General Election 24: Conservative candidate Hannah Ellis thanks residents

Elections / Sat 6th Jul 2024 at 12:26pm

Dear residents,

IT was the greatest honour and privilege to stand as your local Conservative candidate for Harlow and the villages. I am humbled and grateful to every single person who voted for me.

I put my heart and soul into this, as did so many people helping me. I am gutted by the results, but I understand your frustrations. I share them myself. 

I believe in hard work and personal responsibility. l stand for lower taxes, cutting immigration and being tough on crime. And I want to see more decency and common sense in our politics. That is what I sought to represent and what the Conservative Party must represent too.

I wish Chris Vince the very best of luck as our new Member of Parliament. While I disagree with him on many things, I believe him to be a decent person with good intentions. 

I hope Chris does a good job for us all because I care about what is best for Harlow and the villages first and foremost. I look forward to holding him to account every step of the way.

On a personal note, I have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement I’ve had from so many of you. You know who you are and I hope you know how grateful I am. 

Growing up here, I never imagined I would one day have the opportunity to stand to represent the place I was born and bred and to which I owe so much.

I am not going anywhere and I fully intend to stand again at the next General Election. 

I promised I would work and fight for the people of Harlow and the villages and for the values that we share. I will do that regardless.

With my very best wishes to you all,

Hannah Ellis

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7 Comments for General Election 24: Conservative candidate Hannah Ellis thanks residents:

2024-07-06 13:11:49

My leaflet from Hannah had a very big headline of be prepared to open your wallets wide under Labour, which is a scaremongering lie going by the tory tax hikes and yet she says she wants to see more decency. She is representing a party that long lost any sense of the word and people got fed up with all of it, including the lies. I hope she thinks about this and becomes a better candidate in the Tory part of the future. The one she's been in for some years is finished imo.

View from Afar
2024-07-06 14:03:18

The Conservatives didn’t lower taxes, they were the highest for 70 years. They lowered national insurance which didn’t help all people. If you check the figures not everyone was £450 a year better off as they stated. They kept the personal tax allowances the same so more people were pulled into paying more tax (fiscal drag). In the run up to the election they told so many lie’s including be £2094 worse off under Labour wording it as it would be over one year. They said people on Government pensions would not pay tax - but if you had SERPS you may pay tax if the total went over the threshold - another lie. As for stop the boats!

Walking the plank on a sinking ship
2024-07-06 14:20:38

Feel bad for Hannah, feel like Rob ditched a sinking ship to save him from a loss and left his apprentices to sink. Interesting that Dan wasn’t put forward for this (though maybe you can’t lead the council and be the MP?) Harlow needs to change and I feel it’s rapidly declined under a Conservative government and hoping under Chris and Labour things can only get better.

2024-07-06 15:39:53

Well Hannah, I am glad that you, as a Harlow person, stood. I am actually glad that you did not suceed as I felt massively that we needed a change. I felt that your message was very tired and weak. It would be interesting to know when RH decided to quit, there certainly seemed to be no plan or continuity in place. So Hannah, please spend the next 5 years wisely, perhaps even develop your skills by working outside of the political sphere. Finally please consider your views on immigration carefully. My great family were immigrants once as were RH's. I am not convinced that being anti-immigration/immigrants and decency necessarily go together. Remember that your Harlow homes were quite possibly built by Irish

2024-07-06 16:17:15

Don't think seen or heard from Dan on here since the local elections. Still waiting for him to keep his promises. He was another liar too telling everyone the backlog of council property jobs had been completed.

View from Afar
2024-07-07 11:33:23

Sodthisforalark - add M&S coming to Harlow, knocking down Terminus House plus all the other things he was going to do the day after the council elections. Also still no mention from him about the Burnt Mill flats the council bought

2024-07-07 18:25:52

Glad chris vince got in. Waiting for Dan swords to make good of his election promises - not seen M&S move it yet, nor a bulldozer at terminal house. Almost like it was bullsh*t. Such a vocal lad rendered mute.

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