Editorial: Please don’t call for our journalists to be hanged

ON Thursday, we published a story regarding the stabbing of a teenage Muslim in Harlow. One of the comments on our Facebook page, objected to the stye of reporting and stated “journalists should be hanged for slander” (sic).

A couple of weeks before, someone objected to another story and threatened to “F*** you over”.

These are not anonymised comments. People in their own names are going on to social media and threatening violence.

Let us keep this simple. Stop it. It is a criminal act and you may find yourself reported to the police.

Yes, it is part of a growing trend. This reporter has been running on line newspapers for over a decade and has seen a spike in aggressive and violent language.

Newspapers, whether on-line or in print, should be criticised/scrutinsed where appropriate. If you dish it out, you should be able to take it. There may be stories that you think are “non-stories” or “misjudge the tone” or simply “poorly written”. You may think that it is just a “Tory-rag” or our editor is just “in it for the money” however, there is a line.

Journalism is not a popularity contest. If this editor wanted to be popular, he would have got a job at Pet’s Corner.

No, it is not freedom of speech as there is no such thing. It is a qualified right, checked by laws.

At this point, we are simply blocking and banning but if it is repeated, we shall report it to the police.

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