Letter to Editor: On Harlow Labour and ongoing silence over Gaza

Politics / Thu 22nd Feb 2024 at 12:23pm

Dear Editor

EVERY year Harlow Labour Councillors attend a Holocaust Memorial Day event, at which the Holocaust and other genocides are remembered, yet the Labour East regional office of the Labour Party will not allow members of Harlow Labour Party to discuss a Motion supporting the upholding of an international law, the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, which came into being as a response to the Holocaust.

The International Court of Justice has ruled that the State of Israel must take certain measures to avoid committing genocide in the war in the Gaza Stip. The State of Israel has ignored this ruling, and given that the UK is providing both direct military assistance and weapons to the State of Israel, the British government could be found guilty of complicity in genocide.

I submitted a Motion to Harlow Constituency Labour Party calling on Keir Starmer to demand that the government uses all the means at its disposal to ensure that the State of Israel complies with the ruling by the International Court of Justice, and I was told that my Motion was disallowed.

Since when was it controversial to discuss upholding the Genocide Convention? As far as I am aware, every political tendency across the political spectrum, from neo-liberal conservatives to anarchist communists, is opposed to violating international humanitarian law. I am beginning to wonder if I have crossed over into a parallel universe.

This denial of free speech and democracy does not apply to Labour Party members in Scotland however, and on Saturday 17 February the Annual Conference of the Scottish Labour Party passed a Motion calling for an immediate ceasefire in the war in the Gaza Strip.

The number of civilians killed in the current war in the Gaza Strip in four months is at least forty times greater, per capita, than the number of civilians killed in the war in Ukraine in twenty-four months.  More than one per cent of the population of the Gaza Strip has been killed since last October, whereas slightly less than one per cent of the population of Britain was killed in the six years of the Second World War.

The death toll in the Gaza Strip mounts by the day, and still the Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow keeps silent. If a politician is not prepared to speak out in support of measures to prevent genocide, then it must be asked whether he is actually a careerist devoid of any principles.

Yours sincerely

John Wake

Member, Harlow Constituency Labour Party

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8 Comments for Letter to Editor: On Harlow Labour and ongoing silence over Gaza:

Labour Shame
2024-02-22 15:31:32

Chris Vince and co have been shamefully completely silent on Gaza since the beginning. I think that he is only interested in being the Parliamentary candidate for Labour in Harlow. He won't do or say anything that could rock the boat and get him deselected after he failed to get the nomination in Colchester and other places. He would walk around waving an Israeli flag if Starmer told him to. His only principle is the interests of Chris Vince.

2024-02-22 16:16:46

Had the Terrorist organisation Hamas not Raped, Murdered and taken hostages on 7/10 then none of this would be happening, Israel has a right to seek out and destroy terrorists and I would expect the UK government to do the same should it happen in the UK. Furthermore debating and holding a vote on a ceasefire is not going to achieve anything, what our Government should be addressing is more pressing matters at home.

2024-02-22 19:53:27

Sorry, I missed the bit that blamed Hamas for the atrocities they committed and making it clear that the war could be ended and lives saved if they released their hostages and surrendered. The war is atrocious but I get totally peed off with this total blaming of Israel. Sadly, it seems to be in the mentally of arabs and muslims to want to kill each other.

Matthew Kirkbride
2024-02-22 22:43:57

Chris Vince has no principles. He is driven by personal ambition. He is a complete charlatan as are most of his colleagues. From their Momentum backgrounds we know they have no sympathy for Israel or Jewish people, but because Starmer is trying to 'look respectable' they are cynically following his line. Chris Vince just wants to be an MP to give him more stable and much better paid employment with generous expenses. All he wants is £££! Vote Reform UK for a real change!

2024-02-22 23:09:25

There's no justification for the killing of more innocents on one side because innocents have been killed by the other. Nor for other countries to pour fuel on the fire. It is only politicians and governments who speak of the slaughter as "collateral damage" who can not see this?

2024-02-22 23:20:03

Just have Hamas release the hostages. Last week the Israeli Defence Forces liberated 2 hostages at the cost of about 65 Palestinians. Is that justified? Yes. Many of the liquidated Palestinians were Hamas terrorists and the civilian ones would not have been killed or wounded if Hamas were not illegally using civilians and civilian places like schools and hospitals as human shields. The Israeli forces have an elan alien to Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists. Hamas is perpetuating this human tragedy.

2024-02-23 00:28:20

Nostradamus, you are clearly no student of the great philosopher and author of 'The Art of War', Sun Tzu. What a brain. The Israelis are not playing it out to maximum effect had they infiltrated Hamas. That is the highest form of warfare; defeating your enemy without fighting. The Gaza campaign is definitely not text book, but the Israelis are inflicting damage with very low casualties to their forces. That is very positive. Warfare is always messy , so it is always better that the other side suffers.

2024-02-23 08:36:43

I am pretty the main driver for Chris Vince is his personal finances. Where else is he going to get so much? This will be a massive boost for him. The basic annual salary for an MP is £86,584. MPs also receive very generous expenses to cover the costs of running an office, employing staff, having somewhere to live in London or their constituency, and travelling between Parliament and their constituency. He will no doubt employ his missus on an inflated salary as an 'assistant'. Be laughing all the way to the bank. He doesn't give a toss about Gaza.

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