Harlow is 75: From Italy to the hair salons of Harlow: Pasquale Pellecchia

Business / Sun 11th Dec 2022 at 05:25pm

ONE of the things we have enjoyed finding out as part of our Harlow is 75 project is all about the towns, cities or villages where people grew up.

You really do get a flavour of the many and varied rich cultures our residents have come from.

We were delighted that businessman and hairdresser, Pasquale Pellecchia agreed to be interviewed.

We went up to Avant Garde in the Town Centre to find out a little bit more about his life in Italy before finding out more about how he set up the much loved and much visited chain of hair salons.

TO mark the town’s 75thanniversary, Harlow Council and Your Harlow have launched a project which records the diverse history, heritage, and culture of the people and groups which are part of modern-day Harlow.

The Harlow at 75 project is made up of audio-visual recordings of conversations with both individuals and groups that explores their lives abroad before resettling in Harlow. The project reflects that we are a local but global new town and explores themes such as the definition of “Home”. 

Extra Clip.

We also knew that Pasquale has been a passionate and outstanding runner for many years, so we also asked him how he got into running, his finest achievements and his advice for anyone just about to start out.

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4 Comments for Harlow is 75: From Italy to the hair salons of Harlow: Pasquale Pellecchia:

Caroline Bore
2022-12-11 19:13:18

You were a great support and we had loads of fun running in Epping Forest. Thanks too for cheering Pat Malyon and I at the end of the Harlow Marathon in the 90s. I still run most days at the ripe old age of 72. Thanks for the memories xxx

2022-12-14 07:46:45

I really enjoyed listening to this Pasquale. Even more so knowing San Michele as part of my Italian roots. You sound so inspirational I’m sure you’ve helped and inspired many people. Complimenti 😊

Martin Wells
2022-12-14 08:23:54

From 10 mile leagues, 1st half marathon at St. Edmunds and all manor of cross country training and races we did together, keep enjoying!

2024-05-24 11:48:51

I modeled for Pasquale in the early 1980 L'Oréal hair coloring competition I was only 16 years old. We won first place at I think the Hammersmith Palce then we were in the UK finals. I remember having long thick hair and Pasquale cutting all short and button tons of colors underneath on top blond and I really looked like I had landed from space in gold costume. My only regret was after winning first place got offered to go to London for Vouge, Marie Claie other famous magazines at the time for photo shoots. Worst decision I made in my life I said No. I was worried getting back to my office shop and remember early next morning Pasqual stripping my hair w tons of bleach to get all the colors out. Lucky I had super thick hair lol. I never kept any photos or newspaper articles. If anyone has any of me can you email to me [email protected]. Pasquale your are the best hair dresser ever and if it was now we would have won and been famous globally. I later ended up working for NASA Johmson Space Center. Small world as my look back then was space age. Wish I had kept photos to share w My NASA Team. Thank you for being so amazing Pasquale Nicola (Niki) Williams.

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