Exciting new Veterans Project starts in Hoddesdon during PTSD Awareness Month

Communities / Thu 13th Jun 2024 at 06:13am

HODDESDON Boxing Academy ( HBA ) in association with England Boxing ( EB ) today announced the launch of an inaugural Veterans Project (VP) which starts on 13 June 2024. Significantly, June is PTSD Awareness month, and PTSD is a common ailment for veterans who may have suffered from traumatic events.

The Veterans Project provides an opportunity for armed forces veterans to enjoy a weekly boxing-based fitness class every Thursday from 2-3.30pm. Experienced EB Coaches will run each session which is free of charge to attend. Following the training session tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided to enable the veterans to spend 30 minutes socialising with their peers.

The project will run for an initial 12-month period. The 90-minute sessions help support physical and mental wellbeing and no boxing experience is necessary. Veterans will benefit from the space to rekindle the bond that they can miss after leaving the forces.

The great sport of boxing and life in the forces share many positive qualities. Boxing is a popular source of pride in the forces, where personal attributes such as courage, discipline, respect, resilience, work ethic and high levels or physical fitness are paramount to success.

The HBA is one of ten clubs selected across the country, to take part in the project. England Boxing aims to reach two hundred veterans across the country with each club working with approximately twenty veterans.

As part of the launch, HBA coaches will be assisted on the day by the Royal Navy boxing team who have kindly offered their support.

Seb Scilly – Veterans Project – Lead Coach commented “As a local community club all of us at the HBA are really looking forward to getting this project underway. The opportunity take part in this project offering fitness and support to our veterans is one that we are proud to be a part of.”

Sessions start on 13th June and take place every Thursday at 2-3.30pm at the Hoddesdon Boxing Academy Burford Road Hoddesdon EH11 8HX

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2 Comments for Exciting new Veterans Project starts in Hoddesdon during PTSD Awareness Month:

David Forman
2024-06-13 10:08:58

Why is the government not providing adequate care for armed services veterans who suffered PTSD due to their employment? Why are so many veterans reliant on the voluntary sector for support? This is nowhere near good enough in the 21st century.

Guy Flegman
2024-06-13 17:32:39

Ah the march of soft language. I remember the good old days when this was called shell shock, blunt and to the point, then battle fatigue, not as blunt but you get the point then on to post traumatic stress disorder, not blunt and not to the point. Apparently my friend did not die a few weeks ago, he had a negative medical outcome instead. On a serious note I think we should all hang our heads in shame at the way we treat ex service…….people

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