Labour’s Chris Vince Election Diary: Week 4: Hustings, campaigning and a one-to-one with Sir Keir Starmer

Elections / Sat 22nd Jun 2024 at 03:34pm

IT HAS been another busy and exciting week of campaigning across Harlow and the villages, it is now four weeks since the general election was called for 4th of July and we have already had thousands of conversations on the doorstep.

On Wednesday we took the campaign to Latton Bush and Stewards ward with former Harlow MP Bill Rammell.

On Thursday we spent time listening to residents in Church Langley and were delighted to once again be joined by Bambos Charalambos, MP for Enfield Southgate, stopping by Café Pizzeria in Bush Fair to talk with local Labour Councillor Kay Morrison.

On Friday we returned to Church Langley with activists coming from our neighbouring constituency of Epping Forest and also from Colchester.

Over the weekend, a visit to Old Harlow was followed by time back out in the villages, talking to residents in Roydon and White Roding, one of the new parts of the constituency following the boundary review.

I also joined Labour group leader Cllr James Griggs on a trip to the Gibberd Garden for their annual beer festival. It was great to enjoy a pint of IPA with friends and support a much-loved local attraction.

Campaigning gave way to supporting England in their opening game of the European Championships, a nail-biting result but a winning start for the Three Lions!

On Monday we took our campaign to two new parts of the Constituency, Hatfield Heath and Hatfield Broad Oak. What came across loud and clear was that wherever we go in the constituency people are fed up with this government and desperate for change!

On Tuesday, as well as listening to residents in Sumners and Kingsmoor I joined other parliamentary candidates at Harlow college for a hustings. I want to take this opportunity to thank the college for organising the event and for all those students and staff who asked some brilliant questions.

On Wednesday I return to my day job, working for a charity that support unpaid carers, but was itching to get to the YourHarlow organised hustings where I was able to talk about our vision for our town, our constituency and the country. My thanks to the editor for organising and chairing. Change can happen but only if you vote for it!

I also had the opportunity to meet with Keir Starmer at the end of the week, we discussed how the six first steps of a Labour government will start to reverse the damage caused by 14 years of Tory chaos and also the commitment to deliver a new hospital for Harlow after years of delays due to failed Tory promises.

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13 Comments for Labour’s Chris Vince Election Diary: Week 4: Hustings, campaigning and a one-to-one with Sir Keir Starmer:

Steve Tappenden
2024-06-22 19:52:46

Thank you for bringing up the new hospital with Sir Keith Starmer following my question at the Hustings at Passmores academy

Jenny Kirsh
2024-06-23 08:32:57

What an absolute load of rubbish by the empty and mediocre Mr Vince. Never says anything original or remotely interesting. He forgot to tell us what he had for breakfast! Does Harlow really want a puppet for its MP?

Jenny Kirsh
2024-06-23 08:36:15

As a socialist, I will be voting for real change with Yasmin Gregory and the Green Party. Vince and Labour support the right to buy, they support nuclear weapons and Israel. Starmer and Sunak are two sides of the same coin and Chris Vince is an irrelevance.

gary roberts
2024-06-23 09:39:09

I have just listened to Sharon Graham the leader of the Unite trade union who is the first prominent person to highlight the shortfall of the Labour party offerings. Change should mean change not at best a tepid reinterpretation of the last 14 years she believes as do I. Her mention of the Attlee government was encouraging and relevant to the issues suffered by people today. Mr Vince start from her position and develop it to encompass proper radical socialist policies. Will he? No.

Guy Flegman
2024-06-23 11:24:44

It does not matter who you vote for as nothing ever changes, especially now where the globalists control everything. If we vote for someone and they try to make change then the globalists just shut down our economy until we tow the line. It’s not by chance that all the western economies are facing the same problems yet they all have governments with different political leanings. Remember our politicians are just middlemen between the people with the real power and the masses

2024-06-23 11:48:26

Guy absolutely spot on when asked Westminster or Davos Stammer replied Davos. They are all in the same cult. Anyone voting for lib, lab, con, green, needs their head testing reform is about the only vote going to see the melt down of the establishment.

2024-06-23 13:42:37

Policies to reverse the flow of community wealth into the pockets of the mega-rich are urgently needed, to refinance the NHS, education, and tackling climate catastrophe. The current Tory-light policies of Labour will not cut ulit.

Brian Aston
2024-06-23 16:15:42

Hopefully Mr Vince was being given a clear meaning to the phrase "Working Person" because so far, as far as I know, Labour haven't confirmed its meaning during this campaign. Simple question, as then pledge "No tax rises for working people", what do they mean by that phrase, working people?

2024-06-23 22:05:30

As a left-wing Labour supporter, I will be voting the same as Jenny Kirsh and vote for the Green Party. My reason for this is simple, they are against Strategic Transport Corridors. Harlow Labour doesn't seem to have a position regarding them. We have all experienced the traffic gridlock caused by just two roundabouts with cones blocking traffic. Many more roundabouts face traffic lights being put on them, giving priority to minicabs, taxis, and the occasional bus. If you thought the traffic jams today were bad you ain't seen nothing yet! This is all thanks to the Conservative Party and Conservative-controlled Essex County Council, which seem hell-bent on driving industry away from Harlow with their Strategic Transport Corridors. Yes, there might be more homes for Londoners, but the local jobs will be forced to leave.

2024-06-23 22:36:00

Adam same m8. Reform supports Putin and so do i

David Forman
2024-06-24 08:37:06

Labour's Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves told the Times newspaper in April this year: "the next Labour government is going to be the most pro-business government this country has ever seen." That means even more business friendly than the Tories. So, more privatisation of public services, more squeeze on the welfare system, more unjustified wars and more dodgy contracts for business. No thanks, I want an alternative to Tory sleeze. It certainly won't be with Labour.

2024-06-24 11:33:58

@David, there isn't an alternative.

James Gamble
2024-06-25 07:34:12

Tell me Chris will a Labour Government increase the tax thresholds or will they remain frozen? Mr Forman are you a member of the press? How can you link a commitment to growth with privatisation of the NHS? Only UKIP and Farage now Reform leader have mentioned the privatisation of the NHS.

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