Harlow anti-vaxxers hand “notice of liability” to schools

Health / Sun 19th Sep 2021 at 10:52am

A SMALL number of anti-vaxxers handed in a “notice of liability” letter to schools in Harlow.

A film was placed on social media showing “campaigners” going to the reception areas of Passmores Academy, Stewards Academy and Mark Hall Academy and handing over the letters.

YH understands the letter threatens headteachers with legal action if children are given Covid jabs at school without parental consent.

A schools union said this week that many of its members had received letters “threatening schools and colleges with legal action if they take part in any Covid vaccination programme”.

Geoff Barton from the Association for School and College Leaders said: “This is extremely unhelpful and we would ask those involved in this correspondence to stop attempting to exert pressure on schools and colleges.”

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said it is aware some schools have been receiving campaign letters and emails with “misinformation” about the vaccine programme, after ministers confirmed children aged 12 to 15 will be able to get a first jab from next week.

It has suggested headteachers who believe protests could be held outside their school over participation in the Covid vaccination programme should contact police to help manage the situation.

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6 Comments for Harlow anti-vaxxers hand “notice of liability” to schools:

2021-09-19 19:57:24

Well, the anti vax brigade are just frightened that the vaccine will give people special powers.. to resist a deadly plague virus. Trust they didn't use deadly mind changing computers or mobile phones that destroy brain cells and tell the state exactly where one is and what one thinks!! :)

Alan salsbury
2021-09-20 08:17:56

Forgive O' Lord. They know not what they do!

Tina Benns
2021-09-20 09:58:37

I was a parent in the reception at one of the schools and witnessed this. The ladies (not anti vaxxers) were polite and not threatening this is bad reporting!!!! They clearly are concerned about the vaccines for kids and I’m thankful there are people out there trying to stop this! Do better your Harlow this is slander and false reporting

2021-09-20 11:43:32

Some parents be like "yeah Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube that's fine - hang on... what they want to vaccinate you!? That's crazy..... I have your best interests at heart."

2021-09-21 05:29:48

I was informed against it by my GP as i come from a family history of heart disease and lung issues. When anyone asks me if I’m vaccinated and I say no, they’re instantly on the attack accusing me of being an antivaxxer etc. This reporting is unfair, especially when there is those of us who want or need the vaccination but have been advised by medical professionals against it...

2021-09-21 11:02:50

FYI- WHO say in their document that if kids show up to school on days of vaccination, parental consent is implied!! I will also be writing such a letter after looking at vaers data. I am also not anti vax btw, but scientific data with early treatment does not support risk from an emergency use vaccine, simply crazy!

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