General Election 24: Labour’s Chris Vince makes final appeal to voters

Elections / Wed 3rd Jul 2024 at 03:42pm

BY Chris Vince: “Its now polling week in this vital General Election and I’d like to start by saying whether you are voting for me or not on Thursday it has been a genuine pleasure to chat to so many residents both in Harlow and also in villages such as Roydon, Lower Nazeing, Hatfield Heath, Hatfield Broad Oak, Sheering and White Roding over the past 6 weeks.

We started the final week of the campaign listening to residents in Netteswell ward along with local Councillors, former MP for Harlow Bill Rammell, London Assembly member Joanne McCartney and Bambos Charalambous MP. In the evening, I was honoured to attend the AGM of Nazeing Parish council to understand some of the issues that they face in their community. I thank the Councillors for allowing me to attend and for talking to me afterwards. As this MP for this constituency I will work hard to engage and support all communities.

On Friday we were back out on the doors in Great Parndon and were joined by Rachel Hopkins, MP/candidate for Luton South. There was a real sense of change with many former Conservative voters fed up with the chaos they have seen from this government. We also took a trip to Roydon marina for lovely lunch.


Over the weekend we had over a hundred campaigners, from Harlow, London and neighbouring constituencies hitting the doors and listening to residents. I was delighted to also have the opportunity to visit farmers who are part of Roding & West Essex Farm Cluster for a discussion on sustainable farming & then to stop by the Community Embrace Festival of Diversity in the Stow to support what was a wonderful event.


On Sunday I also joined Cllr Nancy Watson in visiting the Royal British Legion event marking Armed Forces Day. As the son and grandson of a veteran this is something that is very important to me.

Once again canvassing paused on Sunday both for the nail-biting England game and also to show solidarity with Harlow and West Essex Pride group in their annual walk in the town centre.

Mobfay saw us once again out on the doors, talking to residents in Little Parndon and Mark Hall, plus a return trip to catch up the wonderful work of local charity Butterfly Effect.

Tuesday started with a very special guest in the form of legendary actor and historian Tony Robinson who joined us on the doors in Fold Croft. Tony spoke passionately about the need for a Labour government under Keir Starmer’s leadership after 14 years of Conservative chaos.


A visit to Harlow Pharmacy to meet owner Prakash Patel was an opportunity to discuss Labours support for business and the NHS.


It’s time for change, but that change can only happen if you vote Labour on Thursday.

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16 Comments for General Election 24: Labour’s Chris Vince makes final appeal to voters:

2024-07-03 21:00:58

Hello Chris- So Friday night, you’ll probably be one of 400 plus Labour MPs. I guess you won’t be ‘front of mind’ for the Labour leader when he’s looking for new intake to climb the greasy pole of success, given your perceived sub-optimal performance in May’s Local Elections. That can only be good for us and will allow you to put town and country first rather than party first. Son of a Toolmaker only has a short time to get this right or like we’ve seen in other European countries, we could be looking at a Farage type character in the running next time. Starmer’s performance during the election campaign has been lacklustre to put it mildly - He tells us he wants to be clear and then gives us word salad of nothingness —- Chris, you seem like a good bloke, so make sure he doesn’t just enjoy the trappings of office and make sure that we do get the change that the majority of us want.

2024-07-03 21:07:03

Well said David, we all want to start seeing a difference rather than be in it for themselves. Although.. need to cut a little slack at the start and be realistic while they begin, if he gets in. If Chris manages to achieve real solid ground on a hospital that he said he would fight for, I think a lot of Harlow would be impressed and would be an noteworthy legacy.

2024-07-03 21:26:00

I'm voting for you Chris because you are decent and genuine and compassionate.Very impressed with liberal and green candidates too but voting labour to get tories out.

2024-07-04 03:17:26

Thankfully, the villages, which now count for about 60% of the territory and almost 20% of the total vote should remain Blue and help keep Labour out. Fingers crossed.

2024-07-04 06:46:19

I have just been to vote, and found they issue pencils to mark the X , seems wrong as anyone could rub it out and put X in different box . Just saying

2024-07-04 07:24:16

We are so lucky to have free speech and the vote in this country.Please,whoever you're voting for GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

Reform supporter
2024-07-04 07:41:51

Vote Reform change is required makenyour voice heard, Labour are worse than the Conservatives do you want Sadiq Khahn is power in 12 months knife crime is the worse ever the met police are not supported don't waste your vote.

2024-07-04 08:10:19

Hopefully people will vote today, whoever it is. But please vote based on truth, not daft scaremongering what if's about Sadiq etc. For example, It is true that we have had the worst gov ever for the last 14 years.

2024-07-04 08:52:13

Eddie, it's always been pencils! But you could've taken your own pen.

David Forman
2024-07-04 10:07:25

Here is the verdict of thecampaign group Keep Our NHS Public on Labour's policies for NHS: "Not Fit For The Future". See their view at https://keepournhspublic.com/labours-nhs-manifesto-not-fit-for-the-future/

2024-07-04 10:24:03

Ah, David again forgetting to mention the Tory deep hatred of the NHS from the start, Churchill tried to stop it, Thatcher tried to make it insurance based so instead starting to put parts of it out for tender (privatisation) and John Major brought in the controversial PFI. Privatisation of our hospitals has been going on for 40 years and was started by Thatcher.. and lets not forget the way the tories destroy it a little (lot) bit more every time they are in power. Historically, at point of use, the NHS is better under Labour. Labour have promised a cash injection initially to try and get the huge waiting lists down. Then we can go from there - if they don't improve it long term (and to remember the mess will not be solved overnight) then we all have a choice at the next polls.

2024-07-04 10:58:45

My vote will be reform! Labour and tories are the same…. Absolute shambles if you vote Labour you deserve a Sadiq Khan London in Harlow SHOCKING

Clark Renney
2024-07-04 11:00:23

In fourteen years you have had five Prime Ministers, the highest tax burden in seventy years, migration out of control, people who partied while imposing laws to prevent you being with your loved ones as they died. You had a mini-budget which wrecked the economy and all-but bankrupted our nation and, the highest NHS waiting lists in its history. Our young people cannot afford to own homes and rents are out of control. But as you struggle to put food on your table, Rishi Sunak et al. have added more wealth to their billions. You deserve better than this. Our country needs change, and that change can only come if you vote for it. Today, in Harlow, I shall be voting for Chris Vince, the Labour Candidate, and a man who genuinely wants to represent the people of Harlow and the Villages. Our country deserves better than the Conservatives, so vote for better. Vote Labour today, July 4, 2024...

2024-07-04 12:50:56

Trace, Thanks for the advise I will next time. But it is wrong , pencils are not a permanent mark.

2024-07-04 12:54:14

David . You seem to think Chris Vince will win . Don't forget the Tories won in Harlow in the local elections. They could win again. Don't count your chickens.

2024-07-04 13:31:19

I have no idea if Chris will win either and going by local, I'd say no. I will be happy tho if Labour start running the country, hopefully whoever is in charge in Harlow council will work hard for Harlow people and.. get us a hospital! Can't say I've seen anything Dan kept promising us over and over at the locals materialise yet, but to be fair, I guess only 2 months ago, despite him saying things will start 'day after elections'.

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