General Election 24: Labour’s Chris Vince gains Harlow

Chris Vince / Fri 5th Jul 2024 at 02:07am

LABOUR have gained Harlow. Chris Vince has beaten the Conservative candidate Hannah Ellis by 2,504 votes with Reform UK coming third with an impressive 9,461 votes.

Chris Vince becomes the first Labour MP for Harlow since Bill Rammell between 1997 and 2010.

His victory came a few hours before Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party passed the 326 seats needed for victory.

The declaration and speeches by all the candidates are below.

Turnout: 58.22%

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88 Comments for General Election 24: Labour’s Chris Vince gains Harlow:

Clark Renney
2024-07-05 02:18:27

I've been watching the results all night, waiting to read this! Many Congratulations to Chris Vince and his Fantastic Team! And Congratulations to the people of Harlow and the Villages who have placed their trust in an incredibly hard-working man who is genuinely interested in your issues, and will be an outstanding Member of Parliament for you...

paul mason
2024-07-05 02:58:12

Well done Chris, congratulations

neo a south asian immigrant
2024-07-05 03:22:06

first time voting in harlow and my vote gone to you mr Vince. hope you will be fair and work hard for harlow.

2024-07-05 03:50:25

Couldn't be happier! Chris is a decent man and I have some hope going forward. Best foot forward, fella!

2024-07-05 04:12:43

Oh dear ! Hold onto your purses everyone ! Labour are going to ruin this country . Hard working peoples taxes will rise ! Those who don’t work will be better off !

2024-07-05 04:56:13

Thank God!!!!!What lovely news to wake up to!Dream come true for Chris,fantastic!

gary roberts
2024-07-05 05:10:22

Now the rhetoric must end and the pledges for this town realised. If Mr Vince doesn't challenge Mr Starmer and is as flat as his acceptance speech then I am concerned that the pledges will go the same way.

2024-07-05 05:23:38

Chris and the team have been out knocking on residents doors and listening to them. Having the silver brigade hold placards near a roundabout on polling day is not enough Hannah Ellis

2024-07-05 05:26:22

Oh no ! Last one out of Harlow turn the lights off. Hang on don't worry striking power workers will do that for us

2024-07-05 05:43:42

Really pleased for Chris and Harlow after years of poor representation in Parliament. My only concern (unsubstantiated but feel it's correct) is that when a local Council is controlled by a party different to central Government, they are often starved of funding and resources to make them appear to be doing a bad job. I'm convinced this happened with the last Labour Council, and I really hope it now doesn't happen to our Conservative Council under a Labour Government; it's the residents that end up suffering.

Stephen Archer
2024-07-05 06:01:26

Well done Chris Vince. Well done Labour. Conservatives punished for the chaos they caused. The people have well and truly spoken.

F The Tories
2024-07-05 06:17:54

@Ed can we please have one day off from the tax rise guff. The Tories under Sunak put them up REPEATEDLY. You know this is the first Parliament since the 1950’s where the average households expendable income dropped?

2024-07-05 06:22:44

Time for me to give up work and rely on benefits I think!

2024-07-05 06:29:08

If people think Conservative we're bad you haven't seen nothing yet under a Labour government. Out of the frying pan and in to the fire.

Alan Sherlock
2024-07-05 06:31:57

Yes, 14 years of hurt ended last night. Conservatives might have had more luck if they knocked on peoples doors and spoke with them.They chose to post leaflets through letterbox and run. They got what they deserved.

David Forman
2024-07-05 06:32:58

The one bit of good news is Jeremy Corbyn got re-elected. As he said in his acceptance speech: "he (Starmer) has put forward a manifesto that is thin to put it mildly and doesn’t offer a serious economic alternative to what the Conservative government is doing. And so the demands on him are going to be huge, the demands from the people are going to be huge." Let's see what Chris Vince delivers.

2024-07-05 07:09:16

R.i.p Harlow

2024-07-05 07:09:42

I'm glad to tories are out, what they have done to this country is criminal. I'm not sure labour will be any better but I'm really hoping they will be . There's a massive task ahead but let's hope we start to see things improve.

David Forman
2024-07-05 07:13:27

Reform's vote share in Harlow is 21.82% which makes it well above the national average. The Harlow turnout is down 5.5% on 2019. The other bit of good news is Diane Abbott is back in Parliament after Starmer's dirty tricks to stop her standing failed miserably.

2024-07-05 07:32:32

Well done Chris! Didn't think that would happen, but delighted it did. Now, those at Harlow Council, work together for Harlow please, it's the least you can do for the good folk of Harlow who voted you guys in. Stop the tribal politics, trying to point score against each other when in different parties and actually make Harlow a better place to live.

2024-07-05 07:47:17

58.22 % turn out. Over 40% didn't bother to vote. 4 in 10 people. Might apathy be the biggest problem in the uk?

Guy Flegman
2024-07-05 07:49:51

National turnout predicted to be below 60%, the labour vote up by only 2% compared to 2019 and only received 36% of the vote. Seems they won by default and do not have the nation with them. I just hope they realise this and lead accordingly. Mr Starmer has said “Nation first and party second”, so it seems to be a good start. I also wish Mr Vince well.

2024-07-05 08:09:43

l love the conservative backbiting and doom mongering in these posts. After 14 years of lies, sleeze, false promises and failure you would think they would know better. Good luck to Vince and well done Harlow.

Andrew S
2024-07-05 08:12:11

A bit like Gareth Southgate and the England football team, I’d like Chris and the Labour Party to succeed, the manager isn’t someone I endorse but want them to succeed for the countries sake. Fingers crossed for both

2024-07-05 08:23:45

The only person Chris Vince should be thanking is Reform for splitting the Tory vote, otherwise he would be sitting at home rather than in Westminster. Uninspiring candidate in a very uninspiring election. Sad day for Harlow and the country

Hey Big Spender
2024-07-05 08:37:55

Well done Chris Vince. When the euphoria of winning has worn off, time to hit the ground running and crack on with the job. Make Harlow a good place to live again, tackle anti-social behaviour, sort the town centre out.

Pat d
2024-07-05 08:42:08

Let's see the mess unfold now. I remember Labour running the country before. Interest rate on my mirtgage went to over 10%, everyone was on benefits and prices of food rocketed and of course the strikes. Let's hope change means change or they won't go to a second term

2024-07-05 08:54:52

Oh Dear ! The voters in Harlow appear to have very short memories. The last Socialist Exchequer of our battered country, delivered, the much quoted message to the world that, we're broke and we've run out of money.

2024-07-05 08:55:52

Once again immigration drives a Harlow election result. Could it become similar to the Nazis in the 1930s. The irony is that a feature or the farage driven Brexit was global Britain. Unfortunately they dont like it when it is taking place here

2024-07-05 08:57:57

Pat d, wasn't it Nigel Lawson who drove up interest rates

2024-07-05 09:03:58

@Whatever, you are the one with a short memory, as of like, right now! We are more broke now than ever before and unlike when Labour were last in and left debt (much smaller amount) we had things working. Also, Gordon Brown received international praise how he handled the international banking crisis.

2024-07-05 09:06:58

Chris Vince didn't win Harlow, Reform gave It to you. Out the next Election.

Kevin Piggott
2024-07-05 09:07:26

We are doomed

2024-07-05 09:08:05

This is a great result for the future of our country and for the youngsters of today. It will bring a change of perspective for the better. Had the toriies won they would know they could do anything and. still get elected. They will get improve. It will also force the issues surrounding excess immigration to be addressed. Labour will not be perfect but could they really be worse than the tories

2024-07-05 09:12:44

David, yes he did. The votes say so!

James Gamble
2024-07-05 09:16:05

Safe journey Woody. Whatever, we were 800 million pounds in debt in 2010, we are nearly three trillion pounds in debt. Some legacy. Pat d the interest rates went up to 10% under Margaret Thatcher not Labour. Resident, no one should thank the far right they where born out of Tory failure. Ridiculous, that's the attitude, let's see how you cope on benefits. Starmer had a poor result in his own constituency, Jeremy Corbyn won against Labour in his, Labour has a smaller percentage than Corbyn in 2017. Labour did not win this election Conservative blew it.

oliver lee
2024-07-05 09:35:57

this is a day I thought I would never see, the last time labour where in power was when I was still a child so it's good to see them "back in" at a time when I can fully appreciate their policies!. I wish Chris and his team all the best and hopefully they can restore some civic pride back into our ailing town!.

2024-07-05 09:52:08

What a town of morons, look forward to higher taxes, more net zero so colder poorer lives. If you thinkt he NHS or education will get fixed I have some beach front property in Arizona for sale. The parasite is going to kill the host.

2024-07-05 09:53:27

At last we won't hear from the conservatives saying they are making Harlow a better place when in fact they made it worse . Just look at the pot holes and the condition of the paving in Old Harlow also the state of the roundabouts,grass and hedges disgraceful lets hope Chris vince will put things right.

2024-07-05 09:56:49

Adam, how unkind of you to insult people in Harlow and more than a bit snobby. What is moronic is voting for more of the same, or going by the tory manifesto, even worse and giving tories the signal they can do what they want. Well done Harlow people.for going out to vote and hopefully getting change and a good chance for improvement.

2024-07-05 10:30:06

Terrible result

2024-07-05 10:35:18

Jason, immigration under tories far higher! I wish people could stick to facts.

2024-07-05 10:44:38

i have a feelin reform will join conservatives after rhis

2024-07-05 10:51:54

The Labour vote has gone down in England, and there's not much improvement nationally. That's not a ringing endorsement for the Labour manifesto. Labour does not represent my children's best interests, far from it. Labour took the majority of SNP seats in Scotland, and Reform took a large chunk of Tory votes, including in Harlow. Fair play to Labour, they won fair and square under the 'first past the post' method. I personally don't like proportionate representation, it can lead to weak government if there are more than two dominant parties. I don't have the answer, but there is something seriously wrong when the Reform Party get 16-18% of the vote overall and win 4 seats, when the LibDems get around half of what the Reform Party did overall and win 71 seats. You don't have to agree with my political views, but surely you must agree there are large parts of middle England who will not be represented in Parliament. Roll on 5 years.

2024-07-05 11:12:47

Well done Mr Vince! Fingers crossed I won’t have to email you as often as your predecessor about the behaviour of your colleagues at Westminster.

James Gamble
2024-07-05 11:30:22

Baz will Reform join a failed party, surely they will distance themselves from the Tory party, the only way they will Conservative is if Farage is made leader which is hardly likely.

2024-07-05 11:43:19

jams they wont power farage will do anything

James Gamble
2024-07-05 11:59:56

Jason immigration was at it's highest under Tory Britain. The boats only started arriving after 2010.

2024-07-05 12:05:51

Wonder if he is going to invest in anything for teenagers to do. To keep them off the streets in evenings. Put some nightlife back in the town.

2024-07-05 12:23:17

Robert Halton did Harlow no favours giving backing to someone approximately 6 weeks to a general election and someone most people hadn't heard of

Les Bayliss
2024-07-05 13:05:59

At last. The end of the corrupt Tory government and the damage of the last 14 years. Congratulations to Chris and his team. The work now begins. Would be nice to think that not long from now we will have Labour controlled council. It's what Harlow deserves and needs.

Mark Gough
2024-07-05 13:56:54

Anon, your first past the post point about the level of Reform's vote is identical to the one from an almost identical number of votes for UKIP in 2015. The only difference this time is 4 seats for Reform, and just the one for UKIP in 2015.

Richard .
2024-07-05 15:32:51

Adam seems to have forgotten the Conservatives delivered the highest taxes in around 70 years .

2024-07-05 16:04:11

James Gamble . You have a very short memory. The reason we owe so much was because of furlough payments , so you and your family could put food on your table while we were not allowed to go to work. What would have happened if they did not give us that , that's why our tax is so high , no one moaned when they were being paid to sit on their arses. What would of your labour party have done . Properly be having parties with Russia and Hamas. I read how disgusted you were of the Tory leader leaving early from Dunkirk, as was I. But you seem to forget your wonderful leader Corbyn , would not bow to the fallen on remembrance Sunday and would not sing the National Anthem. He hated Britain and you backed him.

2024-07-05 16:21:26

Lots of sour grapes here. New government, fresh ways. Give them a chance. We had 14 yrs of promises, most didn't materialise.. The ballot box told the story. If they screw us over then they will have a short tenure.

2024-07-05 16:53:18

Jasper. You are correct. But all parties screw us over , and they all lie to make them look good , it never changes no matter who's in. What people seem to forget is if a party done all what we wanted and made Britain a great country , they would never be voted out .

2024-07-05 18:00:21

James Gamble. Good try , the interest rates under Jim Callaghan in Jan 1979 was over 11pc. I know because I moved into my house early Jan 1979 and my mortgage when up straight away.

Hey Big Spender
2024-07-05 18:34:22

@Resident - Pot holes are the responsibility of Essex County Council, when will people finally understand this? County-wide, pot holes are a problem, so if you want a solution, email the top brass at ECC. I believe the Chief Executive is called Gavin Jones.

2024-07-05 18:35:35

Harold Wilson, inflation went to 26.9% after he folded to the unions. Pat yourselves on the back now, but you won’t be laughing before his 5 year term is finished. You think this is the green grass you’ve been looking for, best of luck with that.

2024-07-05 18:57:34

Yeah Henry, old Wilson. Lmfao.... Can you go back further in time?

2024-07-05 21:37:46

No need to go back further in time, that time is now history. A history that I had lived through. It’s the future you should now fear. When you put politicians in charge, should they not be, what you hoped and thought they would be, thats when we are all in trouble, who knows. But it can be costly if you get it wrong, Richard Dreyfus in the film jaws made the remark, I think we need a bigger boat, I would say, I think you will need a bigger wallet. Hope I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t bet on it, been there done it and got the T shirt.

2024-07-05 22:29:11

Anon, you're quite right. Whilst they have a technical super majority, thier actual voters numbers were lower than Corbyns in 2017, so where did the majority come from? Whilst reform took some chunks away from the tories, the biggest issue for them was the amount of tory voters who simply refused to vote for their party under Sunak, so they stayed at home. Labour will know this majority is a very fragile one and could easily be overturned with a tory leader that tory voters could trust. I've seen Chris Vince a few times and similar to Starmer, Chris has the personality of a wet blanket. That said, he's only been an mp for less than 24 hours and being an mp may give him the chance to shine, I hope for Harlows sake he can and I wish him well.

2024-07-05 22:55:40

Henry, I really can't understand all this. Concentrate on right now please. More in debt right now, far far more than when Labour were last in charge and that was through an international banking crisis!! When they were last in charge we had better school funding, better NHS hospitals, Labour brought in minimum waiting times for operations, cancer care, better roads, better GP's, better a heck of a lot of things. I've been there with Maggie/Major, then Labour, then Boris etc all and I can honestly say, Labour at least spend the funds on our country. There's been an unreal waste of our money with this conservative government, through vanity projects, bad decisions, Sunak paying over 11 billion extra interest on our debt that shouldn't have done, couple million wasted on a USA style press room that was then never used, billions worth of dodgy contracts not gone out for tender in order to get us the best deal, PPE insanely bad deals, new helicopters at 50 million, painting planes, water cannons that were never used, waste on Rwanda, waste of HS2 and so much more. All this at a time where we were losing money through brexit making our economy poorer. Should've been tightening our belts, using that money on our infrastructure, our sick, investing in our future, in our economy, not buying a helicopter for the vain prime minister!! The cons are shocking with our money, not a safe party in the slightest! Instead we've had tax hikes, our money wasted, poor people being punished, real fuel poverty, food banks, waiting lists longer than I can remember, schools falling down, school funds cut and all the rest of the utter tripe we've all been suffering. We have absolutely nothing left to lose by this new gov, it's all gone, wasted through greed, corruption and inept skills. All this speak about wallets, taxes, whatever is just crazy because right here and now we were living that very real reality that you complain about and tell folk to fear.

2024-07-05 23:01:57

Seamus, if big personalities in politics are what we measure our politicians by then we are a sorry bunch. I'd rather have 'wet blanket' if they get the job done than the big huge personalities such as Boris who lied repeatedly to us and was totally out of his depth.

2024-07-06 05:44:05

Harlow is a strong right wing constituency and remains true to proud and patriotic Brexit standing. The combined Tory and Reform votes dwarf the almost unchanged Labour vote of 13.8k. In Harlow, as in many other constituencies, Labour has benefited from the sad, but understandable split of the right wing patriotic parties rather than any intrinsic improvement itself. The good news is that Reform now has a Parliamentary voice and platform, albeit well below what their 14% vote share deserves. It is excellent that two of their 5 seats are in Essex. The Tories need new strong right leadership to accommodate Farage and Reform. Farage will now turn his guns towards the new Labour regime. As in the European Parliament, he will be a formidable adversary.

2024-07-06 06:51:27

Alex . I voted to stay in europe, as an older person I thought that the vote was really not for me , but for the younger generation. Perhaps you can tell me the good thing about brexit. We still have migrants coming , we still have to do what we are told by the ECHR. The farmers are struggling, the only good thing was we got vaccines early, and the astra zenica was dodgy.The £350m per week paid to Europe , was not quite true , as we got a massive rebate on it that was never mentioned. And I am a Tory voter but I am honest , you cannot hide the fact the party have been awful.

2024-07-06 07:05:59

Alex. Perhaps you can tell me what good being out of europe has done for our country. I voted to say in ,because as an elder person I felt the vote was not for me but for the future generations. We still have to obey the ECHR. Because we are not in the single market , so we have to pay higher tariffs, and our farmers are suffering , we struggle for foreign worker on our farms and the NHS.. The £350m we paid europe each week was not the whole story , it wasn't mentioned about the massive rebate we used to get on it. So Boris was lying about this and his parties. A lot of people did not know what they were voting for . If they had the vote tomorrow, remain would stroll it. As I first said I vote tory but only to get a tory into Harlow. I am going to see how Labour does. So I digress , Alex tell me what good brexit has done

2024-07-06 07:58:38

The ECHR is nothing to do with the EU and pre-dates it. It was established after the War to address the huge problems of displaced Europeans who had suffered the ravages of war, homelessness, persecution and fleeing the horrors of Nazism and Communism. It was never intended to benefit the entire third world. It is an anachronism which needs to be scrapped and replaced with something more appropriate. Reform advocates the UK's long overdue departure from the ECHR. As for Brexit benefits, many will argue that we have been too timid and half-hearted. The removal of Boris Johnson was the first stage. We should have torn up a swathe of regulations, cut corporation tax to attract companies here, forged ahead with trade deals in the fastest growing regions of the world, etc. We still have a very leftist woke Establishment that has not been tackled. The Starmer Cabinet is filled with Remainers. Fortunately, Farage will have them in his sights.

2024-07-06 08:38:12

Alex. "Farage will now turn his guns towards the new Labour regime" nah he will do what he did before in the European parliament, and that's get bored quickly and not turn up and just take the wage instead.

Fact or Fiction
2024-07-06 09:18:23

First litmus test...Wes Streeting, the first thing I did was ring the junior doctors (as promised). Negotiations start again next week. Watch this space with interest as 40K more appointments a week dependent on this dispute being resolved?

2024-07-06 09:35:24

Farage will lead the revolt just as he did from within the European Parliament. Trace, you clearly don't understand him. He is the catalyst for huge change and a realignment of the Right. Starmer's majority' is illusory and fragile. It will be a one term government. Farage and a group of Reform MPs elected to Parliament is the best news since the Brexit Referendum. Real patriots have been elected.

2024-07-06 09:44:03

Fact or Fiction, I have been impressed so far with most of the job allocation of the MP's in parliament. Starmer seems to be actually giving people the roles that suit their skillset, instead of just being an old chum at Eton or someone who kissed the PM's behind. It actually seems... well... normal!

Fact or Fiction
2024-07-06 09:47:51

Trace, a brave new world! Let's see..

2024-07-06 09:52:46

Alex, am looking forward to Farage having to declare who is donors are now an MP! Farage did not fight for the UK on the nitty gritty on Brexit, for the country he says he loves so much. He did the damage then didn't bother to turn up and see it through for our best interests and I doubt very much if he will assist the people in Clacton when they email/phone him with all manner of problems in his constituency. Someone writes to him about unfair treatment at the NHS? Do you think the answer to that it is immigrations fault?! Coz that's all he says. This is the daily reality of being an MP, working for the constituency. He lives in Kent, nowhere near Clacton. He is a deeply unpleasant and selfish man, far right is him through and through and the UK doesn't need to be far right, we fought far right in the war... but as already said here, let's wait and see. Perhaps he will finally do some good for the UK!!!

2024-07-06 10:18:33

Farage is no different to the members he kicked out (actors)🤭. But I do agree we should not cover the cost of dependents

Mark Lavender
2024-07-06 11:13:51

Alex and Whatever are incorrect. Any socialist policy ended with the departure of Rishi - though his form of it was to release taxpayers' money onto certain - mainly high-end - individuals to soften the blow of this country's poorly thought through economic policies. Socialism is not what the electorate voted for whether they believe they did or not. TBH unless you are politically aware or remember the term from the 70s or before you wouldn't even know what socialism is.

2024-07-06 11:31:24

first thing he should do is give nigel farage a box of ales when he meets him in parliament

A Nun
2024-07-06 12:37:30

Mark Gough wrote: > same number > The only difference this time is 4 seats for Reform, and just the one for UKIP in 2015. A quarter of a million more votes to Reform. And not 4 but 5 seats for Reform, and arguably another from its alliance partner in N.I. However, UKIP then had Nigel, and now it doesn't. The new UKIP hates Nigel and even entered a spoiler candidate against him in Clacton. Wake up. UKIP today is wholly irrelevant and, worse than that, counterproductive. Even considering UKIP and its alliance partner, the English Democrats, together, you only managed 39 candidates. 37 (includingin Harlow & Broxbourne) of them totalled only 7,000 votes between them, an average of merely 0.4%, and 92% finished Last or Second-Last !! The other two somehow or other managed to leap in at the last minute where dirty tricks resulted in no Reform candidate, and they did better, though one of these also finished Last (the other, 4th out of 6). Wind it up.

2024-07-06 23:02:03

Oi , Woody, silly post but pat d you take the biscuits..you said mortgage rates where sky high when labour were last in power the were not.actually 17% when thatcher was in power.and food was so expensive when labour were last in. Compared to now food was cheap.you will have to think before you write next time.

Stephen Archer
2024-07-07 07:14:45

There is nothing patriotic about Brexit. It's done the country nothing but harm. But at least now Labour can begin to repair the damage. As for the whining from Reform that FPTP isn't fair - there was a referendum on moving to alternative vote system in 2011 when it was decisively rejected. Labour with a big majority are not going to do the Alan Partridge style fascists any favours.

2024-07-07 08:43:49

Pete , you obviously need to learn to read. I said the rates were over 11pc when I moved into my house in 1979, which was when Callaghan was PM . Not Blair. Pete , and where did i mention food costs .Before you next try to embarass someone ,make sure you read into it properly, then wait awhile until it sinks in , as you are obviously a bit slow. Also speaking of Tony Blair . He should be put on trial for war crimes , he has blood on his hands.

2024-07-07 08:47:17

So Pete , you now know Woody and Eddie are the same person , as I know who you 👌

Micky mouse
2024-07-07 08:58:37

Not surprised over Julie Marston bishop syortford. Never listened to issues. Just out for what she could get.

2024-07-07 09:00:42

Pete. See you Monday.

2024-07-07 09:01:34

What good has Brexit done for our country? I voted for Brexit knowing it would be a 20 year project before it would bear fruits. I voted to CONTROL OUR BORDERS, not close them. I also wanted sovereignty back to make our own decisions. That includes leaving the ECHR if necessary. For more than 3 years after Brexit the majority of elected MPs ignored their constituents wishes and took part in a campaign to disrupt or minimise what Brexit would do for the UK. That delayed the country moving forward in earnest. Then came along COVID and the furlough scheme, that my children will be paying for in taxes for the next 60 years. Brexit is still the best thing to happen to this country in recent years, but I fully expect it to take 10-15 years of a strong right leaning government for that to happen. Labour will undo Brexit in all but name, so roll on 5 years, where the Conservative Party will have returned to being a conservative party, or Reform will step in and become the 21st Century version of the Conservative Party. Either way, Labour's share of the national vote is not a strong base. The only way Labour will be re-elected in 5 years is if the right-wing vote is still split, but that is highly unlikely.

2024-07-07 18:11:59

Anon . If conservatives get there act together , there won't be a reform party , they only got protest votes. And as like others you say we will be paying the furlough bill for years to come , but no one says what they would have done instead. Millions of people were dying world wide including doctors and nurses treating them. So as idiot people say it was not just flu. So Boris was damned if he did and damned if he didn't. This was a virus no one living had experienced. Would you have been happy to mingle in crowds.

2024-07-08 07:10:59

Herbie, you misunderstand me. I think the furlough scheme was a great idea. COVID was something never witnessed before, and the Government listened to the experts and did what they thought was right. I have no complaints there, I was making an observation that the debt for the furlough scheme needs to be repaid, and that will have a negative impact on any economic growth for generations to come. That is material to the prosperity of the UK, and nothing to do with Brexit. I totally agree, the Government were damned if they did and damned if they didn't. It's incredulous that people were in uproar when 'herd immunity' was mentioned during the early days of COVID, then after the third lockdown the same people were in uproar saying I'm not going to obey any more lockdowns. Herd immunity it is then. Would I have been happy to mingle with crowds? Personally, yes, I'm blessed with a healthy immune system and believe in herd immunity, but I'm also acutely aware of people at high-risk. I have elderly parents as an example, and it would've been irresponsible of me to mingle and then go to see them/drop their groceries off etc. I voluntarily had 3 jabs too. My thought process at the time was, in 5-10 years time it might be proven that there are negative medical side effects for those who were jabbed, but right here and now it may prevent me from getting seriously ill, or passing COVID onto someone at high-risk. I cheeses me off when remoaners claim Brexit is a failure. 3+ years of MPs delaying progress and the furlough debt are two massive contributory factors that will delay better post-EU times.

Stephen Archer
2024-07-08 11:27:23

The right wing vote is split and will remain split. Farage and his little band of Alan Partridge style neo fascists will never take over the Conservative party, while the Conservatives themselves have no clue anymore what Conservatism is all about. The right wing Brexit-Cons have had their day. They brought the country down and been punished for it. Farage will soon tire of Reform and representing Clacton for the delights of Mar-a-Lago and his bestest buddy Donald Trump.The Conservatives, if they survive at all, will have to reconcile themselves to decades in opposition. 4 July 2024 was truly UK liberation day from the tyranny of the Brexi-Cons!

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