General Election 2024: Candidates react to election result

Elections / Fri 5th Jul 2024 at 03:44am

AFTER the declaration, we spoke to the candidates who had fought the General Election of 2024.

Chris Vince Labour

Hannah Ellis Conservative

Yasmin Gregory Green Party

Riad Mannan Lib Dem

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30 Comments for General Election 2024: Candidates react to election result:

2024-07-05 05:29:15

Gutted. Let's hope it's a shot termin office Nationally and locally.

2024-07-05 06:21:03

We are screwed...the whole country is screwed...for all those who voted...look forward now to huge council tax rises...conservatives kept their promise and didn't increase the harlow council part..enjoy the tax increases...am guessing the majority voting Labour do not work and are on benefits

2024-07-05 07:07:18

Stay gutted Jo! ;)

2024-07-05 07:26:27

Lol, people still spouting the same tripe about taxes etc when we've had the largest tax increase since forever under the tories! Why do those same folk never mention that?! People who voted may or may not be on benefits, irrelevant and a cheap shot to be frank, more likely many people are fed up with nothing working in the UK (despite record tax increases). The NHS being broken, potholes, the state of education & schools, care, lack of anything working as well as it once did. People voted because they've had enough. The tory campaign was awful, treated the electorate as idiots, pretty much the whole thing was lies spouted against labour - this was seen through by many and it is not a campaign that was worthy of a tick in the box. Good luck to Chris, I hope he works hard for Harlow, actually keeps promises and behaves like a gentleman, contributing to raising the standards of politics.

2024-07-05 07:32:22

Give them a chance before you start complaining and wringing your hands. Would you rather things just carried on as they were under the tories?

2024-07-05 07:51:50

Trace . Let's see what Labour can do. I will give them a chance. But if they are as bad as Tories , I hope you come on and slag them off like you have done Tory party.

2024-07-05 07:53:18

And Trace if they do well I will come on and congratulate them.

2024-07-05 08:17:04

Eddie, of course I would. Any party that does what they have done to the UK deserves a right bashing at the polls and of course I would complain! Time will tell with labour and if Labour make no improvements, of which realistically they really do need a few years for us to start to feel any difference because of the state of the UK now, then they rightly deserve to get voted out next time. I also am really fed up with the divide in this country, both tribal politics and using lies and racism to promote political parties and we've seen a lot of this instigated under the tories which makes me so very sad. We are better than this, the UK is a good country with good people and we deserve to be treated with respect, not idiots. I hope Starmer means what he says when he says country first, party second because I think you'll agree, enough of the self-serving politicians. We have had a glut of them who lie and gaslight repeatedly to get themselves out of trouble. In the old days if an MP had been caught doing something really bad, they lost their job or they quit! Every single MP from every party that does bad things while holding a position of power and trust needs to go, it is the very least we deserve. I hope not only that Labour do well (and we do need to give them time because the country is a mess) but improve the quality of our politicians. It has been heartwarming actually this morning to read defeated tories say they deserved this bashing because they didn't listen to the electorate, nor did they put us first, hopefully they will improve their party now. Labour changed, so can the tories..

James Gamble
2024-07-05 08:57:10

Ridiculous, when the Tories got in 2010 we had two sections to our council tax, Essex and Harlow. We now have several including police which was part of the county tax. Tory Essex Council have increased tax every year regardless of police being separated. Tory stealth tax?

James Gamble
2024-07-05 11:55:53

Jason or should I say private Frazer, we were doomed but now we see the light.

Mr Grumpy
2024-07-05 13:56:16

I voted for Reform as I simply had no faith in the others. Labour in the past caused the UK financial issues. The Tories just buggered up the UK completely over the past 14 years. Lib Dems never seem to know what they want. Greens seem to think it's easy to go green but never really say how or what it would cost (the world runs on oil i'm afraid and there is no getting away from it). I shall wait and see how Labour performs this time around. Let's see how many of their "promises" become reality.

Jennifer Steadman
2024-07-05 14:10:46

Mr Grumpy, I dont recall the Green Party ever saying it would be easy to go Green, but if you read their manifesto, how they plan to activate the plan and pay for it is laid out in black and white. Incidentally the Greens arent just about saving the planet or forcing people to buy electric cars or go vegan. If you actually read the website, you will see it is about examining your own life and looking to see how you yourself can make positive changes to 'make a difference'. Cycle more, plant flowers, grow fruit and veg, turn your heating down a bit, eat a bit less meat, don't fly as much etc. Small swaps can sometimes make the largest impact. We also care about policing, the NHS, social injustice, pot holes, education, equality, the state of the footpaths, crumbling schools, wildlife etc.. they are not a one trick pony. We would be more than happy to invite you to one of our meetings where we can explain more. You'd be very welcome.

James Gamble
2024-07-05 15:19:25

Mr Grumpy the last Labour Government had 10 years of growth, The 2008 financial crash was not caused by Labour anymore than Covid was caused by the Tory party.

James Gamble
2024-07-05 15:20:38

Why no response from Reform or UKIP?

2024-07-05 15:44:24

Jennifer You and your green party can put anything they want in their manifesto, stopping all wars , finding a cure for all cancers , a pill that let's you live forever. You know why? It's because they would never get anywhere near enough votes. And they know it.

2024-07-05 16:13:42

Yasmin and Riad,you gave it your all,lovely caring,genuine people and Yasmin seems great fun.Don't be sad.Know that so many people wanted to vote for you but could'nt due to desperate urgent need to get the Cons out.Really hope Greens and Liberals can work together with labour for the good of Harlow.

2024-07-05 18:50:38

Congratulations Chris Vince and team Labour! I never expected Labour to get in in Harlow, Tories tried tax bribery, project fear and then just plain lies, and sadly too many people in Harlow fall for their nonsense. I do agree that the nice people of Reform probably helped our cause, so thanks for that Nige! But seriously, 14 years of boarded up shops, crumbling hospitals, more pot holes than roads, people struggling with the cost of living going through the roof, and there are people on here missing them already?? The easy bit is over, getting elected, the hard part, putting this great country back together starts today. Let's try all pulling in the same direction and working for a better future, instead of some of the Ridiculous ranting by some people on YH!

2024-07-06 06:08:44

Labour won with about 33% of a low turnout vote solely because the right split between Tory and Reform. This happened in many constituencies across the country.

2024-07-06 08:39:24

Alex, as much as you dislike it, Labour won and by a mile. Suck it up buttercup.

Guy Flegman
2024-07-06 09:17:34

Britain has a population of 68 million. We had approx 60% turnout which is 40.8 million. Labour received 34% of that vote which is 13.8 million which equates to 20% of the uk population supported Labour. This means 80 percent of the country either do not support Labour or do not care. I am sure Labour are aware of this and will run the country with this in mind, but it does not represent a victory for anyone, which at the end of the day may be just what this country needs at this moment in time.

2024-07-06 09:18:46

Trace you have a hard lesson to learn but time will tell

2024-07-06 09:36:26

Doubter, yes it will. I remember Labour last time, lived through it. I know which party has ruined this country, left it on it's knees, raised taxes highest in generations and it's not Labour. I think you may just be surprised.

2024-07-06 09:41:30

Guy, the tories must be kicking themselves.

2024-07-06 10:28:06

Guy Trace , the only fair answer is proportional representation.

2024-07-06 10:46:01

Personally I don't think so, people in different areas have different needs and I think they should be able to chose who they want to represent them locally. People only tend to go on about PR when it's a vote outcome they dislike.

2024-07-06 12:54:43

Eddie, even though Reform are asking for better reward for the number of votes a party gets, even they are not wanting a strict proportional system. If you go down that route, you get people going into partnership with extremist parties just to hold on to power. I think a first past the post system with a smaller secondary allotment of seats based on votes would be worth considering. It does nobody any good to have a system of government that means that you vote for people that crave power for their own ends and will join anyone to hang on to it, like Netanyahu in Israel.

2024-07-06 15:35:46

We have a first past the post because it suits Labour and Conservatives. This election has been the most perverse in that Labour with a third of the votes get 2/3 of the seats. Clearly, many of these seats are marginal as (as in Harlow) the large majority are right wing. Starmer's will be a one term government provided Conservatives and Reform come to some agreement. Reform are basically Conservative.

2024-07-06 15:41:29

Oh ,Trace your easily rattled .

2024-07-06 16:19:40

Am I Eddie? Where?! Then I can go look at myself in the mirror and tell myself off, that Eddie says I am easily rattled!!

Martin Harvey
2024-07-07 20:34:26

James Gamble, Herewith a response from UKIP.; 66% of the Electorate did not vote for Labour, and they could do immense damage to our Great Country.. UKIP has the policies to make Britain Great again. We would campaign for a much improved school syllabus, and a big increase in sports activities, University for highly intelligent students and appropriate skills training at Technical Colleges as appropriate. Basic military training would be available for school leavers, and a massive recruitment drive would be undertaken to build up our seriously depleted armed forces. Our armed forces to be used primarily for the defense of our Nation. Farmers are for food production and we must again become self sufficient, and take full control of our fishing. We are a geographically small Island, and a major contributor to the military security of the World, but we are already exceeding the capacity of our infrastructure, so we must temporarily stop any further immigration, and retrain surplus government employees for any job shortages. Our Country is loosing money every year due to Government incompetence. UKIP Policies will cut expenses making finance available for those of us in need. Martin Harvey Harlow Branch chairman.

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