Relatives of Sir Frederick Gibberd Visit SFG College

Education / Sun 23rd Jun 2024 at 07:55am

SIR Frederick Gibberd College, in Harlow, recently welcomed two distinguished visitors, Peta Hall and Hugh Coppen, relatives of the renowned architect Sir Frederick Gibberd. Peta, who resides in Canada, and Hugh, who lives in San Francisco, visited the school to honour their family’s legacy and revisit the places in Harlow that hold cherished memories from their past.

Peta and Hugh shared fond memories of their Uncle Frederick, reminiscing about the joyful times they spent with him. Peta recounted, “He was a very favourite and much-storied uncle, who led my children astray with uncontrolled ice cream binges whenever he visited us; they still talk about it! He also visited my parents in Zimbabwe and redesigned my mother’s garden, much to her delight and joy!”

During their visit, Peta and Hugh were given a tour of SFG. They were deeply impressed by the resilience, creativity, and teamwork that have gone into developing the school. Peta expressed their gratitude in a heartfelt email, stating, “We were so astounded and then impressed by the whole saga of Sir Frederick Gibberd College. Your adaptability, creativity, resilience, and team-building are quite remarkable.”

The visitors praised the school, describing it as stable, personalised, and functional. “Congratulations on ‘making it happen.’ What a visit for us to experience. We wish you great success and good fortune as the story continues. This is a remarkable school!” they wrote.

Peta and Hugh also took the opportunity to explore other significant sites in Harlow that held special memories for them. Reflecting on their trip, Peta shared, “We have had such glorious weather! I am just loving the blossoming gardens, chirping birdsong, rolling English country sides, sticky toffee puddings, and the outstanding people we have met! It’s been a memorable trip!”

Their visit was a testament to the enduring legacy of Sir Frederick Gibberd. They were pleased to see how the school has evolved and thrived despite its challenges. “We were so impressed and astounded at what SFG has been through in its short lifespan… and how quickly the team has made this present school building into such a solid, pleasant, bright, and attractive place in so short a time, congratulations!” Peta noted.

Before departing, Peta and Hugh expressed their hopes for the school’s future and their appreciation for the hospitality they received. “I do hope it is successful sailing from now on, as the college moves towards a secure final home!” Peta concluded.

The visit of Peta Hall and Hugh Coppen to SFG was a heart-warming event that highlighted the lasting impact of Sir Frederick Gibberd’s work and legacy.

The school community was deeply touched by their visit and the shared memories of their remarkable uncle. Their presence served as a reminder of the strong connections between past and present, and the ongoing influence of Sir Frederick Gibberd’s contributions to architecture and education.

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