General Election 24: Conservative candidate Hannah Ellis “I share your frustrations on immigration”

Elections / Sun 23rd Jun 2024 at 09:08am

THE CONSERVATIVE candidate for Harlow, Hannah Ellis has released a video concentrating on the subject of immigration.

Ms Ellis said: “I share your frustrations and concerns about immigration and as your MP, I will fight to address them.

Unlike Labour, I share your values.

“And unlike Reform, I know how to deliver on them”.

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22 Comments for General Election 24: Conservative candidate Hannah Ellis “I share your frustrations on immigration”:

2024-06-23 09:37:45

14 years to fix the issue,, 14 years and the small boats are at record numbers, 14 years of lies about immigration. Sorry but you have had more than enough opportunity to fix the problem and failed

2024-06-23 09:44:31

Some people think the way to fix a housing crisis is to add more people to the problem!

Boris J
2024-06-23 10:04:26

The people arriving in boats don’t seem to have cement mixers with them!

2024-06-23 11:14:30

The real issue is legal immigration and failure to either control it or invest in infrastructure. That is why services are so stretched.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-06-23 11:39:47

Has she jumped ship (excuse the pun) and joined Reform? 14 years of total mis-management and despite millions of people coming to live here we still have a shortage of people to fill vacancies in all sorts of occupations. Just like in Harlow, at some stage we have to say the country is full.

2024-06-23 12:29:21

Immigration is a 'dead cat' thrown on the table to avoid talking about what really matters to people, the NHS and unfair cost of living.

2024-06-23 13:38:52

AB. you will properly find the faults with the NHS and illegal and.legal migration are closely.linked

2024-06-23 14:02:54

Yes Raymo!!! This is the only answer people must vote for not what suits them but what will be better for their children or grandchildren!

2024-06-23 14:30:45

Don't be fooled. Small boats are used to distract and fool the electorate from the millions that the Tory government deliberately recruit from aboard because it's cheaper than training our own and enables the business friends who support the Tories to make maximum profits. The Conservatives deliberately set the uk to be a low wage, low skill, zero hours economy and to use the city business and stock exchange as a cash cow. It's the principle upon which the nhs is run. Even universities block uk students to allow higher fee paying students in from abroad. Wake up the Tories will never sort these issues, turkeys don't vote for Christmas and uk manufacturing, industry and jobs will continue to be exported to China.

2024-06-23 14:35:01

Hahahahah ridiculous statement! Tony Blair introduced mass cheap labour! Wake up mate

2024-06-23 18:11:56

Another terror attack in Russia! Religion of peace again

2024-06-23 20:47:55

14 years of utter failure, tons of corruption, greed, cutting investment in our country, services and people. Totally ruining the UK, ooh - and of course being in control of nearly all our immigration. Tory candidate points and says "It's immigration's fault, honest" ignoring the ineptness of her own party and people fall for it over and over again. The comment in headline of this article from Hannah actually makes me laugh over the barefaced cheek. The tories have the stoked immigration fire for the last few years in order to get the older vote, now suddenly she wants to come over as she's listening to the concerns of the seed her party planted. It's fake, it's to garner votes, nothing more and nothing will be done because nothing has been done.

2024-06-23 21:11:49

The nice thing is that they put up Robert Halfon’s words on screen so she could them out loud…

2024-06-24 04:57:19


Dean Walters
2024-06-24 05:47:40

The narrative of migration and the emphasis on patriotism is a viewed as an ideological tools that serve to divide the working people and distract from the corrupt political system The Reform party with significant donation from a wealthy businessman is an example of how the ruling classes seeks to influence political processes to protect their own economic interests. Reforms interests are the interests of the ruling class not the working people I for one do not want fascists marching up our streets

2024-06-24 08:05:39

An irony here, wasn't one of the mantras of leaving the EU going to be Global Britain. Presumably no one thought it for a moment that it could be bi-directional. Hannah, you voted Remain (as I and Robert H did), don't lose your principals

2024-06-24 08:06:58

Of course I meant principles!!

2024-06-24 08:15:00

All I can say is this person hasn’t got a clue and I god hope she reads this don’t keep putting your leaflets through peoples doors NO ONE IS EVEN INTERESTED REFORM IS THE WAY FORWARD

David Forman
2024-06-24 08:24:57

I remember the Irish side of my family coming to Britain for a better life. They worked hard, went to mass every Sunday, obeyed the law and helped their English neighbours. Their reward was to be insulted with signs advertising rooms for rent in newsagents windows which said "No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs". Where were the values of British fairness then?

2024-06-24 11:48:12

Eight years ago people voted to leave the EU because Farage told us that immigration was the reason everything was broken. Today everything is even more broke so of course Farage is telling us again immigration is the reason everything is broken. The man is a fraud! Insane comment recently over Putin too, anyone who thinks the same is a hopeless character and zero education.

View from Afar
2024-06-24 14:54:22

Hypocritical of the Conservatives? https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/politics/farage-unveils-giant-newspaper-front-page-as-beef-with-johnson-ramps-up-377577/amp/

David Forman
2024-06-25 09:15:57

The comment from Nostradamus is very true. Paul Daniels and David Copperfield would be well pleased with the distraction technique of the small rubber boats.

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