Cllr Kay’s Blog: The Bobbsey Twins and world peace

Politics / Sun 24th Dec 2023 at 09:49am

Blogpost by Bush Fair councillor, Kay Morrison

CHRISTMAS is coming, and the goose is out of the question. For a vegetarian, goose (or turkey) isn’t an option, obviously, but it’s unaffordable for so many people.

Santa will still come, though, won’t he? How? Always tricky, and I don’t just mean his scramble down from the roof with that huge sack! What are your childhood memories? I remember being overjoyed by a set of Bobbsey Twins books labelled ‘Kay’: my idea of heaven then. Then there was the early Christmas morning when we rollicked into the living room in search of Santa goodies. I spotted a gorgeous, gleaming red tricycle and at once climbed aboard … but not for long, because it was my brother’s. I knew that but had hoped to do a little pedalling before he realised.

Oh yes, Christmas can be poignant. It can be heart-breaking. Those charity appeals on television are designed to pluck at our heartstrings. Those big beseeching eyes. Save a child’s sight, a child’s life, a child’s future. Save the world.

And it’s hard: knowing we can’t save everybody, feed everybody, keep everybody safe. People, ordinary people like you and me, are homeless or displaced or terrified or injured or worse right now. Around the world, bombs and other missiles maim and kill. The Russia-Ukraine war has already lasted nearly two years, showing no signs of ceasing. In the Middle East, a 75-year-old conflict is in its current horrifying iteration. Diplomacy and negotiation have had little (or no) effect to date. Those surviving in conflict zones would like it to stop. They long for life to return to some sort of normality. Northern Ireland’s relative peace must look idyllic.

So …. what would you like for Christmas? A new jumper? A red trike? Money to pay the bills? World peace? Wouldn’t that be the best?

Oh ……. Happy Christmas!

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