Another world of rich and vibrant colour

Communities / Tue 11th Feb 2014 at 01:39pm

By Jo O’Reilly

IT’Sboyd2 another dreary rain sodden evening in the town centre, the glow from the Gibberd Gallery through the glass fronted civic centre looks inviting, as does anywhere inside.

Tonight’s private viewing, the abstract paintings of Graham Boyd, promises to liven up the palette of grey the weather has shrouded the town in recently. Comfort in colour is exactly what this February night needs. Boyd’s paintings take you into another world, a Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory of colour and confectionery like texture. These are big, bold rich pallet knife strokes of food colouring and cake frosting.

They are liquorice allsorts and candyfloss. Never have I seen an exhibition of abstract art that has appealed so much my inner child, as I stand in front of the work, I am once again the seven year old who isn’t allowed the blue smarties. Curator Corrina Dunlea tells me that earlier in the week a visitor had actually licked one of the paintings, I can well understand why. The temptation is palatable. In a preventive measure, a bowl of drumstick lollypops has been set out, next to them a gentle reminder that licking the art is inadvisable.

Boyd himself looks as far away from the man I imagined responsible for these paintings as possible. A reserved looking man with a career spanning an impressive six decades, it’s easy to understand his enduring appeal, his work is held in both public and private international collections, when this body of work manages to look both so young and fresh.’

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