Letter to the Editor: Don’t Waste the opportunity to have your say

Politics / Sun 8th Oct 2023 at 09:01am

SOME issues may only impact some of us but there is no question that waste affects and impacts every single person in Harlow, in Essex, in the UK, on the planet. Each of us creates waste that has to be disposed of. 

For too long we’ve relied on there always being a landfill site available, whether in the UK or in someone else’s country. We’ve viewed waste as being someone else’s problem to sort out.

Last night’s Essex Waste Partnership resident’s briefing was an opportunity to talk about future plans for how our waste is managed, as well as what progress has already been made to improve our reuse / recycle rates, and how each one of us can and should have a say in the decisions being made. 

After a short proposed strategy outline from the Essex Waste Partnership team the largest part of the meeting was given to questions from the public for discussion with the team.  

A wide range and depth of questions were asked and responded to. 

As your readers view this article I wonder if their questions have been asked, their ideas on how each of us can make a difference known. 

It might be easier not to get involved. It could also be said that there’s no point in replying to the consultation because nobody is going to listen or do anything, but something HAS to be done. Going forward it’s simply not possible to manage our waste in the same way that it has been in the past. 

The feedback from this consultation matters, it will be the framework of how waste in Harlow and Essex is managed for the next 30 years and the decisions made will affect every one of Harlow’s residents. 

The consultation runs until Nov 22 and can be found at https://www.essex.gov.uk/news/2023/dont-waste-chance-have-your-say

Karen James

Harlow resident

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