New head for Katherines Primary Academy

Education: Primary / Tue 25th Jun 2024 at 07:44am

KATHERINES Primary Academy in Harlow will welcome a new head from September.

Julien Mealey steps into the role with current headteacher Annette Norris, who has led the school since 2017, stepping down at the end of this academic year. In her seven-year tenure leading Katherines Primary, part of the higg-performing NET Academies Trust, the school achieved a ‘Good’ judgement from Ofsted.

With over a decade of educational experience in a range of north London primary settings, Julien has worked with NET Academies Trust since 2021. He joins Katherines Primary Academy from another NET Academies school, Waltham Holy Cross Primary Academy, where he was Deputy Headteacher. During his time as its Deputy Headteacher, Waltham Holy Cross was judged by Ofsted as ‘Good’ overall with ‘Outstanding’ leadership and management.

Mr Mealey is particularly passionate about teacher mentoring, working to address pupil needs and enhancing parental and community engagement.

Julien Mealey said:

“I’m delighted to be joining the Katherines Primary Academy team. I am sad to be leaving Waltham Holy Cross Primary but excited to be starting at a school I know is also really strong. I am looking forward to building on the excellent foundations put in place by Annette and her team, and to working with them to deliver the very best outcomes for the pupils and their families.”

Jo Coton, Chief Executive Officer of NET Academies Trust, said:

“On behalf of everyone at the Trust and Katherines Primary Academy, I would like to express our thanks to Annette for her work leading the school for the past seven years. We wish her all the best for her future endeavours.

“We’re very pleased that Julien Mealey will be joining the team shortly. He has been a key part of NET since 2021, and of the team that has worked so hard to make Waltham Holy Cross Primary Academy such an excellent school.”

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9 Comments for New head for Katherines Primary Academy:

J. Mann
2024-06-25 10:10:02

Education and politics - it's all the same. A new favourite comes in and the old favourite is so quickly ousted . But, one has to ask why a successful Head Teacher who has turned this Primary School around through scandal, covid, lockdown and problems with the building itself would suddenly resign ?

2024-06-25 11:47:37

Amazing head, all she has done for the school, children and community, this couldn’t have been her choice. Gobsmacked !

2024-06-25 11:52:55

My sons go to that school and I really thought highly of her! Would love to know why she’s suddenly left as it’s such a shame

2024-06-25 18:33:31

Probably didn't meet the standards of Jo Coton!!

2024-06-25 18:44:27

Can’t quite believe how such an amazing head has left, or been forced out? My son went there and I can honestly say the school was outstanding,ecspecially all through the pandemic, and that was mostly down to Annette, organising her amazing team around her and working together! I’m very shocked and I know she will be so missed!!!

Al Gsfar
2024-06-25 20:47:18

Well what can you say ,seven years of excellence then all.of a sudden your face doesn't fit and personality clash and your out makes you wonder if it was all preplanned . Is there more to it than education mmm I wonder . My opinion is that all the employment law which has been fought for had been completely side lined in this underhanded episode,It would seem that this CEO is completely wrong .watch your back all the other staff involved with this cretin,you are all in the firing line . Would seem that this c e o is a foot stamper and a sulker and a thoroughly nasty piece of work . Be Careful at the top you may meet em on the way down !

Harlow Parent
2024-06-26 19:19:58

Such a shame. The NET and BMAT way. If you don’t do exactly as you are told you are out no matter what the children, mums and dads think. No wonder they are both becoming less popular

Disgruntled Parent
2024-06-27 16:42:02

In my opinion, the CEO isn't the issue here (this is through my direct experience). All I can say is finally justice has prevailed after years of a headteacher pretending to those that matter whilst getting away with discrimination & unprofessional conduct so much so that it involved authorities & having parents relocate children to other schools. Karma has finally prevailed & she faces consequences of her poor unprofessional conduct.

Katherine Parent
2024-07-02 09:57:54

In my opinion Jo is really nice so don't think she pushed anyone out. Annette is fully to blame for her abrupt absence for her unprofessional behaviour. In all honesty the parents and the staff seem a lot happier anyways so good decision for Katherines plus from above Julien Mealey seems like he would be a great head teachers so look forward to when her takes over!!

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