Labour candidate thanks army veteran after her Rishi Sunak and D-Day letter

Elections / Wed 12th Jun 2024 at 06:55am

THE LABOUR candidate for Harlow has thanked an army veteran after they wrote a letter expressing their disappointment at Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak’s early exit from D-Day commemorations in Normandy, France.

Chris Vince said: “I would like to start by thanking Lance Corporal Rose Morris for her letter and also for her service to our country. As the son and grandson of veterans I completely echo her sentiments.

The Prime Minister’s decision to leave the D-Day commemoration early, for purely political reasons, is disgraceful and I wish to personally express my solidarity with all the veterans and others who have been so rightly appalled by it.

“Ours is a great Country, in no small part due to the huge sacrifices for our freedoms that men and women made 80 years ago, and that our armed forces continue to undertake at home and abroad to keep us safe”.

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26 Comments for Labour candidate thanks army veteran after her Rishi Sunak and D-Day letter:

2024-06-12 10:27:12

Chris, whilst I fully agree, as most people probably do, with the sentiments of your letter do you not feel a bit ashamed to be politicising this. I ask because before the local elections we hardly heard from you (and I don't mean you losing your voice), you certainly made no effort to explain your plans and this culminated in the conservatives retaining control. You are now up against an inexperienced tory candidate who has not, so far, shown an original idea. Please take the bull by the horns, show us some initiative, even to the extent of being aggressive, don't just jump on a band waggon. Harlow desperately needs this and the country desperately needs a change of govt.

David Forman
2024-06-12 11:19:14

Bandwagon jumper Vince forgets how poorly Blair's Labour government treatment our troops in Iraq. In 2006 an Army Board of Inquiry found that Sergeant Steve Roberts death in 2003 could have been avoided had he been given enhanced combat body armour. A Guardian article states: "Yesterday an army board of inquiry said his life would have been saved if he had been properly protected and criticised the MoD for failing to give "timely attention" to shortages in essential kit. It also highlighted administrative failures that left ill-equipped troops exposed. The inquiry found that Sgt Roberts was killed by colleagues as they tried to save him because they had never been taught their guns were inaccurate at short range." See Guardian article https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2006/aug/01/military.iraq

David Forman
2024-06-12 11:26:25

This Daily Mail article lists the five factors leading to the unnecessary death of Sergeant Roberts: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-398483/British-soldier-forced-shortages-body-armour-others.html

2024-06-12 11:48:04

Chris Vince with a Daily Mail sad face photo. Pathetic.

gary roberts
2024-06-12 11:55:40

Mr. Vince do you support every word and line uttered by Mr Starmer? If you do then my vote will be going to the Green candidate in this town. He lied to his membership to get the job and has systematically turned the Labour party into a lighter shade of blue. How he has the nerve to say he is a socialist is beyond me. Many of the real ones have been kicked out of the party. The 2017 manifesto of the Labour party has today been adopted by the Green party. Mr Starmer couldn't lick their boots and Clement Attlee and Nye Bevan would be voting for them rather than a lighter blue diluted Labour party today.

James Gamble
2024-06-12 12:41:20

Voteforme if Normandy commemotions is not political, what is. These people paid the ultimate price to protect our democracy.

2024-06-12 13:15:28

Dave Foreman. Tony Blair should stand trial for war crimes

2024-06-12 14:28:09

I too think that this smacks of an opportunistic put down, I do also wonder if Chris had said nothing then he would again been accused of not speaking up. Proof that you can't please everyone in the world of politics.

James Gamble
2024-06-12 14:40:41

Here we have a Prime Minister of this Great Nation in the midst of a General Election disrespecting those that paid the ultimate price to safeguard our right to hold these elections. People are not opportunistic by showing their displeasure. Sunak chose the time that was his reason for leaving early. He followed that up by say sorry for being late for the interview and stating I quote "I went on a bit"

James Gamble
2024-06-12 14:42:41

"It went on a bit". Although I notice in the first debate he went on a bit.

2024-06-12 14:48:38

It is for political scoring, and quite a few days later, on the back of an army vets letter imo. Perhaps he should've had a pop straight away? I saw the vid of Sunak apologising to the TV presenter, he was more sincere there than he was when first challeneged on his bad choice. Shame.

James Gamble
2024-06-12 15:23:51

Trace this issue will last a lot longer than a few days. Sunak showed his colours when he chose to leave early. In my opinion he took a political decision to leave the event to make a political interview and sign off on the Conservative manifesto. When he arrived to the interview late he apologised saying I quote "It went on a bit" it being the Normandy rememberance in France. Sorry Trace Sunak must of decided to leave early sometime prior to the day so it was a premeditated snub to the brave soldiers that gave their lives to help put him in the position be holds today.

2024-06-12 15:39:25

James, it takes a lot more than this for a Tory to actually give up his seat, going by past experiences, long gone are the days when MPs or the parties had morals. He won't go until voted out, which gladly should happen July.

Mark Dilloway
2024-06-12 16:58:55

Chris Vince has a history of failure in Chelmsford, Hertford & Stortford and was rejected by Colchester. In Harlow he was a failure as leader of the Labour opposition in the recent local elections against all the national trends. His performance at the hustings was terrible. He does not have the calibre to represent our town and is too much of an intellectual lightweight. A very mediocre choice for Labour, which shows they do not see Harlow as a target seat.

David Forman
2024-06-12 20:36:20

Gary Roberts is spot on about the criticisms of Labour's leader Starmer: Keir has told as many porkies as Boris Johnson.

David Forman
2024-06-12 20:48:53

Eddie is right about Tony Blair being a war criminal, the one who lied to the nation about Weapons of Mass Destruction. Saddam Hussein had already used the WMD the West sold him on the Iranians, Kurds and Marsh Arabs. The WMD cupboard was bare when Operation Iraqi Freedom kicked off in March 2003. It was later revealed Tony Blair had already agreed with President Bush in April 2002 in Crawford, Texas to go to war in Iraq. The Chilcot Inquiry revealed the truth of this and even before that in December 2001 a raft of diplomatic communications were preparing for war in Iraq. See Guardian report at https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/jul/09/iraq-war-after-blair-and-bush-met-the-tempo-changed

David Forman
2024-06-12 21:15:35

As the Chilcot report has now shown, any concerns about the legality of a conflict had not prevented Blair from offering unwavering support to the president, as set out in that now notorious memo, dated 28 July (2002). “I will be with you, whatever,” Blair wrote. See Guardian article quoted above.

2024-06-12 21:22:36

Oh dear, what a fool politicising at whatever occasion he can, quite clearly not suitable to be a Harlow MP

2024-06-13 11:55:22

Has anyone mentioned Keir Starmer wearing his poppy at the D Day commemorations, then removing it that night when he addressed a Muslim gathering? The man wears a different hat to suit whichever occasion he attends if it will win him votes.

2024-06-13 14:52:42

Jim I don't know about different hats , but definitely different faces. And he will definitely raise taxes through the back door , expect to pay more for fuel . He was very sheepish when he was questioned on , no plans to raise taxes , which means taxes will rise in the future.

2024-06-13 14:56:28

Mark . He is also a brown nose when Labour big wigs visit Harlow. He will never think for himself , he will always fall at the feet of others.

2024-06-13 15:10:41

Has anyone noticed that Starmer hasn't had his wife alongside him or any family pictures or videos during the GE campaign? It's almost unheard of for a political leader not to do this. We see Sunak with his family, saw Boris and his wife, May and her husband, Cameron's wife was very prominent, as was Tony Blair's. But Lady Starmer? Does he keep her in a locked attic like Mrs Rochester in Jane Eyre? Or could it be perhaps, that, with the Muslim vote hanging in the balance, he doesn't want his Jew1sh wife alongside him? Or even be photographed or filmed with her? Surely not.

2024-06-13 22:28:09

Conspiracy nutjobs in a frenzy - Stop the press, Mrs Starmer may not want to be in the spotlight!

James Gamble
2024-06-14 08:34:44

Jim I haven't heard from your wife on here either.

James Gamble
2024-06-14 08:53:35

Surely any decent man would want to protect their love ones. With the amount of bad feelings relating to Gazza today Starmer's wife and children may feel unsafe. I have noticed that Nigel Farage hasn't been campaigning with his German wife either. Regardless of religion or race a decent humanbeing would always protect their families.

2024-06-14 10:24:24

It's that simple, in an interview Starmer said she valued her privacy for herself and her children and wanted to keep working in the NHS as she loved her job. I can't believe people want to make something of it, it's such a non-story.

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