Letter to Editor: Sumners and Kingsmoor councillor “sets record straight” over departure

Politics / Wed 1st May 2024 at 12:30pm

Dear Editor,

FOLLOWING a number of questions posed by your readers in the comments section of some of your news stories about the elections, I feel it is my duty to put the record straight on why I am not standing for re-election this year.

First of all I DID NOT stand down or retire as a councillor.

I successfully applied for and attended the selection panel and received written confirmation on 14th November that I had been successfully approved as a candidate and just needed the associations ratification. 

At the selection panel chaired by Mr Garnett and attended by Mr Swords (there were two other persons but I will not embarrass them by naming them) Mr Garnett asked me a strange question about my inability to walk great distances because of a medical condition with my legs (which has developed over the last few years). I did say at the panel that his question was inappropriate and asked if he would be asking other councillors and indeed the MP the same question. He did apologise and withdrew the question.

Apart from being inappropriate his question was highly discriminatory especially as I had already addressed the issues and my plans for dealing with them.

Despite my asking Mr Swords on numerous occasions for the results of the ratification he refused to tell me claiming he was very busy and needed to write the letters (I was aware that others had received their letters ) on 9th of December I was made aware by friends that there had been a candidates meeting that I was unaware of and Mr Swords announced that I had been deselected. 

To say that he had been cowardly and deceitful is a massive understatement.

I am firmly convinced that the responsibility for this lies totally with Mr Swords.

I along with many others was taken in by him and I freely admit my mistakes for not realising what he was doing. 


Nick Churchill

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8 Comments for Letter to Editor: Sumners and Kingsmoor councillor “sets record straight” over departure:

gary roberts
2024-05-01 13:26:54

"To say that he had been cowardly and deceitful is a massive understatement." Mr. Churchill, please could you develop that statement. How was Mr. Swords cowardly and deceitful?

Mark Ingall
2024-05-01 15:59:57

I have had my political differences with Councillor Churchill over the years, but I hope I have always treated him with respect as he has always done to me. Judging by this letter, the way he has been treated by the Harlow Conservatives, as led by Dan Swords, is disgraceful. The lurch to the right by the Conservatives since 2016 is truly earning the name of the nasty party.

2024-05-01 16:39:39

Oh God.What does"i along with many others was taken in with him"mean?Poor mr Churchill.Such a lovely man.

2024-05-02 05:49:23

Could I possibly just pose the question. Has Mr Churchill considered the possibility that his atendance of just 43% may have something to do with not being reelected. The residents of Harlow pay his allowance, the least he could do is represent the constituents of his ward at council meetings. The fact he was a chair of a committee receiving extra allowance make the attendance figure even worse. The last meeting he attended was the 16th of January. But he is still taking the money. Last meeting 16th jan

2024-05-02 14:48:07

Sarah, if it was about attendance why not simply tell him that rather than being deceitful and cowardly about it? Dan Swords was "too busy" to write a letter explaining it when others had received their letters and then went on to tell others (before Nick) at a candidates meeting that Nick wasn't invited to that he had been deselected. Why announce it to others before talking to Nick directly? What a coward.

2024-05-02 16:51:00

@ jokers, I think you will find it is down to the chair of the association and the selection panel to make a joint decision and then notify the candidate. Clkt Swords can have an input of sorts but does not have the final say nor notify candidates of selection/deselected. If Nick Churchill feels so strongly he has the right to appeal the decision to Conservative Central office. The decision wouldn't have been taken by Clkr Swords so stop blaming one person.

2024-05-02 22:47:42


2024-05-03 23:43:02

A waste of space

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