Letter to Editor: How UKIP’s policies can make Britain great again

Elections / Mon 24th Jun 2024 at 07:46am

Dear Sir,

             OUR candidate’s illness is most unfortunate. However the election on July 4th is to vote for UKIP the Party. 

              UKIP has the policies to make Britain GREAT again by putting the economy right so that everyone has a better standard of living and life.

               The last 14 years has seen the national debt increase massively, and the government has failed to restore full sovereignty so that we enact neccessary legislation.

               By reducing the cost of immigration, over employment numbers in both central and local government and unneccessary departments, money will be available to restore the essential services, including our armed forces , and most urgently our local GP surgeries, whose funding has been severely cut during the last 5 years, by £660 million.

                UKIP delivers its promises, we delivered the result with the Referendum, but the Conservative government failed to implement the necessary legislation.

                                    Martin Harvey Chairman Harlow UKIP..

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14 Comments for Letter to Editor: How UKIP’s policies can make Britain great again:

2024-06-24 07:58:34

Restore essential services like the armed forces! Do you guys consider that wanting to weaken European unity actually emboldened Putin?

David Forman
2024-06-24 08:08:51

I remember UKIP complaining years ago that foreign born health workers couldn't speak English well enough. However, I notice that Mr Harvey has made at least four spelling mistakes in his letter. The first in paragraph three and a repetition in the final sentence with the incorrect spelling of 'neccessary' (only one 'c' is required). Then another error in paragraph four with 'uneccessary' (again, only one 'c' is required, but the addition of one 'n' is needed). Then we have Mr Harvey failing to spell his Christian name correctly: only one letter 'i' in the name Martin.

David Forman
2024-06-24 08:13:48

Plus, we have Mr Harvey incorrectly using an apostrophe in paragraph one to create the plural form of the word candidate: the correct form should be candidate's. Here is a reminder of what Nigel Farage said in 2015: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/nigel-farage-says-ukip-would-get-rid-of-foreign-nhs-workers-who-can-t-speak-english-properly-9956190.html

2024-06-24 08:21:33

Beware children the grammar Police are out and about.

2024-06-24 09:30:10

Jarrett - I think the larger point is that many UKIP members are rather fond of the "if you come to our country you should learn to speak English", so it's rather ironic when they're unable to meet a good standard of English themselves.

2024-06-24 12:52:05

Speaking and writing "correctly" stems from our establishment and is constantly evolving. So, if someone doesn't use the correct grammar that is generally not a big deal to me (BUT the incorrect use of your and you're does irritate). However, if you want to criticise someone for not speaking English do ensure you can use it yourself. I wonder, how many Brits live in Spain without speaking Spanish-that is different I suppose in the eyes of UKIP.

No, our Editor is a great guy.
2024-06-25 16:48:14

Our Ed is a great guy, you got the wrong end of the stick. Like, totally. Michael gives people lots of rope and the clown troupe of Harvey-Gough were no exception. We watch, chomping popcorn, as they keep on digging.... Despite Gough claiming he's a double-degreaser they got the angle a bit wrong and so they are scheduled to miss New Zealand but emerge just off the coast of Fiji on Friday April 13, 2029. Batman & Bobbin accomplished a great thing, though, the only other UKIP 2024 Leadership Candidate, ex-MEP Bill Etheridge, whom the Gough-Harvey duo had fully supported, has been alerted to the 3.46 pm Comment above, and at 4.07 pm Bill pressed the SEND button on https://x.com/BillEtheridgeuk/status/1805618874735296657/photo/1 which starts with "Please accept this letter as my immediate resignation from UKIP. I am deeply saddened that I have been left with no alternative but to take this action" and then goes on to very diplomatically say that the election was faked by Returning Officer Walker for nefarious reasons that may or may not be similar to what he tried on with Rebecca Jane, the UKIP Deputy Leader who resigned in January and let off a fusillade about Walker in https://archive.ph/Tqtxo which starts with "Sadly, I was planted as the Deputy Leader of UKIP, because the chairman wanted to get me into bed. (Send sympathy to his fiancée)". Thanks for the help in persuading Mr Etheridge to call for the dissolution of UKIP and probably legal action against the liar and cheat who runs it!

Martin Harvey
2024-06-25 21:33:08

The majority of the comments above are a total waste of puerile effort, a strut on a minor stage signifying nothing. Clearly these wasters have nothing positive to offer.

2024-06-26 09:36:38

Martin, I agree, much like UKIP.

Steve Taylor
2024-06-29 07:24:05

Why doesn't UKIP even have a leader, why when I go to its website to find its manifesto all that is there is an irrelevant May 2023 Local Elections one, why are so many web-pages password-protected, why does its page PP85 at the Electoral Commission website not even list Harlow as one of its branches / accounting units (or any of the gents posting here as officers) but list other ones that do not exist and whose officers moved across to Reform a year if not longer ago. Why does it still even pretend to exist? I always voted UKIP before, but there are simply too many Big Red Flags, something very fishy going on. Sorry.

Martin Harvey
2024-06-29 10:15:25

Nic Tenconi is the deputy/ interim leader. UKIP Broxbourne and Harlow is the official local branch, and Martin Harvey is the Chairman, there is also an official branch treasurer. We also have, an official Nominating Officer, and a deputy for Essex and Hertfordshire UK Independence Party {UKIP} is a political party registered and on the Electoral Commission wewbsite. I will happily answer any more questions, we have started late but already we have massive local support growing all the time. We are the only Party campaigning for the British Nation to return to being an Independent Nation making our own laws in our own Westminster Parliament for the benefit of our Great Nation. Martin Harvey.

Martin Harvey
2024-06-29 10:26:42

Steve Taylor is wrong in his view of the website, please go to ukip.org and you will see for yourself all the good reasons to vote for UKIP.

2024-07-15 19:59:46

Martin, you made the Big Time as we knew you would. I happened upon https://x.com/ukipunzipped/status/1812063824574357596; it sure does you justice. It also explains why, despite UKIP's appalling reputation for sleaze and corruption, you stood out from the crowd and managed to get 172 votes (0.4%) and 6th place (but out of 7) in Broxbourne. Heartiest, if belated, congratulations! It must be good to feel appreciated.

Old Ned
2024-07-21 08:27:04

Gough, Harvey, Neale, Long . . . the official political party Branch list maintained at https://search.electoralcommission.org.uk/Registrations/PP85 reveals there is no such thing as a "Harlow Branch" of Ukip, and there hasn't been one for many years! . The only registration anywhere close to Harlow is of an alleged Central Essex Ukip branch run by two gents, one of whom is 85 and the other 86, who when contacted expressed shock and anger that their names were being used in this way . . . What is your explanation for this ? What is your role in it ? On the face of it, these are reportable electoral crimes .

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