General Election 24: Harlow Hustings: Malcolm Featherstone (Reform UK): Opening and closing remarks

Elections / Sun 23rd Jun 2024 at 09:28am

OUR General Election Hustings began with each candidate telling the audience why they should vote for them.

The evening ended with each one reminding them of the key issues in the campaign to be the next MP for Harlow and the villages.

We have editing the two speeches together.

Here is Malcolm Featherstone of Reform UK.

All other speeches and all our General Election content, can be found here.

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11 Comments for General Election 24: Harlow Hustings: Malcolm Featherstone (Reform UK): Opening and closing remarks:

2024-06-23 11:09:53

Comes across very well.

Nick Gunning
2024-06-23 12:25:37

Has he checked with Mein Kampf to see whether his German translation is correct!

2024-06-23 13:45:14

Reform is the most apposite name for this bunch of reactionaries and economic ignoramuses.

James Gamble
2024-06-23 18:22:02

Reform leader Farage's pro Russian, anti NATO stance is evidence that he has spent too much time with Donald Trump. This is a party with no real plan, a manifesto that will do more damage to the UK than Liz Truss and a leader that has no clue when it comes to international diplomacy.

2024-06-23 22:26:56

Vote Reform and sell off the NHS

2024-06-24 06:11:14

So many reasons nit to vote farage and reform.a horrible man with a nazi past.an enabler and a admirer of putin and Russia.just hope not too many thick people in Harlow to vote for the evil rat

2024-06-24 07:25:10

Putin is rite and so is nige

David Forman
2024-06-24 09:30:04

Malcolm Featherstone's performance at the hustings was easily the poorest. Even Mark Gough managed to dress appropriately for the event and was more fluid in his presentation and knew his party's manifesto. Mr Featherstone's answer to the NHS question was particularly poor, especially given he was Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Finance at South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust from July 2003 to April 2009. His "ordinary man of the people" act shouldn't fool anyone.

Guy Flegman
2024-06-24 12:19:39

One thing you can gaurentee is that what ever the polls predict will be wrong. I am personally very surprised by the number of people who say they will vote reform, and not because they want reform in power but they are completely fed up with the mainstream parties that simply have not moved with the times. It seems Reform have become the protest party of choice and it’s time to roll the dice rather than support the status quo

James Gamble
2024-06-26 18:54:22

Reform leader Farage is now urging Ukraine to give up land to get peace with Russia. Which parts of the UK is he prepared to surrender if we ever have a war?

True Patriot
2024-07-01 16:55:29

I have no idea wether this man is a pound shop nazi or not but given that he's standing for Reform he must have some sort of interest in undermining British stability and by extension that of the West in general, because that's what the Putin appeaser and apologist Farage is working towards. It's no surprise that Farage was paid £540,000 by Russia for his appearances on RT.

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