Letter to the Editor: How will the £25 million for town centre be spent?

Letter to the Editor


BACK in September it was announced that £25 million had been secured from a government investment fund to revitalise the town and to boost the local economy.

The Facebook site where comments can be made has only about a dozen comments. To date no other effort has been made by anyone to consult with residents in Harlow about how this money should be spent. I have seen little if anything about this investment in the election literature of the three candidates standing for election.

So, as the leader of the Harlow Aliance Party, the only local Party not wedded to Westminster, I would ask the three candidates:

How they think the residents of Harlow should be consulted about this matter?

Give examples of how they think this huge sum of money should be spent?

Give suggestions as to how “success” would be measured in the future?


Nicholas Taylor
Harlow Alliance Party

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3 Responses to "Letter to the Editor: How will the £25 million for town centre be spent?"

  1. MickyB77   December 2, 2019 at 11:17 am

    Knowing this Marxist council as we do, it wouldn’t surprise me if these monies
    were ChurchLangleyed, if you get my meaning. Shrubbery money.

  2. NickChurchill   December 2, 2019 at 5:28 pm

    People in 100 places across England are being asked to help write the next chapter for their town.

    The #MyTown campaign gives people a say in how a new generation of Town Deals, each worth up to £25 million, should transform the place they call home.

    It also provides a platform for communities to share their proud history and ambitions for a bright future.

    As a campaign it is not a consultation and as it was launched on the 27th October (YourHarlow reported it on that day) it is very early days.

    At present there are no suggestions from Harlow residents on the #MyTown website https://mytown.communities.gov.uk/town/harlow/ (perhaps the editor could make people aware of this site it is certainly better than the facebook page which appears to be a national site and not Harlow specific)

    So Mr Taylor what have you got planned to spread the word? You are a local politician as well you know so you have a responsibility to make people aware and to encourage others to do the same.

    I do wonder what point you were trying to achieve, perhaps a letter calling for everyone to visit the site and make their suggestions rather than try and make it a political football.

  3. tenpin   December 2, 2019 at 9:59 pm

    Like me, I think readers will be bemused by your comments Cllr Churchill which you have made in response to my letter. Your first 3 paragraphs would lead readers to believe that residents can be involved in the decision making process but in the fourth you say this is not a consultation. The simple fact is, that after a month there has been hardly any comments on facebook and none on the website. I made a suggestion as to how I think this money could be best spent, when the article appeared on yourharlow, nothing else really followed it. The point I made was clear as I addressed all three candidates, what ideas do they have about how the message can be circulated around Harlow, what priorities they would have and how would they propose to measure success. Your parties dismal effort (indeed none) in informing residents of the Local Plan proposals and how it would affect their community (unlike HAP who have held a number of public meetings) shows that your Party have become as ineffective in communicating with residents as the Labour Party, a Councillor from this party when asked why consultation had not taken place said in front of some 140 people that “it would not have made any difference”.

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