Harlow Labour leader asks: “Do you feel better off after 13 years of the Conservatives?

Elections / Wed 3rd May 2023 at 09:10am

THE LEADER of Harlow Labour has asked residents to reflect on the last thirteen years of Conservative government.

Councillor Chris Vince said: “Voters are asking themselves: after 13 years of the Conservatives I feel better off? Are my public services better? Are our streets safer? And for most people, the answer is ‘no’. 

That’s why these elections are so important and every vote matters. We know what the hardworking people of this country are going through. We’ve endured 13 years of doing things one way, the Tory way. In contrast we have been setting out how the Labour way would build a better Britain. The Labour difference.

Labour’s plan is for a mission driven government that solves our country’s long-term problems, instead of sticking plaster politics. A Labour government that works hard for working people instead of the privileged few and these elections are the first step to getting a Labour government. Labour’s plan will make working people better off – it’s a fully costed plan that will cut crime, cut waiting lists, cut the cost of living. 

Harlow Labour recognise the importance of putting the people of our town first, that supporting residents through a cost-of-living crisis is more important than white elephant projects.  We also recognise the importance of a stable council administration, not one which is full of in-fighting, and stable council finances too.  Unlike the Conservatives, Harlow Labour have shown they can maintain a financially stable council even in the wake of over £60m cuts from a Conservative government.  

The Labour Party would freeze council tax, not just at a local level but at county hall too, but we’d do it by taxing those who can afford to pay a little more, rather than cutting services and council staff.  Harlow residents shouldn’t have to make the choice between higher council tax or depleated services. 

“Working people are paying the price for a Conservative government that crashed the economy and are blind to what they’ve done. How people vote in this election is an important step towards getting a Labour government that can change Britain for the better and give working people their future back. Thirteen years of Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives has left Britain worse off.

“A Vote for Labour is a vote to cut crime, to cut waiting lists and to cut the cost of living. Let’s build a better Britain, together”.

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9 Comments for Harlow Labour leader asks: “Do you feel better off after 13 years of the Conservatives?:

David Forman
2023-05-03 10:02:08

To answer Cllr Vince, I've never felt so worried financially. The last time I felt anywhere near that was under John Major's Conservative government in 1992 with their European Exchange Rate Mechanism fiasco known as Black Wednesday.

Tony WIseman
2023-05-03 10:19:45

Once again I have to ask Cllr Vince to show us the plan. It is very easy for any party to claim that has a "fully costed plan" but we need to see it so that we can comment on where the money is coming from and where they propose to spend it. But of course it is now too late to receive, understand and comment on Labours plan in time for tomorrows local elections. And to answer his question, no I do not feel worse off as I manage my budget, as do many of my friends, carefully and do not overstretch myself. (My apologies if that sounds smug but I have always believed that your financial security starts with taking responsibility for your own budget)

Tracy George
2023-05-03 11:19:19

Tony - I think their plan is to NOT be the Cons. Right now that's good enough for me.

2023-05-03 12:45:52

What an ignorant comment Tony. If you're able to budget for things like the sharp rise in mortgage rates, that's because you have the financial cushion to do so. Plenty of people aren't as fortunate, show some compassion and get your head out of the sand.

gary roberts
2023-05-03 13:16:28

Cllr. Vince we have heard all that nonsense before. Perhaps you would like to outline your policy agenda for the town not just telling me what I already knew about the failed Conservative policies. As regards the national agenda for the Labour party: All the real policies have been binned. Abolition of tuition fees gone, increasing tax on the top 5% gone, re-nationalisation of rail, energy and water gone. I could go on. Taking the electorate for fools is a bad move so don't do it!

Tom Compton
2023-05-03 16:20:54

Tomorrow’s elections are local and about local issues. What is Chris Vince’s plan for Harlow? Yes, you guessed it, ZERO. Labour has no local policies or plans, just like they had none whilst the tan the town into the ground during their decade in office.

Luke Burton
2023-05-03 23:18:18

Short answer - no.

Tony Wiseman
2023-05-04 06:20:30

I would ask Adam to reread my comments. I did not say, in answer to Cllr Vince's question, that people are not affected by the cost of living crises, many people are. But there are others who plan ahead and because of that personal budgeting do have a cushion for times like this. I regularly see the impact of the crises when I work with food banks delivering food and no I do not know other peoples circumstances, I was just illustrating that there is more than one way to manage your personal finances. Cllr Vince asked a question I gave an answer, which is more than he does when we ask him questions through the pages of Your Harlow

Tony WIseman
2023-05-06 06:39:20

It's great to see that help is now on offer, some may say too late but at least it is a start. I am referring to the article in YH entitled "Free online money and budgeting course for Harlow residents".

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