Harlow Labour leaders past and present comment on Robert Halfon and Boris Johnson “Partygate” vote

Politics / Tue 20th Jun 2023 at 06:41am

A PRESENT and a former leader of Harlow Labour have slammed MP Robert Halfon over not voting at last night’s Privileges Committee debate in the House of Commons.

Harlow Labour leader, cllr Chris Vince said: “It is disappointing that Harlow’s current MP abstained on last night’s vote despite overwhelming evidence of dishonesty from his former boss Boris Johnson.

“Will the leader of the Conservative group on Harlow Council now, previously an ardent fan of the now disgraced Johnson, come out and recognise that Johnson not only lied to parliament but also to the Queen? Or would he too have abstained?

“It isn’t that long ago he criticised Labour for abstaining on a budget vote (something that his own party did while in opposition).

“Would he agree that Mr Halfon’s abstention last night was weak and shows a lack of integrity?


Former Harlow Labour leader, Mark Ingall added: “On Monday night in Parliament, Harlow’s MP Robert Halfon could have used his vote to show that honesty in politics matter.

Instead he ran and hid, afraid to upset the rancid far right that still back Boris Johnson, despite his incompetence and dishonesty.

“MPs are supposed to be community leaders. If Robert Halfon chooses not to express an opinion on a matter as serious as a Prime Minister who lied constantly, then Mr Halfon should consider his position and step aside so that somebody else, less scared to have an opinion, can represent Harlow at Westminster.


14 Essex Conservatives abstained/did not vote tonight on the report into Boris Johnson report.

Four Essex MPs were amongst the 118 Conservatives who voted to approve the Privileges Committee report that found Boris Johnson misled Parliament.

They were: Bernard Jenkin, John Baron, Vicky Ford, Jackie Doyle-Price

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23 Comments for Harlow Labour leaders past and present comment on Robert Halfon and Boris Johnson “Partygate” vote:

Cllr James Griggs
2023-06-20 07:10:06

Integrity, professionalism and accountability were the things promised Sunak promised from the Govt he leads. Mr Halfon is a member of that Govt, none of those promised qualities were on display last night. Yet again our invertebrate MP lacked the character to stand up for what is patently the truth and the right thing to do. The problem for Mr Halfon is that he’s flip flopped so many times he probably can’t remember what he stands for anymore, principles are for others. He enthusiastically lauded the disgraced, corrupt liar Johnson, he then supported Truss and Kwarteng as they inflicted incredible damage on an economy already destroyed by over a decade of Tory austerity, now his toadying up to Sunak has seen him rewarded with the cushy trappings of a Ministerial position. Like his party leader, he is weak and failing to uphold any sense of integrity, professionalism or accountability. He will find accountability comes to him when the much needed general election is called. The people of Harlow will show him that we are sick and tired of his lack of leadership, he’s only ‘working hard for Halfon’ Harlow deserves and needs much better!

Tony WIseman
2023-06-20 07:20:45

It seems to me that, even if it wasn't already obvious, that the game is up for the Conservatives. How can a group of people who are so thick as to plan, send out invitations and then video an illegal event, such as the party at Conservative Central Office during lockdown, expect the electorate to believe that they are fit to run the country?

Luke Burton
2023-06-20 07:44:12

Robert Halfon is a disgrace for not bothering to vote. This was a committee approved by parliament, for parliament. The committee was majority Conservative Brexiters and the Chair had the backing of the Conservative Cabinet. If he really cared about parliamentary sovereignty then he would have voted for the recommendations in the report. Weak, weak weak is Mr Halfon. Then again, if you look back through the YourHarlow archives you'll see Mr Halfon flip-flopping - one month telling us to give Mr Johnson a chance, then the next month saying yes he's made mistakes, then again telling us to give him another chance. Completely and utterly shameful. I wonder if Mr Halfon will come out and incorrectly say the committee is a "kangaroo court" on YourHarlow someday.

Luke Burton
2023-06-20 07:51:11

And please - do not trot out the line/excuse of you're too busy focusing on "the people's priorities" to bother turning up to a vote. Parliamentary sovereignty and the concept of a PM not deliberately misleading the House is not an abstract one. The vast majority of Brexiters appeared to quote the importance of it during the campaign. I look at the metrics for your 5 priorities and I'm not seeing you hit any of them - not even close.

gary roberts
2023-06-20 08:13:24

BS comes in all forms: sadly Mr. Halfon meets all of them. He was sent to parliament to represent this town and the people in it. Has he achieved that? No. Did he think that not voting for the excellent and professional report on Boris Johnson would not be noticed? Yes, but his arrogance let him down this time badly. And lets see his voting record on cutting all public services, even those he claims to support such as schools. He voted for all of those but not against a confirmed liar. Hopefully the people of this town will take note when he comes calling next time.

William Browne
2023-06-20 09:26:52

If all you labour supporters would look at your own parties antics during the covid lockdown you might not be so hypocritical of the Tories

David Forman
2023-06-20 10:09:17

Perhaps people should look at Sir Keir Starmer's Register of Members Interests and note the money flowing from people with private medical care business interests. Then we hear Labour saying it will ramp up the use of private hospitals in NHS commissioned operations. See https://inwhoseinterests.uk/2022/06/08/hedge-fund-labour-why-is-the-party-of-the-nhs-now-receiving-money-from-private-health-investors/comment-page-1/#comments

gary roberts
2023-06-20 11:13:23

Mr. Browne what evidence do you have that I support any political party? And as for Mr. Starmer, he is a Tory wearing a red badge: No vision, and no substantive policy agenda.

Alderman Durcan
2023-06-20 12:59:09

Let’s not lose sight of the evidence that the leader of the Tory government lied to parliament and the UK. Whilst people suffered and died they held parties. For the Harlow MP not to support the vote brings into clear focus his denial of the truth.

Robert Furber
2023-06-20 13:08:52

I am surprised at Robert. Even his colleague ( Julie Marson MP for Hertford and Stortford voted for adoption of the report by Parliament and she doesn’t have a great record of showing spine

2023-06-20 13:50:15

If only those in the labour party had such morals when Messer's Blair and Campbell lied to Parliament and the Country about WMDs,their lies cost over 1 million Iraqi lives and over 170 UK service personnel with thousands more injured, as the old saying goes, People in glasshouses!

2023-06-20 16:16:07

Johnson in the UK and Trump in the States have done so much damage to the trust of the public. I think Robert Halfon has certainly been a hard worker - until last evening! Why did he avoid such an important event? Is his Conservative Party more important than being an honest person? Disappointing. Politics needs more honest people in all their different colours.

Mike O
2023-06-20 17:52:20

It's shocking, but not surprising that he abstained in the vote last night. I guess that means that he defends a man who lied to Parliament. A man who let his staff party while the public obeyed the lockdown rules. A man who let his staff party while people were forced to die alone in Princess Alexandra Hospital. Shameful.

Guy Flegman
2023-06-20 18:22:41

I do not see what all the fuss is about. They are politicians, they can’t help lying, it’s in their nature. I suspect there is not a prime minister in our history who has not lied to the house. Bojo’s mistake was he upset the wrong people and they are making him pay for it, and using our taxes to fund the whole show. THERE ARE FAR MORE IMPORTANT THINGS THEY SHOULD BE DEALING WITH.

Martin Harvey
2023-06-20 20:43:57

Our current MPs are the worst ever. They have failed to honour their manifesto promise of leaving the EU. Having won the referendum, our law should be supreme, but no, still 1000s of EU rules still apply. These neutered MPs. are using Boris as a scapegoat instead of hanging their heads in shame. Martin Harvey Reform UK.

Luke Burton
2023-06-20 23:43:27

If you want to export goods to the EU, you need to follow EU standards. That's not a hard concept to grasp... You can moan all you like Mr Harvey but it's Mr Johnson who maintained we should transfer EU laws onto the UK statute books. Also, which law(s) do you want parliament to repeal and what do you think the consequences would be if this is done?

Martin Harvey
2023-06-21 18:10:35

The EU is a shrinking market. The UK must trade in the real outside World; to do this we must be a proud Independent Nation controlled by our own laws made at Westminster.

Luke Burton
2023-06-21 22:09:11

We are controlled by our own laws. Parliament ratifies the (trade) treaties His Majesty's Government negotiates if it deems appropriate. Whether the EU is a shrinking market is immaterial - any trade deal requires compromise - you accept the conditions laid out by the other party, and the other party accepts the conditions you lay upon them.

2023-06-21 23:08:52

Robert Halfon couldn't vote on monday because Boris Johnson had run away and Halfon's lips have been permanently attached to Johnson's buttocks for the last 7 years.

Ian C
2023-06-22 10:10:01

I am really surprised to read some of the comments from Labour supporters above - it seems like they are wilfully ignorant of their own roles in Labour's colourful history of lying, bad behaviour, and misleading parliament. Let us not forget that it was these Labour councillors who actively supported and campaigned to put Jeremy Corbyn into No.10, in spite of the persistent and terrible antisemitism rife within the party. In Harlow, I remember it was particularly bad as Your Harlow reported at the time - https://www.yourharlow.com/2019/11/08/political-storm-as-jewish-news-claims-harlow-labours-election-candidate-laura-mcalpine-defended-jewish-final-solution-slur/. Indeed, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, for the first time EVER, launched an investigation into antisemitism in the Labour party and found the party had acted 'unlawfully'. Let he who is without the sin cast the first stone, I say - and judging by their own records, I don't think Chris Vince or Mark Ingall can claim to be that.

Luke Burton
2023-06-22 16:29:29

I find it absolutely fascinating how some people think the world is binary. If you don't praise Mr Halfon then you're automatically a Labour, or more specifically (and even worse), a Corbyn supporter? Lol.

Trevor PYLE
2023-06-24 13:14:43

WILLIAM BROWNE. Please list the antics you refer to. I am unaware other than one incident which was investigated by and cleared by the police.

Michael Hatton
2023-07-11 06:44:36

I wonder how much it's going to cost to repair all of the warped doors that the Labour group insist on slamming ?

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