Letter to Editor: What are Harlow Council’s plans for Potter Street?

Politics / Thu 29th Jun 2023 at 10:13am

Dear Editor,

HAVING recently engaged with the new leader of Harlow Council, Cllr. Swords regarding his promise to “revive left behind neighbourhoods”, I was surprised to hear that, “neighbourhood renewal plans will be subject to consultation with local residents” shortly in the Potter Street area.

And that he “recognise[s] [my] concern[s] both about the former Osler House site and the old council neighbourhood office.”

Apparently plans for these buildings will also be released shortly.

However, when pushed to say who had drawn up those plans it was clear that was a question too far. So I am no clearer on what is in those plans, what consultation will look like or whose input was considered when they were being drawn up. I am not even sure they are “drawn up” at the moment or whether it was just more political nonsense from a party desperate to show they and he was working “day and night” to improve the town in general and Potter Street in particular.

Further I asked him what his two cabinet colleagues who are currently Potter Street councillors had actually done to address and improve the services for Potter Street residents. He used the Robert Halfon nonsense of they work hard every day for their constituents again failing to name just one area they had improved.

In respect of the Potter Street health and well being hub he said that the council had no input in getting doctors’ services restored. That is correct but I had worked hard to get some NHS assistance into the hub following two meetings with Dr. Jane Halpin the current lead on medical provision in our area. She was prepared to help but of course all that work went into cold store when the council pulled out with the result Osler House is still standing but derelict.

Finally I finished with this retort: “Please also note I will challenge you if your actions are not sincere.

Your predecessor laughed when asked about the lack of services in Potter Street. Hopefully you will not make the same mistake.”  Will he?

Gary Roberts

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2 Comments for Letter to Editor: What are Harlow Council’s plans for Potter Street?:

Steven Harknett
2023-06-30 11:55:45

Deafening silence it would seem. Potter street like Staple Tye needs a massive overhaul in service provision and local regeneration.

2023-07-07 15:50:27

It does seem a shame there is no medical centre for potter street it would take a huge amount of pressure off of the other surgeries if Osler house was reopened as a doctor's surgery particularly for the elderly and disabled of the area I know petitions were made but seem to have fallen on deaf ears which is a shame

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