Letter to Editor: Lib Dem manifesto will help Harlow residents live their best lives

Elections / Tue 11th Jun 2024 at 06:38am

Dear Editor,

ON MONDAY, we launched the Liberal Democrat manifesto for the 2024 General Election; and it is packed full of practical proposals to help Harlow residents live their best lives.

We have put the NHS and Social Care at the heart of our plans; committing to more GPs for everyone, free personal care for the elderly and disabled, guaranteed access to an NHS dentist, early access to mental health services via hubs and schools, and guaranteeing 100% of cancer patients starting their treatment within 62 days from an urgent referral. I believe these proposals will have a dramatic and immediate effect on the health and wellbeing of Harlow residents.

But not only that, I know how schools in Harlow have been impacted by years of underinvestment by the Conservatives. We will increase school and college funding per pupil above the rate of inflation every year and end the scandal of crumbling school and college buildings by investing in new buildings and clearing the backlog of repairs.

The third area I wanted to highlight is policing. We will ensue that officers are visible, trusted and focused on preventing and solving crimes, especially violent crimes and rape. We will also create a statutory guarantee that all burglaries will be attended to by the police. Another area we would pursue is to strengthen the supervision of offenders in the community. These proposals and more will make the streets of Harlow safer for its residents, reduce the fear of crime and ensure justice is done properly and in a timely manner.  

I believe we have taken a whole system approach to the challenges faced by the resident of Harlow and have provided fully costed proposals which will go a long way to support their lives.

These are just three areas where the residents of Harlow will benefit from voting LibDem at the election in a few weeks’ time. I will be a strong MP advocate for the above and more, focused relentlessly on turning these pledges into real and meaningful change for hardworking individuals, families and communities in Harlow.

You can find the full manifesto here: https://www.libdems.org.uk/manifesto and the costings are here: https://www.libdems.org.uk/sums


Riad Mannan

Liberal Democrat Candidate for Harlow

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15 Comments for Letter to Editor: Lib Dem manifesto will help Harlow residents live their best lives:

James Gamble
2024-06-11 11:05:10

You can promise the world if you are not going to win. I still remember 2010 when they made a pledge to vote against raising tuition fees.

David Forman
2024-06-11 15:55:03

James Gamble is spot on. I know too many people are suffering from tuition fee debt that is proving a burden to starting a family. Liberals sold their soul in 2010 to have a taste of power, which basically makes them a bunch of opportunists not to be trusted.

2024-06-11 15:59:50

Kudos to the Lib Dems for coming out and clearly stating in their manifesto that they would rejoin the EU single market should they win. Going by the Brexit vote alone they should get around 50% of the vote - if Remainers are really serious about disliking Brexit. Something tells me though that they will put ousting the Torys above the topic they haven't stopped complaining about for the past eight years.

Riad Mannan
2024-06-11 17:26:13

Hi James / David - thanks for your comments. I am not going to defend it, but I do wish to clarify couple of things. It was a Labour policy in 1998, and the LibDem error was to promise something that we could not deliver when in a coalition. The Conservatives have tripled the fees over the years. The LibDems have apologised for their part in this. Have Labour or Conservatives done so? No. On a wider point, we collectively need to think about the funding of over 18 / university education. Especially when you consider that in real terms, universities are getting less than they need and are relying on foreign students. Other thing I would say is that only 27% of full-time undergraduates will pay their loans back currently - and the value of outstanding loans by 2040 will be £460bn. My point is we have to look at how we fund these things, weighing up responsibilities and rewards between students and general tax payers. I would welcome a conversation about how we can do that.

Riad Mannan
2024-06-11 17:30:37

Hi James - just on your other note, I think that's the whole point of any opposition party - big or small. The different parties will put together their ideas and offerings in a Manifesto and ask voters to consider them and elect. That's all we are doing. I think the lesson learnt from the past has meant that our manifesto is not promising the world, or promising things we cannot deliver. So if there are any policy issues you've seen in the manifesto that you don't like, lets discuss it.

2024-06-11 19:50:06

Can't vote Conservative because of Trussonomics: Can't vote Labour because of Corbin, Can't vote Lib Dems because of student loans, can't vote Reform because of Farage and can't vote Green because they are green, there's only The Monster Raving Loony Party left. Best hope is that we rejoin the EU and we can all move elsewhere, will the last person leaving kindly turn the lights out.!!!!

James Gamble
2024-06-11 23:35:06

If you make a pledge and all sign it you honour it. You could have voted against it, it would not have brought the Goverment down. A pledge is more than a promise. Your ConDem Government raised VAT to 20% after David Cameron accused the Labour Party of scare mongering when they said they would raise VAT. What did you compromise on? Austerity throughout your tenure which has been proven to have failed, what did you compromise on?

Riad Mannan
2024-06-12 10:57:53

Hi James - I recognise that you won't vote for LibDems based on that issue, and thats ok, thats how democracy works. We will also recognise that many voters in Harlow won't vote for the Labour candidate because of Iraq, WMD, Corbyn, Momentum, their last manifesto, and their stance on Gaza to name but a few areas. Similarly, many voters in Harlow won't vote for the Conservative candidate because of partygate, bullying scandals, mini budgets gone wrong, tax scandals, and a lurch to the right. And of course there are other options too on the ballot paper - the LibDems are just one of them, and that is how it should be.

2024-06-12 14:17:59

I think the Lib Dems learned a hard lesson after getting into bed with Dave. I'd be very surprised if they did it again. What I'd like to see is another referendum on changing the electoral system. That was a great thing from that coalition, but sadly failed due to mass campaigning against it by Conservative and Labour. They threw their combined, powerful weight behind the NO campaign. It's a pity that didn't succeed as it's more relevant now than it has ever been.

James Gamble
2024-06-13 09:53:30

Sorry to say this but a vote for Liberal in Harlow is a vote for Conservative.

2024-06-13 11:22:33

James Gamble - should people just go on forever just voting for the Party that has a better chance of ousting the Party that they least like? Wouldn't voting for the Party that you most like be more appropriate? Otherwise it's just a never ending cycle of Conservative & Labour.

James Gamble
2024-06-13 13:15:16

Normally Jim I would agree with you, but after 14 years of lies broken promises broken services and distribution of money from working people to billionaires has told do one thing this election and that is get rid of this corrupt Government.

2024-06-13 13:59:13

That is of course your choice James, but in my opinion Labour would also be a disaster. Probably 'will' also be a disaster if the polls are true. We desperately need a change to the electoral system in the UK. It's completely undemocratic that a Party for whom the majority of the country have not voted should be in complete power. I think I recall the Conservatives winning an election with around 36% of the national vote. We also have a situation where smaller Parties can get a significant percentage of the national vote and not win a single seat - as happened with UKIP some years ago. I think they got around 13% of the vote and none of those people who voted for them had any representation in Parliament.

James Gamble
2024-06-14 09:07:33

Jim you had your chance in 2011 to get electoral reform with the referendum that cost you so much. The electorate rejected it and we kept the first past the post format. What is more democratic than a referendum?

Riad Mannan
2024-06-14 22:35:41

James- A vote for Liberal Democrats in Harlow is a vote for Liberal Democrats. We will put forward our plans and let people decide. I think after 50 years of MPs from the two main parties, (and look where its got the people of Harlow) we can perhaps seek a different route.

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