Open Road move to Harlow Town Centre

Health / Mon 8th Jul 2024 at 08:54am

OPEN Road has moved to Harlow Town Centre. It is now on the top floor of the Harvey Centre. Full details are below.

For more information, go to https://www.openroad.org.uk

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7 Comments for Open Road move to Harlow Town Centre:

2024-07-08 09:46:26

Whilst admirable of Harlow Council to support charities, this is not going to drive footfall to the Harvey Centre, what it needs is quality retailers that will attract visitors, not Job centres, charity shops and vast empty units.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-07-08 13:58:33

Well said Pedro. It seems to be common knowledge that the Council intend to knock down the former BHS store and in due course build a block of flats on the site. To increase footfall, the large building should have been turned into a space where exhibitions, street markets, toy fairs, vintage car meets, christmas markets etc etc could be held all year round, brining thousands of visitors to the town centre.

2024-07-08 18:50:48

A year round indoor Christmas Market? Maybe something for the elderly or nostalgic, but I can’t see it being viable or adding vitality to the town. I’d wondered why Harlow Council were wasting money buying a rundown precinct, but if indeed they are going to knock it down, great! - Build somewhere for the young to live, maybe attract employers that offer jobs other than low-quality retail and serving jobs and we might get somewhere. Possibly divert some of that £20M or whatever that is being wasted on a Bus Station!!! to kickstart the project.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-07-08 21:56:32

David, I was suggesting a rotational use for this space, other towns provide such events. The main benefit would be that these would be indoors, not subject to weather conditions. I was in Newbury only last week where there was a procession of old vehicles, there were literally thousands of people lining the streets. Hoddesdon has a yearly show which draws in the crowds other places have toy fairs, stamp fairs, model railway exhibitions, food fairs to name just a few. Building flats is not the answer. Basildon Council has just taken another step to revitalise their Town Centre, bought a shopping centre they intend to turn in to a 2000 to 3000 seat venue for live music to compete with Southend. Our low rent council think that building hundreds of flats in the town centre, none of which are "affordable" will in some way regenerate the Town Centre and have already of course spent £9 million building a new bus station. I agree, what a waste of money when the town has such a poor bus service. Another £20 is going to be spent in the "cultural Square", leaving the town with the smallest theatre in the region and alive music venue for just 300 people.

2024-07-09 07:10:28

Any news on when M&S are going to open in the town centre as promised by the council leader.

2024-07-09 11:06:17

I think an indoor vintage car rally, wouldn’t be that healthy for anyone with lungs. Nick, if you throttle the supply of housing, then it will become more unaffordable. If you allow more to be built, then it will become more affordable. Eight years that store has been sitting empty. Better to build there than on every patch of greenery in and around the town – It’s a Win-Win situation --- Last week, I went to Boots for some Travel Jabs. I was about 15 minutes early as there is no trouble parking in Harlow on a Saturday. I walked around the place for a bit – It is dire – Like the Elephant & Castle of yesteryear – Knock it down – Knock it all down!

Nicholas Taylor
2024-07-09 17:29:02

Wilky, vehicles would be taken in to the Harvey Centre just as they do now when car sales firms exhibit their cars in the centre of the Harvey centre. As for more flats, lets not forget all the sites that are already standing derelict but have Planning Permission, Kitson Way, Terminus Street, Broad Walk, Gate House, Market House, Adams House , developers never build in such numbers which brings the price down, they need to show their shareholders that they have a long term future by keeping hold of what are known as land banks. As for knocking it all down, well that is a bonkers idea, just ask the people who come into the town centre from miles around to shop, those who last night were in the restaurents, bowling alley, the gym and the Playhouse etc. Yes there are a number of areas which need and indeed will be demolished, these are the properties boarded up waiting for the owners to maximise their profits.

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