General Election 24: Question Time: Chris Vince (Labour): Opening and closing speeches

Elections / Fri 21st Jun 2024 at 09:42am

OUR General Election Hustings began with each candidate telling the audience why they should vote for them.

The evening ended with each one reminding them of the key issues in the campaign to be the next MP for Harlow and the villages.

We have editing the two speeches together.

Here is Labour’s Chris Vince.

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13 Comments for General Election 24: Question Time: Chris Vince (Labour): Opening and closing speeches:

2024-06-21 11:34:53

The Labour, Conservative , and Liberal candidates all offered exactly the same things. Ukip and Greens , no hope and Bob Hope, they are in cloud cuckoo land if they think they will get in. Reform was honest, and their promises seem interesting.

Brian Aston
2024-06-21 12:04:45

I would still like to understand from Mr Vince what a "Working Person" is. The labour party has been very vague about this phrase. As the labour party have promised "no tax rises for working people", does that mean that tax rises are on the way for OAPs, or the unemployed? As the labour party specifically mentioned VAT, Income Tax or National Insurance, does that mean that, for example fuel duty will go up under labour (which is a tax on people who drive to work, or buy products in supermarkets). Which surely will be a tax rise for working people. Or maybe it is simpler than that...maybe a working person is a member of a trade union?

2024-06-21 12:16:05

Brian . I thought exactly the same as you. Starmer says away from that question , and you would have got the same response from mini me Vince.

2024-06-21 12:18:26

That should have read shys away , bloody predictive text.

John Cobbold
2024-06-21 12:22:43

You posted Hannah Ellis speeches to your Facebook and Twitter pages, but not Chris Vince's, any reason why?

2024-06-21 12:24:00

Woody, I completely agree but Reform are UKIP 2.0

2024-06-21 12:33:03

Reform are not a political party. They are a private limited company.

2024-06-21 16:33:35

I desperately want to see the back of the Torys, you only have to look at the town to see why. Every other shop closed down in the town centre, hospital structurally falling apart, waiting lists going through the roof. But Reform would be an even worse proposition, Garage wants to make the NHS an insurance based system and wants us to join with Russia and Belarus as the only European countries not to recognise the ECHR, great company to be in, he will want us to declare war on Ukraine next!

2024-06-21 16:36:22

Garage or Farage, both have big openings at the front, so spell check not too far off.

2024-06-21 16:49:30

"Reform was honest" - did you get your free unicorn that UKIP/Brexit Party/Reform PLC promised? I got mine, it's called "Sovereignty". If you think Reform PLC/Brexit/Ukip are "honest" I am in touch with an African prince who has a trunk box in Holland that contains lots of gold. Want in on the deal? For the Tory candidate, I would bet they will not win at this election. I wonder if wotshername knows the odds of her winning? And if anyone really, really needs to know what a "Working Person" is, there is this thing called a "thesaurus". It's a bit like a dictionary. Oh. Ok, it's a book of words that have similar meanings to other words in alpha-betical order. That means A to Z. A words are "smaller" than Z Words. OK? Working person: Strongest matches employee, laborer, staff. Strong matches artisan, breadwinner, craftsperson, hand, help, operative, proletarian, serf, stiff, toiler, tradesperson. Weak matches blue collar, company person, nine-to-fiver, wage earner, white collar, working stiff. It seems obvious to me what a Working Person is, but then it seemed obvious to me what was written on the side of a bus was a lie and that fooled lots of people.

2024-06-21 17:49:45

Reform want to get rid of the NHS. If those voters think that immigration is a problem, wait til they are faced with the cost of insurance or huge medical bills, then see what is important in life for real! Reform have worked in cloud cuckoo land when it comes to spending and what's been promised too. And those talking about taxes, goodness me, we've had the biggest hike in taxes under tories, for what? Nothing to show for it and so so much debt. Tax isn't the issue, it's what is done with our money, not many object paying tax if it goes back into the system in a fair manner. If not lining friends pockets and using it on failed policies that not many of us want then am happy to pay my tax and even a little more. Roll on the 4th.

2024-06-21 18:14:40

The major parties, by demonising tax have lost the plot. Between them over decades they have run the country into the ground and the tories particularly have effectively diverted public funds into the pockets of foreign speculators and governments. It's dishonest to infer that taxes won't go up because money is needed to repair the nhs and all other public services. Neither Labour or Conservatives have the imagination to change direction as a way of reducing the cost whilst improving provision. An example is their commitment to pouring billions of public money into French coffers to build nuclear power plants that are hundreds to thousands of times more costly than green alternatives, that will only work for a max of 70 years but will have a toxic waste legacy that'll drain public finances for thousands years. The reactors are vulnerable to attacks and have an enormous carbon footprint. Similar issues with transport. Makes no sense.

2024-06-25 18:40:21

Trace . I know where you are coming from , re your last post. But many people are living hand to mouth while working and cannot afford any extra tax burden , even a small rise.

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