Harlow mum Gemma is fighting Bowel Cancer and urges you: “Don’t Die of Ignorance’

Health / Tue 2nd Apr 2019 at 09:35am

HARLOW mum, Gemma Davis has bowel cancer. To be technical, she has Stage 3 T4N1b Bowel cancer. It was diagnosed Oct 26th 2018.


For Gemma it came as a real shock. There was nothing out of the ordinary in her diet and like many of us liked a glass of wine and a takeaway. So even when her tummy was a bit rumbly, she thought it was just a rumbly tummy but when Gemma got a pain in her side, she was advised to get it checked out.

Gemma soon went to the GP, who referred her to the Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH).

It is now April 2019 and Gemma is still fighting but she is imploring our readers to get it checked out. One of the key messages as part of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month is ‘Don’t Die of Ignorance” and “Stop the Poo Taboo”

We do urge you to follow Gemma on Instagram. It is only there that you get a real feel for Gemma’s strength of character. Her ups and her downs.


This reporter only spent an hour with Gemma at her Felmongers home but even in that time you admired her approach to cancer. Gemma also has the benefit of a lot of good friends who have become a vital support group.

Gemma was also at great pains to praise the Oncology team at Princess Alexandra Hospital who are also running a series of campaigns as part of Bowel Cancer Awarenesss Month. Go to our health page for more details.

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