Letter to Editor: Why are Harlow Labour running scared of an independently organised public hustings

Politics / Mon 25th Mar 2024 at 07:36am

Why are Harlow Labour running scared of an independently organised public hustings

Dear Editor,

ON 11 March, I wrote to this paper calling for a public hustings and debate between the people that would be the Leader of the Council should their party win the council elections in May.

To date, I understand that nearly all local parties have agreed to this, except Harlow Labour. 

I cannot possibly imagine why Chris Vince and Harlow Labour don’t want to set out their plan to run the Council if they win the elections in May…

I believe it is incumbent on all those people who could be Leader of the Council in May to set out their plan to run Harlow Council and our town. 

I hope that an independent body, perhaps YourHarlow.com, will arrange such a hustings as, of course, by its nature it should be organised by an independent body and done in line with Electoral Commission guidance. 

The council cannot organised such an event during pre-election period and a political party could not organise an independent hustings.

I relish the opportunity to set out our plan for Harlow and explain why Harlow Council has been shortlisted for the ‘Most Improved Council in England’ under our leadership. 

Kind regards, 

Dan Swords

Leader of Harlow Conservatives

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14 Comments for Letter to Editor: Why are Harlow Labour running scared of an independently organised public hustings:

Bruce Downey
2024-03-25 08:59:22

Labour is on a hiding to nothing.. either way.🤔

David Forman
2024-03-25 09:51:11

Labour haven't got any ideas worth talking about either locally or nationally.

2024-03-25 10:11:50

Locally Labour are a lost cause, devoid of ideas, led by a Journey man who's only intention is to get on the MP "Gravy train", they let the town badly when the hard left group Momentum hijacked the party forcing several well respected local councillors out of office,

peter henegan
2024-03-25 10:53:45

Dan Swords, I called for such a meeting well before you did in a comment (perhaps YH can tell me when, please). I also repeated this call when I said that as the boss you should just arrange it. I appreciate now, with the elections coming up the rules have changed. I do hope it goes ahead and I hope that labour will attend, if they don't can't we have it anyway?

2024-03-25 13:21:48

It was not hard to be most improved council , after labour had no idea what they was doing and cocked it all up. And the labour party of today , don't waste your time turning up on 2/5

Mark Gough
2024-03-25 14:50:11

As Harlow UKIP Leader, I will be happy to attend, work permitting. If Labour doesn't wish to attend, then perhaps take a leaf out of Have I Got News For You, and replace them with a tube of lard?

2024-03-26 11:32:06

This paper really is becoming a Tory mouthpiece isn't it.

2024-03-26 14:55:38

Stuart , how do you know if the people who put these.posts are all Tory voters.

2024-03-27 01:48:21

Eddie - this article was literally written by the Tory Council leader.....

Chris Mitchell
2024-03-27 07:40:28

So is Chris Vince going to have the decency to at least reply? Such lack of manners for someone aspiring to be our MP! Come Chris are you going to face up or are you and Harlow Labour on a full Chicken diet for the duration?

2024-03-28 04:41:11

The leaders of all the local political parties have accepted to participate in public hustings. The only party that has not replied is LABOUR! What skulking cowards and charlatans they truly are. Chris Vince is an utter disgrace who should stand down now as a candidate for MP. Harlow does not need a spineless journeyman as its MP.

2024-03-28 20:44:39

Stuart - agree 100%. But, I guess without them coming forward and talking, yourharlow has little else to print? Am a labour voter, but am getting worried that without labour speaking up, talking to people in Harlow, they will not win what should be an easy vote. I don't even know who the labour candidates are let alone their plans for the town but I have received a glossy leaflet from the local cons for my ward, first one without any spelling mistakes too, ha.

2024-03-29 14:25:49

Stuart. I asked how do you know if all the posts are from Tories . I did not ask who wrote to the editor. Because I know some of the posts are not from Tories.

David Forman
2024-04-03 10:30:15

I totally agree with the comments from Chris Mitchell and Paul. For the record, I'm not a Tory. For eight years I was Secretary of Harlow Trades Union Council, which has never had a Tory as one of its delegates.

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