Letter to Editor: Harlow Council’s housing allocation plans are not fair

Politics / Tue 20th Feb 2024 at 12:51pm

Dear Editor,

SO what happens to the single mums that have worked their socks off to provide for their two children with no help from the “dead beat” dads that refuse to help or support?

My youngest granddaughter has medical needs that should have entitled her to a property with a garden. Because my eldest granddaughter has turned 16 she is entitled to her own bedroom but the council have dragged their heels.

My daughter has now been on the list for nine years which now mean her eldest daughter has now turned 18 this year. And I’m guessing she will be too old to be on the list.

I have asked for the three Little Parndon ward councillors to read this and respond via Your Harlow


Martin Haines

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19 Comments for Letter to Editor: Harlow Council’s housing allocation plans are not fair:

Dan Swords
2024-02-20 19:26:06

Because of the changes we have made, someone in this scenario will have greater priority and will be much more likely to get the property they need, not less likely. I would invite this resident to contact me to discuss this matter. Dan Swords - Leader of Harlow Council

Mrs Michele Joseph
2024-02-21 00:50:48

My heart goes out to your daughter and grandchildren & I hope they get the help they need. I've been in temporary accommodation for four & a half years. Both myself and my husband are disabled & in a band 2, mobility level 1, in a bedsit with NO adaptations!!! Dan Swords I welcome your views on our situation, as we are both suffering not only physically but mentally too.

Scott Warwick
2024-02-21 08:55:47

Harlow is a degenerate place,that has been mismanaged for decades. The council have put table tennis tables,and chess tables,in a semi derelict market square....you really could not make it up ! Its hilarious ! I think there are plenty of empty whisky bottles in harlow councils office bins !

James Allen
2024-02-21 09:07:07

It all seems quite ridiculous to me, especially when you take into consideration the amount of new housing that Harlow council sells onto London borough councils. A lot of new housing has just been sold to Newham council that could have been used for local residents. I have lived in Harlow nearly my whole life. I work for the council and am sharing a bed/bedroom with my toddler because I apparently don't qualify for the housing that is instead being sold to London boroughs.

2024-02-21 09:15:43

I would like the leader as he says to contact me regarding the property that you have moved me in to contact me via phone... I shall leave my name then contact me as I'm a council Tennant that is in need ofna property that is suitable for my needs you moved me out of a place that has a wet room due to severe epilepsy and out me into a property that has no wet room.. had the ot out they agreed new bathroom you declined now I'm having to was via a flannel as canot fit into this bath or have the people around to help while I'm in the bath..... your putting peoples life's at risk and you do not care one bit your ajoke of a council and you need shaking up as this is obviously not just me going through this as somebody else Said wasting money on table tennis in shit hole town centre let alone the fact you can't even oversee a school that's been built and now needs millions of po7nds spent onit to rectify this issues it has. So yet again it go down to the fact your putting people's life's at risk your a joke l.......

Nicholas Taylor
2024-02-21 10:20:19

James Allen, to be fair, the Council do not own the block bought by Newham, it is a private development which was actually built against the council's wishes. Many people seem to think that because land is in Harlow and Harlow Council give Planning Permission that the land is owned by the Council when in fact it is not. At the heart of the problem with the council is the fact that they are not using their housing stock and land bank to it's best use. About two thirds of the 600 odd homes which it lets each year go to people who are not already tenants. There is not enough good modern homes for older residents to move in to, who would vacate their homes for young families.

Sue Buteux
2024-02-21 10:31:30

My daughter, her partner and children, had to move out of harlow, due to no houses for them, they now live nearly 300 miles away, it's a disgrace, so many ppl in unsuitable property, not able to move out and why I wonder, inadequate council, I've lived here all my life, seen many changes, I hate this place

Martin Herglotz
2024-02-21 11:09:10

Halfon has voted in parliament 44 times to reduce social housing provision, prevent planning applications to build affordable housing and reduce council funding for all types of housing. And has voted repeatedly against help for disabled people. But, he did fiddle his expenses to steal £30,000 from tax payers and claims additional disablement benefit for being a disabled MP. He must be removed from office urgently. He is a despicable disgrace.

Godfrey the great
2024-02-21 12:52:07

Why is everything a dad's fault lol housing has been rinsed by mothers playing the system for years from as far away as south end just turning up demanding housing ..but let's blame men eh

David Forman
2024-02-21 14:13:56

I see NO reply from the three Labour councillors that represent Little Parndon and Hare Street ward as requested by the author of this letter. The silent Labour councillors are Tony Durcan, Maggie Hulcoop and Chris Vince. However, it is nice to know the Conservative Leader of the Council, councillor Dan Swords, has impeccable manners.

2024-02-21 14:30:17

I have a 22 year girl & a 16 year old boy sharing a room. No help from council. Daughter can’t afford private rent despite working full time. Has anxiety so can’t house share . She is desperately trying to save to buy, but how can young people expect t be able to afford £140.0000 for a decent 1 bed flat. My daughter works in a bank & sees first hand the amount of young people struggling to get on the property ladder. Should she bother applying as she was turned away at 18. Harlow council is a joke

2024-02-21 14:48:13

Good observation by David Forman. It seems all Chris Vince is interested in his promoting his own parliamentary candidature and nothing else. As for the other two, they just rant and virtual signal but never bother too much about their ward residents. Maggie Hulcoop was useless in Harlow Common.

Mike B
2024-02-21 14:50:13

I've been on the list since I was 18 and I'm now nearly 43, spoke to the housing team last year and as I'm a single man and not an immigrant I was told to live in a tent. The council are unbelievably rude and don't care about being born and bred in harlow

2024-02-21 15:34:28

I agree with Mike b my marriage anded in 2014 I lived on the streets in Harlow forc2 months till my sis helped me out I even tried ending my life after hospital I went to the council for help like you was told get a tent live on Harlow Common now live in a small bedsit cannont get a council place even tho I lived in Harlow since 1958 I now have ill health and depression yet council a joke

2024-02-21 15:47:28

I feel sad for Harlow residents who can't get social housing. They are emptying hotels now so where are they being put?

2024-02-22 09:13:42

Harlow Council can't keep up with housing demand and are trying to sort out the property problems lots of people from outside the town trying to get housing not even from harlow blame the consecutive governments for not putting a decent building plan in place for no council homes and supposedly affordable homes been built

2024-02-22 09:35:11

Owen, where is the land to build all these properties??? Harlow has no space left.

2024-02-22 11:54:44

Sounds Like a whole bunch of entitlement to me, most of us can't even get a council property and we were born here

Keith Elliot
2024-02-22 12:02:24

When's life been fair. Fair is building whole new town in Essex for all to rent like say after the war a town like Harlow say ?

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