow 12 years ago. All my notes were sent and the ongoing treatment I was under was continued in Harlow. No probs, no hiccups, all smooth.

2024-06-12 13:07:58

Watching Angela Rayner and Penny Mordaunt going at each other the other night but then shaking hands and having a joke, I thought that a coalition of the two of them could be very powerfl

2024-06-12 13:28:26

So Trace . 12 years ago with Tories in power.

2024-06-12 13:34:53

Yes Pete. One of them trying to improve the country, and the other allowing unions to officially go on strike . I don't think so.

2024-06-12 13:47:22

Yes Eddie, they had only started to underfund it then, it takes a while for the knock on effect of lack of docs, nurses and funds to take effect. Next.

2024-06-12 15:15:34

Eddie, I think your being a little hard on Penny Mordaunt allowing unions to go on strike.

David Forman
2024-06-13 12:14:12

The idea of Nigel Farage being a man of the people is laughable. He was commodities trader at the London Metals Exchange in the City of London. In fact, his father and grandfather were City slickers too. He studied at the upmarket public school Dulwich College where his kids now learn how to be one of the elite. I asked my neighbours what their experience of Dulwich College was and they told me they went to a Comprehensive. See Telegraph article that takes information from Farage's autobiography: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/nigel-farage/11467031/Nigel-Farage-We-bought-when-we-meant-to-sell-and-lost-millions.-Wed-shrug-and-say-it-happened-after-lunch.html

James Gamble
2024-06-13 12:46:25

Forage and BoJo two clowns in the same circus.

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