Robert Halfon argues nursing degree apprenticeships answer decline in applications

Health / Thu 10th May 2018 am31 11:41am

ROBERT Halfon argues nursing degree apprenticeships are the answer to decline in nursing applications

Yesterday, during a Commons debate on nursing bursaries, Robert Halfon MP stated that an expansion of nursing degree apprenticeships is the answer to declining applications.

Robert Halfon said: “It’s vital that nursing degree apprenticeships are rapidly improved. There were only 30 nursing apprenticeship starts this year but trainee nurses could be supported hugely by taking the apprenticeship route.

The NHS, Department for Education, Department of Health and Institute for Apprenticeships should set up a taskforce to urgently rocket boost the degree apprenticeship programme. It’s a no brainer, students earn while they learn, likely get a job at the end and leave university with no debt.

First, though, we need a cultural change – starting in Whitehall – so apprenticeships are no longer seen as inferior to traditional degrees. Only then will we see nursing apprenticeships used to their full potential, tackling the skills deficit and helping the disadvantaged into the careers they and our country need.

If we can encourage people down the apprenticeship route, they earn while they learn, there is no debt and they get a lot more than they would get if they had a bursary. Degree apprenticeships are the answer.”

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2 Comments for Robert Halfon argues nursing degree apprenticeships answer decline in applications:

2018-05-10 19:53:57

A step in the right direction no doubt. But this still doesn't cover up the damage that the Tory Party have done to the country's future by calling that unwanted and dangerous EU referendum, merely trying to salve a civil war in their own ranks. Well, that worked well! The Conservative Party reputation for being a safe pair of hands has been banished forever by that reckless gamble which has led to staff shortages across the board as businesses and the public sector scratch their heads and try to work out what the government's position is. Bad thing is, not even they know.

2018-05-11 13:21:23

He or she above still lives in another world. Blair,Brown et al, they robbed us to the point of bankruptcy. If we were a private company they would be ostracised. Forget the cost of a war in Iraq, the Bliar's fault,selling off our gold at rock bottom prices, any return from the North Sea Oil project, no, spent by the REDS. Don't mention rampant immigration as well. Socialism breeds poverty.

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