Letter to Editor: Traffic Chaos at St. James’s Primary School and at the M11 Junction 7.

Politics / Wed 6th Mar 2024 at 02:25pm

Dear Editor,

WITH Outline Planning Permission for Latton Priory expected to be applied for any day now your readers may be interested to see what the pre application proposals for the road junctions are.

In the CEG Latton Priory Public Consultation Update Winter 2023 there are pre application illustrative plans showing the proposed junctions at Rye Hill Rd/ Paringdon Rd, Rye Hill Rd / Latton Avenue (the new road that will connect the Latton Priory site into and out of Harlow ) and Latton Avenue / London Rd, B1393.

In previous consultations residents have repeatedly raised serious concerns about a lack of infrastructure and the level of extra traffic that will be created by ‘up to 1340’ new homes in Latton Priory, as well as the extra through traffic that Latton Avenue will bring.  Viewing these illustrative plans only increases these concerns.

At Rye Hill Rd / Paringdon Road there is planned to be a new bus lane, effectively stopping the school run parking that currently happens on both sides of Rye Hill Rd. and Paringdon Rd. Combined with increased levels of traffic on Rye Hill Rd, parent and child safety will be severely compromised in the whole of the St. James’s school area and beyond.

The proposed signalised junction from Latton Avenue onto London Road B1393 will create traffic backing up to and around the M11 Hastingwood interchange / A414, as well as back towards Epping as traffic is held at the Latton Avenue lights. 

When traffic from other approved / proposed new developments, such as at Gilston, at East of Harlow, at Old Harlow, at Thornwood, at North Weald, at Epping and at Ongar are added into the mix the picture becomes very clear. Our roads will be a gridlocked nightmare if appropriate infrastructure is not put in place before the new developments are built.

Karen James

Harlow Resident

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8 Comments for Letter to Editor: Traffic Chaos at St. James’s Primary School and at the M11 Junction 7.:

C. Green
2024-03-06 15:07:03

As if Paringdon Road isn’t chaotic enough this proposal is absolutely insane. The traffic spread has become a real issue on a road that has 3 infant / junior schools along it yet despite road ramps to supposedly stop speeding the length of Paringdon Road is a danger zone already. Now this plan will do no more than bring even more traffic. Shame on you!

2024-03-06 19:29:53

As a resident of Moorfield, whichever way I go out of the estate, when it schooltime us chaos, I sat behind a bus outside Kingsmore school, for over 10 minutes, because he was unable to get through, because of the inconsiderate parking by the bus stop, and in the road, St. James is not much better, perhaps the council should think about putting up cameras taking fines, that would make a load of money, because a lot of drivers now, don’t seem to understand what double yellow lines are for?

S Lathwell
2024-03-06 19:49:17

When a meeting at Latton Bush with regard to building houses on the common for Epping residents was held over 10 years ago, it was mentioned the widening of the Rye Hill junction onto Parringdon Road opposite St James school. At the time local residents said this would be a terrible idea as Parringdon Road is not a suitable road to take on the extra traffic from the new housing and from the motorway shortcut into Harlow. The schools on Parringdon Road were a major safety issue. The answer to this was "you'll have a new bus service".

2024-03-06 21:36:27

Not another pointless bus lane! Looks to only be a few 10's of meters long! Widen the road for additional school parking maybe, not a bus lane

2024-03-06 22:41:24

To be fair I think Bus Lanes should be abolished to allow better traffic flow. They should instead be re-labelled Bus Priority lanes, whereby drivers have to let Buses pass them when applicable and safe to do so. Makes a whole lot better use on road infrastructure, less gridlock, less emissions. Its very tiresome to often see empty Bus Lanes not being used when drivers are sat in queuing traffic. A common theme in Harlow.

Hopcroft Brian
2024-03-07 06:49:11

Harlow between 8.30-9 and 3-3.30 is gridlocked everywhere. I live off School lane, Freshwaters academy one end, Burnt Mill the other. The whole length of it is almost impassable.This proposal is probably workable the problem is simply that people don’t understand how to park, local schools don’t serve local communities anymore and Harlow wasn’t designed for the levels of traffic we have now. The proposals over the next several years for Harlow housing although needed to some extent shows how ill equipped the town’s infrastructure is.

2024-03-08 00:50:18

Why are you putting a bus lane on Rye Hill road when buses don’t even go down the country road, such a job, all bus lanes are pointless in the town, they don’t get used, hence why you got rid of the one going up to clock tower roundabout. Instead of planting trees opposite St James, put it to better use and make it a car park, and how about you FIX ALL THE POTHOLES FIRST. Sick to death of my road tax being used for pointless so called “upgrades”

2024-03-08 10:20:34

Highways in Chelmsford "design" the roads here the trouble is that they don't even know where Harlow is: at least when officers from Essex CC have been invited down they've very rarely managed to get here. Harlow was designed so most journeys were walked or cycled. Make these choices the easiest, most desirable and most obvious courses of action and the danger to children here disappears. The town was also carefully designed so housing was clustered around sub centres (hatches) of schools and shops. Tacking extra housing around the perimeter of the town overloads the design and the proclivity of the town and count Councils to throwaway the basic design spec is like trying to cram a busload of people into a mini cooper: it just doesn't work. As hggt and all of the other badly designed transport and housing schemes are pushed through to line the pockets of developers things will simply get worse: gridlock will persist through the day, congestion, pollution, sewage and flooding will grow and both the town and residents will suffer.

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