Kay’s Blog: On International Women’s Day and Safety Charter

General / Fri 8th Mar 2024 at 07:28am

IN Harlow, Safer Places (in common with other organisations in the domestic and sexual abuse field) tries to change the reality for women, and does so with expert understanding and determination.

Next week we’ll see the launch of Harlow Women’s Safety Charter when the Council commits to working with businesses and individuals to expand the number of spaces where women can feel safe. This charter is described as ‘new’ .

Of course, the issue is anything but ‘new’ though many of us had hoped it would have lessened by now. This is 2024 and on this International Women’s Day it would be so good to have progressed beyond the need to protect women from abusive men. In many ways, though, we’re still fighting the same old fight.

That means changing attitudes, tackling misogyny, challenging behaviours, education. We need more men to join the fight.

Gloria Steinam said ‘The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organisation but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.’

Councillor Kay Morrison

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2 Comments for Kay’s Blog: On International Women’s Day and Safety Charter:

David Forman
2024-03-08 12:38:53

Perhaps the Labour luvvies in Birmingham City Council should have done a lot more to settle Equal Pay claims? These luvvies, who always had something to say on International Women's Day, fought these equal pay claims all the way to the Supreme Court and lost. As HR Magazine noted: "Sadly, Birmingham City Council’s response has not been what one would expect from a public body." See HR article at: https://www.hrmagazine.co.uk/content/comment/birmingham-city-council-s-discriminatory-pay-practices-are-indicative-of-widespread-problems/

Clare Harrison
2024-03-08 15:49:45

Just keep pretending you care. I still live next door to a nutter who threatened to rape and kill me. I’ve got evidence on YouTube and Twitter. The police finally shut him up but I still have to live next door to him. I have letters from the dr saying I need to move and I’m stuck in band three with no chance . Keep pretending you care! If this was your mum or daughter it would be a different story and I’d be moved by now! Give us an international women’s day to try to shut us up. We shouldn’t even need a women’s day anymore if we are listened to and people cared. Nobody cares anymore, so stop pretending you care when you don’t!

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