Katherines residents tell us they “lived in fear” of man who attacked neighbour with electric drill, leaving him brain damaged

Crime / Thu 30th Sep 2021 at 03:42pm

RESIDENTS of a Harlow housing estate have told YH that they have lived in fear for years of a man found guilty of attacking another resident with an electric drill that left the victim with brain damage.

Last week, YH reported that Eddie Achunche of Church End, Harlow was convicted of attacking his neighbour with an electric drill in an argument over late night DIY. (See story below).

The victim had a bleed on the brain and now has significant weakness and physical impairment on his right upper and lower limbs, he has double vision in his left eye and brain damage, resulting in memory and cognitive issues.

When residents read the report sent to YH by Essex Police, they felt the need to speak up and document what life, according to them, had been like living with Achunche as a neighbour.

But they have also asked not be named.

Church End is in the middle of the Katherines estate in Harlow. The block in question is set back from the road and the flats look in on each other with a quadrant in the middle.

A resident told YH. “Tenants that have had run-ins with this man are intimidated by him, to the point a few of us are trying to move out of the block as soon as possible.

“We felt the police did the minimum here and were not proactive. You could tell something terrible was going to happen.

And it did to a poor man whose life has been ruined.

“All I can hope is that by speaking out it makes a difference with how law enforcement handle individuals like this in the future, or at least make it so that people that live in the same area as him in the future can be cautious”.

The residents made reference to specific run-ins with Mr Achunche as well as not feeling at ease in the area they live. They were aware that some matters were not necessarily criminal and so at times, made contact with Harlow Council where they were advised to submit a complaint on-line.

We have details of three incidents to which the police attended.

August 29th, 2018

The complaint was in relation to a noise issue. Complainer went to speak to Mr Achunche who it was alleged had picked up a tyre jack.

YH understands that Achunche had recorded the incident. He had attended a voluntary interview. After reviewing the evidence the police believed there was not enough evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction.

January 16th, 2020

YH understands that this relates to a pregnant resident being racially abused and threatened.

Police attended and spoke to alleged victim and suspect.

YH understands that the victim was not supportive of further criminal action and so was given safeguarding advice.

August 1st, 2020

This incident was two days before the attack on a resident by Achunche with an electric drill.

YH understands that a resident contacted Essex Police regarding noise that Achunche was making. The resident had spoke to him but was alarmed at his aggressive manner especially as he was holding an electric drill at the time.

The complainer has told YH that the police did not speak to him that night. He gave a statement to the police a number of days afterwards.

Essex Police say that officers attended and went to speak to the suspect but they were not at home.


Based on the three incidents above and the conversations we have had with residents, we asked Essex Police the following questions:

In what way are you confident that the residents of Church End received adequate protection from Eddie Achunche?

Was there any effort by agencies to work together to protect residents?

Do you accept criticism that if the authorities had been more robust with Mr Achunche then the injuries he ended up inflicting on a resident would not have occurred?

Chief Inspector Paul Austin, District Commander for Harlow, said: “We work hard, with our partners, to address and deal with issues where they arise in our communities.

“On each of the three incidents highlighted, officers attended the scene and spoke with the person who had called it in.

“Where criminal offences were identified we progressed our enquiries including taking witness statements, interviewing a suspect, and viewing video footage where it was available.

“On one occasion, we felt there was not enough evidence for there to be a realistic prospect of a conviction, on another the victim asked us to be speak to the suspect but didn’t want further action beyond to be taken.

“We also provided the victim with advice about how they can safeguard themselves.

“Where no criminal offences were identified, we provided advice to the person reporting the incident.

“We work regularly with the council, housing team and anti-social behaviour team on repeated issues around those who cause anti-social behaviour and commit criminal offences.

“Will take action where we are able to progress investigations into criminal offences and partners have powers to tackle issues where there are no criminal offences identified.

“I know the assault in August last year has had a huge impact on the victim and our officers have worked hard to get justice for him.”

Achunche is due to return to Chelmsford Crown Court in October for sentencing.

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8 Comments for Katherines residents tell us they “lived in fear” of man who attacked neighbour with electric drill, leaving him brain damaged:

2021-09-30 15:56:26

The police have lied here and they have spoken absolute nonsense to get out of actually accepting responsibility for their continued failures here. What happened is their fault just as much as it is the person that carried out the attack. They did nothing to protect or support the residents in Church End from this man. They walked away when racism was mentioned by this horrible man, walked away and didn't even attempt to punish him or warn him of his own behaviour and the consequences. The police also, have not worked hard enough to get justice for the victim of last years attack, especially as they repeatedly ignored reports of his violence, failed to take action and even failed to use a tenant that was threatened by Achunche with a drill the night before the incident as a witness in the court case. He attempted to hit a woman in the face with a car jack, no action. Threatened to kick a pregnant woman in the stomach, no action. Recorded and harrassed tenants and their families, no action. It's disgusting. Harlow council and Essex police need to do better. Thank you to YH for getting a story out about this man as best they could.

2021-09-30 16:05:31

So really the police and the justice system are getting away with this just as the accused is ......diabolical, another victim failed !! Attempted Murder is what that animal should be accused of !!

2021-09-30 16:15:32

i for one am not satisfied with harlow police dealing with this matter or any other in the future. i personally had to be brought into situations that made this block tense and difficult to live in, you have to think as a person that has a life here, are you safe? not only that but when a man returns with shopping bags and wants to get to their flat (which is ONLY one set of stairs up to their door) and couldnt because of a man restricts access then brutally attacks them with a drill, you dont want to live here anymore. the mental health implicantions it has on people dwelling here diminishes and not a sole acted to help the residents left in the aftermath, harlow council and essex police can no longer be trusted and now residents are left to sort this mess out they could have prevented... BUT DID NOT! a waste of a govenment building, i cant wait to LEAVE!

2021-09-30 17:37:16

Essex Police are a complete waste of our council tax. I would rather fund a private security company with my taxes. They have no regard for residents and see any kind of complaint made to police to be unnecessary work for them as they know they can do nothing and have no comeback on them. Zero respect for the police these days.

2021-09-30 20:11:27

Thank you YL for publishing this, because we are constantly being undermined by the council and the police, regarding things like this. Church end is full of them. The justice system allows nutters to live amongst us. I’m not talking about nice harmless, nutters. I’m talking about dangerous psychos like leather face. There’s one next door to me here. He’s threatened me with rape and murder. I live in fear and I’ve been down the mental health avenue which implied I was paranoid and gas lit me to believe i was imagining things, which I wasn’t because I’ve recorded evidence and put it on YouTube and the bloke has previous here. He’s been to court about his behaviour here before , before I lived here. People have had to move because of his abuse and harassment. He took a knife to the woman downstairs which went to court and he shouts racist abuse . I’m surprised nobody has taken him out when he walks out of this building to go to work. He walks about like nothing has happened. This is why I thought he was ill or had Tourette’s, but it turns out he’s just an a-hole nasty horrible low life scum bag, allowed to reside here amongst us as I fear for my life as I put my bins out and walk to and from my front door. The council don’t care, they relish the fact I, and others here, live in fear. They don’t care about trying to move me away from a dangerous man. The bloke should be moved away from me, he’s being protected for some reason, when he needs locking up! The police finally have an order on him , which I fought for for years , they even implied I was making it up when I’ve got evidence. Authority are not the people we think they are, especially after the Sarah Everard case. My whole faith in humanity at the moment is nil.

2021-09-30 20:38:49

It’s all to late for my neighbour 😢🤬

2021-10-01 12:19:24

This police force are more inclined to pile in to a disturbance with a stroke victim because of a domestic, 4 cars, 10 various officers attended to arrest a stroke victim who can hardly walk. Overkill I would say. Then we have the Council, they take NO responsibility for any disturbances they prefer to bury their heads, I think the council tax they get must come from the money tree they plant not from the residents of Harlow who expect them to carry out proper assistance. I feel Harlow is now a ghetto, lack of police and council action to keep Harlow safe.

Theresa merry
2021-10-04 16:25:34

This is unexceptionable and totally disgusting that some one can hurt and intermediate neighbors the way this man has been allowed to by police and Harlow council how far has this got to go before people can get help with violent neighbours that poor man that was attacked no words can explain how upsetting and utterly terrible this is shame on Harlow council and Harlow police for god sake take notice and help with these kind of bad issues

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