Green Party select Yasmin Gregory to fight General Election in Harlow

General Election 2024 / Mon 29th Jan 2024 at 09:24am

THE GREEN Party has selected Yasmin Gregory to contest the seat of Harlow and the villages at the next General Election.

The announcement was made by Deputy Leader of the Harlow Green Party, Zach Polanski on a visit to the town.

Ms Gregory has been instrumental In growing the presence of the Green Party in Harlow over the last few years.

Yasmin has been a vociferous voice for to only environmental issues in Harlow but also social, political and economic matters as well.

We now have four candidates vying for the seat: Robert Halfon (Cons), Chris Vince (Lab), Malcolm Featherstone (Reform ( and now Ms Gregory.

The election has to be before January 28th, 2025.

YH went down to Vicarage Wood to speak to Ms Gregory

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10 Comments for Green Party select Yasmin Gregory to fight General Election in Harlow:

2024-01-29 10:06:46

Sure if you want to be colder, poorer, live in a 15 minute city and be very controlled on travel vote for the greens. Of course they will not follow the rules you have to, just see Caroline Lucas and her flights to the USA. Hypocritical, but then you would expect nothing else.

Kim Oconnor
2024-01-29 10:17:10

As people we are all different. We must get back to listening to people, the green party of Harlow, are all local people, who are working hard for local issues. We need to get back to hearing people, something that has been lost over the years.

Molly Buckle
2024-01-29 11:38:12

You Greens did not want to listen to people who under a consultation overwhelmingly wanted to change the local voting cycle to 4 years. You do not listen to people who do not want illegal refugees on our country. You do not listen to people who want tougher punishments for criminals. You are just a bunch of unrealistic woke lefties who will damage our country and increase taxes.

Colin Barton
2024-01-29 11:49:02

Yasmin Gregory makes a good point. For anyone with more progressive views, Starmer's Labour is indistinguishable from Sunak's Tories, which probably explains why Labour has no clear alternative plans, just hype. I actually believe that the Greens offer a credible home for those of us on the political left.

2024-01-29 14:42:04

Kim . So are the Harlow Alliance party.

Guy Flegman
2024-01-29 16:12:29

Can someone please show me somewhere where socialist left wing policies have been a long term success. I keep looking for the socialist utopia but all I find is poverty and bloodshed. I keep trying to hang on to my socialist principles, which change with the wind, and I still draw comfort from the fact that we still have some rich people we can tap for some cash and blame for all our problems. But the lack of success in my socialist endeavours are sowing the seeds of doubt. Still on a serious note the election does not seem to offer much choice and a suspect the choice will boil down to if you would prefer to be kicked in the teeth of the you know what’s.

Mark Lavender
2024-01-29 16:33:40

Colin, how many well-intentioned voters will it take for the Harlow seat not to change hands? Whilst I'm here - to show some green thinking - I'll make another plug for my query when Harlow residents consider their options come the day we put in fresh heating systems. Not too cold today but do we go communal or not? This is what candidates should be discussing.

2024-01-29 19:46:11

Guy that is because it was not true socialism. That seems to be what the useful idiots say every time, just after there are masses of deaths. Only one system has lifted the human race and that is capitalism, capitalism invented the steam engine, means of mass production, aircraft, sanitation, modern medicine, it put man on the moon. Conversely socialism has created nothing but death destruction and poverty. Why did people wish to flea the workers paradise of the GDR, CCP, to the west.

2024-01-29 19:55:22

Did,nt capitalism invent the atom bomb as well. Seen how well that has done.

2024-01-29 20:11:13

Eddie, yes it did and it ended a war and saved millions of lives including of the enemy. Then it kept the peace in europe for 50 plus years, it was not the EU but NATO which kept the peace.

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