Key Stage 2 children across Essex asked to ‘Be The Ripple Effect’ this June.

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KEY stage 2 schoolchildren across Essex will be encouraged to share their ideas on how we can reduce daily water usage as part of a campaign that launches today.

As part of The Ripple Effect initiative, which is entering its fourth year, Be The Ripple Effect will see students asked to create an advert demonstrating ways in which water could be saved in their local area. The initiative is open to children aged 7-11 years old, given that water is a key component of the Key Stage 2 curriculum and children at this age are especially able to take on new ideas and influence their peers.

Recent research has shown that 85% of KS2 children have a good understanding of water-saving methods, with 80% already taking everyday steps at home to save water, such as taking shorter showers and turning off running taps.

Launched in 2021, The Ripple Effect is an educational programme designed to support wider efforts to reduce daily water use per person across the UK by 2040.

Today’s announcement is the first time that The Ripple Effect has actively encouraged entries from Essex schools, with adverts, posters and even video submissions all welcomed. The winning entries will see their advert come to life through an outdoor display for their entire school and local community to see!

Sarah Bowerman, Water Efficiency Analyst at Essex & Suffolk Water comments, ‘As it enters its fourth year, The Ripple Effect is now an established water-saving initiative, that engages schoolchildren and teachers around this critically important issue. This summer, we wanted to take Be The Ripple Effect to the next level, by asking Key Stage 2 children to design an advert that will trigger the behaviour change that will help us hit our 2040 water-saving targets.

Numerous studies have shown that Key Stage 2 children are very aware of water usage challenges and have a strong ability to motivate, influence and galvanise their peers. This is why we are so excited to declare we are open to advert submissions through to 23rd June – we can’t wait to see what the children come up with.’

Other key water usage statistics include:

The average family of four uses approximately 600 litres of water per day – the equivalent of 7.5 full bathtubs.

A single flush of the average UK toilet uses between 6-9 litres of water.

The average UK shower uses an average of 15 litres of water per minute and the average UK shower lasts 9 minutes – meaning every shower uses around 135 litres of water.

The Be The Ripple Effect initiative is taking entries until Sunday 23rd June and schools can submit their entries at: https://www.nwg.co.uk/responsibility/working-with-schools/the-ripple-effect/be-the-ripple-effect-competition/

Further information can be found at: https://www.nwg.co.uk/responsibility/working-with-schools/the-ripple-effect/

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2024-06-15 04:10:20

We live on an island surrounded by water! Maybe ask the children why can’t we use the sea water like they do in Dubai!!!!

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