Letter to Editor: Selling Potter Street by the pound

Politics / Sat 9th Dec 2023 at 11:16am

Dear Editor,

THE results are now in and the residents’ of Potter Street will have to accept that this current council has been granted permission to sell Osler House and to create a 38 car parking site next to four housing communities in Potter Street. Some in our community tried to stop them but have failed.

I still have no idea how much the council will sell Osler House for or if they will contribute to the extensive repair and refurbishment costs of that building to any buyer. What are they so scared of in informing the residents’ of Potter Street these important details. More importantly is the issue of reinvesting any monies gained back into the Potter Street community. I suspect it will not or if it does how much consultation will take place with Potter Street residents on how it is spent. I predict none.

In respect of the car parking issue I sincerely hope the residents’ of Brenthall Towers, Carters Mead, Meyrick Mead and Wrights Court will not suffer with noise issues at every hour of every day. I suspect they will but with only four replies to the planning application it has allowed the council to do what they liked. I wonder if Cllr. Leppard excused himself from this application given he is currently a Harlow Common councillor.

But we move on again after being shafted by Harlow Council over many decades. I wonder what the turnout will be at next year’s local elections: Could it match the 22% level again?

Gary Roberts

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9 Comments for Letter to Editor: Selling Potter Street by the pound:

Nicholas Taylor
2023-12-09 12:40:50

It is a simple fact Gary that many of our Councillors have no understanding of community and in this case a community called Potter Street. Gone for ever the chance to provide a community facility in the area, a focal point for services for and by the community. I don't think things would have been much different if Labour were in control of the Council, their track record on consulting with residents was just as bad if not worse than the Conservatives. Not tempted to join HAP?

James Leppard
2023-12-09 13:48:51

At Cabinet last week, it was clearly explained that Harlow Council is making no contribution whatsoever towards the repairs to Osler House. Furthermore, there was cross party support for the highly reputable charity, MIND occupying the site and that this will be a genuine benefit to the Potter Street community after the building has been empty for many years. The initiative also has the support of the Harlow Common Residents Association. Therefore, Mr Roberts please inform us as to which community you represent and in what capacity.

James Leppard
2023-12-09 13:51:43

Mr Roberts, being a ward councillor does not preclude a councillor from hearing an application. I did declare this. When we met, I explained to you that it is predetermination of an application that is not permitted.

Gary Roberts
2023-12-09 14:07:53

Cllr. Leppard thank you for making my points so well.

2023-12-09 16:06:26

When our councils finances haven't been audited for 5 years how can you trust anything? https://www.theguardian.com/society/2023/nov/06/just-1-of-english-councils-published-audited-accounts-by-deadline

2023-12-09 17:15:11

Cllr Leppard. Pin your colours to the mask. Do you want a safe, secure, inclusive to all that live and work in Harlow, a place to feel pride and respect. The way you, and the others on the council, treat us is disrespectful and demeaning. We vote you in and we can easily vote you out. It is about time All in power be booted out and new, caring blood be voted in.

Katie Piper
2023-12-09 17:53:13

Such a shame…

2023-12-09 18:54:45

Just a question really. With mind moving from Bush Fair to Potter Street, I wonder what the ex housing office in Corner house will be used for now?

2023-12-09 21:17:19

The comment about noise from parking, it might actually be better rather than people driving in & out all the timevlooking for spaces or trying to fit into gaps left by inconsiderate people or just parking wherever they think with no thought to anyone else at least there will be marked spaces & enough of them. It has become very much an issue & very difficult when the dance school have classes or an event maybe thought should be given to try and get that building back into community use like it should be.

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