Labour’s Chris Vince slams Tories “rotten record” on dentistry

Elections / Tue 25th Jun 2024 at 09:28am

LABOUR has exposed the Conservatives rotten record on dentistry in Hertfordshire and West Essex as 141,963 fewer check-ups and 47,321 fewer fillings were performed than targeted last year.

The shocking state of dentistry in Harlow comes as Labour has launched its Dentistry Rescue Plan today.

Labour’s Dentistry Rescue Plan will:

Fill the gap of appointments with an extra 700,000 urgent and emergency dental appointments a year

Flood dental deserts with new dentistry graduates, with golden hellos of £20,000 for those who spend at least three years working in underserved areas

Supervised toothbrushing for 3-5 year-olds, to prevent children forced to hospital to have their rotting teeth pulled out

Reform of the dental contract, to rebuild NHS dentistry and make sure everyone who needs a dentist can get one.

Chris Vince, Labour’s candidate for Harlow, said:

“People across Harlow are living with the rotten consequences of the Tory’s failure in dentistry and in some cases literally pulling teeth because they can’t get an appointment.

“Labour’s Dentistry Rescue Plan will get new appointments available straight away to people in Harlow and protect our services for the future.”

Wes Streeting, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, said:

“It’s virtually impossible to get a dentist appointment after 14 years of Conservative neglect. People are resorting to pulling their own teeth out- DIY dentistry should be the stuff of Charles Dickens’ books, not Britain in 2024.

“The Conservatives have taken NHS dentistry to death’s door and given another five years in charge, they will kill it off. We already pay taxes for the NHS, but the Conservatives want to charge families an extra £240 a year. If you want to stop the Conservatives’ double dentistry tax under an insurance system, then vote for change with Labour.

“Labour’s Dentistry Rescue Plan will provide 700,000 extra dentistry appointments straight away, and start rebuilding NHS dentistry for the future. The only way to stop the rot and save NHS dentistry is to vote for change with Labour.”

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14 Comments for Labour’s Chris Vince slams Tories “rotten record” on dentistry:

Guy Flegman
2024-06-25 12:09:43

I don’t think he is telling the tooth.

Brian Aston
2024-06-25 14:28:24

"Supervised toothbrushing for 3-5 year-olds, to prevent children forced to hospital to have their rotting teeth pulled out" "..Hi I am your local Labour MP. I am here to supervise your child's toothbrushing session"

2024-06-25 14:48:55

With all respect it was Tony Blair's Labour government which changed the contract in 2003 allowing doctors,dentists and opticians to change their working hours and what was chargeable. Whereas I like others would welcome the change it would be a complete turnaround from the previous Labour government's policy

2024-06-25 14:55:31

Well pointed out Colin, in fact a lot of the current issues in the NHS are traceable back to the last Labour Government, as for young children needing supervision to clean their teeth, quite clearly social services should be looking at the neglect and cruelty of the parents

2024-06-25 16:18:07

Pedro, a lot of parents have just forgotten how to parent or can't be bothered. Was reading a news article the other day, a hige number of kids going to school and not knowing basics, even been potty trained and going to school in nappies. Teachers no longer just teach! Parenting is hard work, but parents really should cover the basics and not expect others to do it.. It is very sad to see this going on.

2024-06-25 17:59:19

Trace, if a person is incapable of teaching a child the basics in life like toilet training or brushing teeth then they clearly shouldn't be breeding,

Matthew Gillman
2024-06-25 19:45:33

A news story I can really get my teeth into.

2024-06-25 20:01:14

Pedro, it is truly insane.

David Forman
2024-06-26 09:10:08

Attlee's Labour government left dentists as private contractors when they set up the NHS. They also introduced dental and optical charges to help cut costs.

David Forman
2024-06-26 10:44:21

This news article from 2012 tells the truth about the last Labour government's rotten record on dentistry: https://www.standard.co.uk/hp/front/nhs-dentists-treat-500-000-fewer-patients-after-labours-controversial-new-contract-6648551.html

2024-06-26 12:13:58

I think it’s more common sense in teaching kids not to intake so many sweeties and canned drinks! If possible😝

2024-06-26 20:55:22

David Foreman, and now it's 10 million fewer people since those days who have seen a NHS dentist. It's also helpful to realise that dentists either didn't do the complex work as they felt not been paid enough, or quit the NHS completely. This has been made worse in more recent years where NHS dentists are starting to have financial concerns due to costs increasing and income that is declining, work pressures getting too much too, whereas being private is easier, less stressful and can afford to spend longer with each patient. It's really not rocket science, make the job attractive and people will stay. Let's also not forget, although the contracts where changed by Labour the tories have had 14 years to help stop this declining as far as it has.

Jenny Kirsh
2024-06-27 08:06:05

Brian Ashton is right. Chris Vince is like a stuck record. Just bleats nonsense. He is a Starmer puppet. Lacks sufficient intellect to represent our constituency in Parliament. Everywhere else he applied he was rejected. Labour can't be considering Harlow as a target after Labour lost the local elections (again) last month. Anyone who is on the left should vote Green. They have serious policies and a much better candidate in Yasmin Gregory. At the recent hustings Vince was a damp squib. He also supports Starmer's awful position on Gaza and the right to buy council homes.

2024-06-27 09:59:52

Jenny, voting green is a wasted vote tho, tactically it's labour who are more likely to win in Harlow. Most of the country is united in getting out the tories, many people are voting tactically then we go from there...

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