General Election 24: Hustings: Candidates face questions on crime

Crime / Mon 24th Jun 2024 at 01:11pm

THE TWO hour General Election Hustings discussed a great many things.

We thought it would be easier to break it down into a number of issued discussed.

A number of questions were asked about crime in Harlow.

All our General Election stories can be seen here

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11 Comments for General Election 24: Hustings: Candidates face questions on crime:

2024-06-24 14:10:09

Hannah Ellis disputes that there has been a lack of investment in policing in Harlow, but in 2023 Harlow was the most dangerous major town in Essex. So this begs the question: how are the Conservatives spending this investment so poorly? As for the decline in antisocial behaviour, Robert Halfon has a similar claim on his website. But these metrics are in comparison to previous years in this Conservative government! You shouldn't really get a pat on the back for cleaning up your own mess!

2024-06-24 20:04:06

Since 2010 Harlow's population has increased by around 15%, the increase in police numbers is well down on that (as far as I can tell).

James Gamble
2024-06-25 17:10:33

Must have been difficult for the Tory candidate considering two of the last three Conservative Prime Ministers have criminal records.

James Gamble
2024-06-25 21:17:00

More sleaze and corruption from the Tory party. Football players are banned for a year or more for betting on matches Let's see what happens to these Tory members.

David Forman
2024-06-26 10:48:01

Sunak should have a criminal record for leaving the D-Day commemorations early.

2024-06-26 13:31:48

Well James . Looks like the betting virus has passed to Labour mp too. Anything to say. 😅

2024-06-26 22:57:49

Eddie, the Labour guy isn't being investigated for insider knowledge and he didn't bet on the election date afaik. Not quite the same and het was suspended far quicker that the tory ones.. dithering Sunak. He also is having his donation returned, again unlike the racist donor or the Russian ones... greedy no morals Sunak.

2024-06-27 13:20:16

Trace. Re the Labour guy, you don't even know his name. It's Kevin Craig.I hope that helps you. He could quite easily have made people not vote for him, by giving them a.load of rubbish policies that they would not agree with. And if he has done nothing wrong so to speak , why did Kid Starver suspend him. You think you know so much why don't you stand , you seem to have loads to say. Perhaps you can tell us why Starmer won't tell us what he is going to raise taxes against. How can you vote for someone if you dont know their tax policies. He is an absolute slime ball, and whats that load of crap he's coming out with about , He.only pretended to support Colbyn. Desperation 🫣

2024-06-27 13:23:18


James Gamble
2024-06-29 08:50:25

Well Eddie Labour suspended the member straight away. Plus the bet was on the individual losing his election, whereas the Tory bet was a certainty as they were aware of the date of the election before they made the bet.

James Gamble
2024-06-29 08:53:25

David Forman Sunak has got a criminal record, he was fined for breaking the Covid rules along with BoJo.

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