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YOU WOULD think that this should be straightforward. Hard working Conservative councillor (and a man with arid wit), Tony Hall should hold onto the seat.

Tony won by a thumping 1714 in 2010. However, that was on a crest of a wave as the Tories rode into 10 Downing Street (with a little help from the Lib Dems). Both Eddie Johnson and Simon Carter have won by over 600 votes in the past two years as well

This time, though, he has UKIP for company and this time, it is in the guise of former Conservative councillor, Mark Gough.

The more salient stat may be the Essex County Council (Harlow South East) stat in 2013. Yes, UKIP’s Mark Gough came third but he ran them very close. Tory Eddie Johnson: 1346; Labour’s Daniella Pritchard: 1325 and Mark with 1254. Just 92 short.

Of course that is a different electorate but it may be a gauge.

The issues in Church Langley will be pretty standard: Council Tax, parking, independence, crime (although it doesn’t get hit as hard for burglary as in other areas). But of course, there may be national issues that people may want to vent their spleen over.

Of course, it may also depend on machinery. There may be plenty of people bibbing their horn but will they actually come out and vote on May 22nd.

Church Langley

Mark Gough (UKIP)
Tony Hall (Cons)
Ken Lawrie (Lab)

YH prediction: Cons hold: 195

A full list of candidates can be found here

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2014-05-01 10:44:41

Having completed my marathon task of visiting all Church Langley’s 3600 houses with my survey, asking what issues are important to you, I can now say what I am doing in response. First, my thanks to every one of the 1200 householders who answered your door to me. I was without exception received with courtesy. I can honestly say that Church Langley is altogether a happy and good humored place, which I am delighted and honoured to serve as a Councillor. I already knew the range of your issues from our monthly surgery, letters, e-mails and social net-works, but what I did not know was how many residents share each issue and the importance you attach to each. So, this newsletter is confined to the survey results. Dog Fouling is the most important issue, which 61% put in their top 3. Speeding is second, which 59% put in their top 3. Anti-social parking came third, which 58% put in their top 3. Not every estate is equally affected by these and my doorstep conversations gave me pointers to where each issue is felt most keenly. For instance parking was a really big issue around Henry Moore School and in Coalport Close. Dog fouling appears worst in the north east sector, and speeding is obviously most prevalent along Church Langley Way and Kiln Lane. What To Do About The EU? To stay in: 15.7%. To leave: 41%. To negotiate a better deal and have a referendum 43.7%. There’s only one party that will give you real choice in a real referendum – Conservatives! Tony Hall, Conservative candidate, Church Langley Promoted by Andrew Johnson, Kao Hockham House, Edinburgh Way, Harlow CM20 2NQ

2014-05-04 15:45:07

Many people may note that this is posted by Mr.Hall's ward colleague Simon Carter, and not Mr.Hall himself. It may interest readers to know that during UKIP surveying no-one we spoke to had received or replied to this survey mentioned about. People interested in statistics will note that these are quoted in percentages and not numbers of people surveyed! Interesting huh?!

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