General Election 24: Conservative Hannah Ellis: “I’m the best candidate to represent the people of Harlow in Westminster”

Elections / Tue 2nd Jul 2024 at 03:55pm

IN our final interview with the Conservative candidate for Harlow and the villages, Hannah Ellis takes us through the specific issues she would like voters to think about as they go to the polls on Thursday.

This feels like a very local campaign by Hannah and her team.

You get the feeling that she hopes and wants those who have backed Robert Halfon in the past to back her.

But she has sent five weeks very much stressing her own identity and her own political philosophy.

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36 Comments for General Election 24: Conservative Hannah Ellis: “I’m the best candidate to represent the people of Harlow in Westminster”:

2024-07-02 17:34:36

I got a leaflet through from her via royal mail last week. It was the same old same old, going on the attack over Labour, telling lies. I am so fed up with this party and the way they lie and it's such a shame to see a young lady going down the same tired worn out (full of potholes) track. How much better it would've been for Harlow to have someone refreshing, different to the other proven tory liars, mature and not get the general public totally wrong. The cons need to really sort themselves out, both in the way they talk to the public and the way they treat them.

2024-07-02 17:40:59

I think I got the same leaflet. What I want to know is, if Hannah Ellis knows how to get things done in Westminster as she claims, then why haven’t we got our new hospital yet?

2024-07-02 18:00:55

Carole. Because she was not the Harlow MP.

2024-07-02 18:02:13

Why was my comment removed? Sorry Carole, yours makes a little less sense now.

2024-07-02 18:05:52

To remove comments when not rude, aggressive or full of porky pies is bad editing. Journalism should be neutral.

Crazyhorse 74
2024-07-02 18:31:23

Good luck hannah ive given up with the tories im afraid will be voting re-form uk.

Matthew Gillman
2024-07-02 19:14:21

I hope whoever is elected as our MP will be better at answering emails than Our Election Candidates are!

2024-07-02 19:41:45

This is the second time I have heard your views Hannah, your letter to YH at the start of the election and now your video. Could you remind me again which party you represent? I realise walking around the town, seeing the boarded-up shops, the rundown hospital, the empty fields that no one has purchased to build our promised new hospital, the fact that the existing hospital is falling down around the thousands on the waiting lists, must make you somewhat ashamed of your party, but not to even mention them once on either public address is somewhat strange. Let me remind you, the party you are ashamed of are The Conservatives and they, like you, are not worthy of anyone's vote!

2024-07-02 19:50:36

Toryboy, I’m asking because Hannah Ellis was part of the Robert Halfon team in Westminster and she claims the experience proves she knows how to get things done. Clearly she doesn’t though because if she did we’d have, at the very least, planning permission for the new hospital by now.

James M
2024-07-02 20:23:17

It’s either Tory or Reform… Labour are a disgrace

Roger Reform
2024-07-02 20:26:57

Labour are actually using the conflict in Gaza to gain votes! How low can they go? Did you see Angela Raynor telling the Muslim community she will do everything for Palestine? SHOCKING

Riad Mannan
2024-07-02 20:33:37

I don't normally comment on fellow candidates' videos but I have to say you need to come up with solutions and not just repeat the problems and say you acknowledge them or sympathise with them. When a hospital is missing, that means the people of Harlow are missing appointment's and missing treatments. When people are fearful of crime its because they don't see police officers on their streets. When voters can't get a doctors appointments or housing its not because of immigrants, it is because of underinvestment by the Conservative government she supports. We need solutions, not more problems.

2024-07-02 20:40:49

We will have to wait until Friday morning to find out if we will get a rid of those who currently in the majority.

2024-07-02 21:21:59

Roger Reform, no. I don't think anyone else did either. Best you pop up a video link/news story saying that eh?

Nicholas Taylor
2024-07-02 22:59:06

Well Robert Halfon was apparently working hard for Harlow for many years but despite this a new hospital that will actually be in the Epping Forest District Council area is still a decade away, the formerly known Public Health England move to Harlow has been mothballed and there are more pot holes in the towns roads than ever before so clearly no-one in Government listened to him, so what chance does Hannah have. None I suspect when a Labour Government comes in to power later this week. A Vote for the Conservatives in Harlow is a wasted vote.

gary roberts
2024-07-03 07:52:33

The photo-shoot, the video, the smile: Great. Then the nebulous nonsense, policy irrelevance in abeyance, and border-line truth: Not Great. Halfon in all but name. Something I detest.

2024-07-03 09:49:20

Reformer, Jail time if you commit a crime based on hate or racism over someone's religion? Good... by the way, in January 2024, and with no mention of Angela Rayer by the way, 'the Foreign Secretary, David Cameron indicated that the United Kingdom could formally recognise and establish diplomatic relations to a Palestinian state during the negotiations for a peace deal of the Israel–Hamas war'. I will watch with interest as to what happens, but am sure we all agree, this war must end. Enough death and destruction.

2024-07-03 09:59:51

Reform support Russia, that's much more concerning

View from Afar
2024-07-03 10:32:36

All I see is the Conservatives continually saying how bad it will be if Labour get in and constantly attacking them but not say what they are going to do. Has anyone seen some of the Conservative adverts, particularly the one regarding surrender- absolutely disgraceful?

2024-07-03 10:37:24

View from afar, they have nothing left, other than go on the attack. It's so tiresome to hear so many lies too, the cons have dragged our politics into the gutter.

Clark Renney
2024-07-03 12:53:48

I have always been passionately interested in Politics, and am a Political Activist; and I have lived too long to give much credence to opinion polls. Only one opinion poll matters, that is the one being held tomorrow: July 4, 2024. Please do not be drawn in by talk of "super-majorities" and "it's all over". It is not all over until the well-proportioned female vocalist is performing the solo; and she hasn't even finished putting on her make-up yet. It will be all over when the final vote is counted. And only then. In fourteen years you have had five Prime Ministers, the highest tax burden in seventy years, migration out of control, people who partied while imposing laws to prevent you being with your loved ones as they died. You had a mini-budget which wrecked the economy and all-but bankrupted our nation and, the highest NHS waiting lists in its history. Our young people cannot afford to own homes and rents are out of control. But as you struggle to put food on your table, Rishi Sunak et al. have added more wealth to their billions. You deserve better than this. Our country needs change, and that change can only come if you vote for it. Vote Labour tomorrow, July 4th...

2024-07-03 14:49:04

Me, the tax tax tax stuff has come from the tories about labour and by the way, we've had near record hikes in taxes under the conservatives with nothing to show for it.. It's just spin, all the tories have done is go on the attack on labour and about £2k taxes they were actually told not to because it was a lie.

2024-07-03 15:26:15

I’ve lived through all the labour/Conservative years, from the 70s onward, in that amount of time you get to see and realise, what party actually costs the electorate, more, you’ve, all got your computers, your lap tops, I/pads etc, you can check, how all parties have performed during that time, and which party has been more beneficial to you over that time. Conclusion, the electorate, through rough times, feels when a general election is announced, that the grass is greener on the other side, and they will go to the other side, before you do, are you really wanting to take a chance?

2024-07-03 15:37:52

We're never going to get a fair representation when 75% or so of the public won't vote. Whoever gets in, unless the majority of local residents eligible to vote turn out, no party can claim a victory. Apathy will be the winner. We need the tories out and someone else given a chance, but the alternatives are so poor people feel politically lost. I will vote, but I still have no idea who to vote got, but it 100% won't be tory

2024-07-03 15:58:39

Resident, as mentioned before, lots of people are lending their vote this time, in order to get the tories out. For Harlow, that is Labour, other areas Lib Dems.. Hopefully by next election we will go back to some sort of normality in the political world.

2024-07-03 16:02:22

Henry, me too. I remember tories, then labour, then tories. I remember the NHS being pretty bad after the tories last long stint in power and also remember how much better it was at point of use after labour. This is the main reason I will be voting labour and yes, I really do want to take a chance. The UK is worse now than I can remember.

2024-07-03 16:21:07

Trace I just hope whoever gets in sorts out the NHS, and gets the new hospital built. We are really in trouble and living in a time when people fear becoming ill. Were been dragged back into victorian times. It's frightening what has happened. If it it doesn't get sorted people will be dying in their own homes in huge numbers because they're scared to go to hospital. It's 2024 fgs. I hope we see change, I really do. This government needs to hang its head in shame

2024-07-03 16:32:53

The next government needs to incentivise young people into health care careers, we can't keep relying on foreign labour for the most critical timed in people's lives. After a recent stay in hospital the staff didn't understand or speak English very well and, I hate to say it, were more interested in chatting among themselves instead of doing ward rounds and dispensing medication. When you're at your most vulnerable you should be confident the people who have your care in their hands are actually interested in doing the job and are fluent in the native language. This stay really opened my eyes to just how bad things have become. The place was dirty, towels left on the floor in the toilet and wash area, buzzers not being responded to for hours, some staff not understanding rhe questions they're being asked. The nhs needs a complete overhaul, we are heading for very dark times as it stands right now.

2024-07-03 16:35:02

I hear you Resident, I hear you, it is frightening. Gonna take whoever is in next a while to sort out this mess too and insane how quickly the country has got this way. Good luck to us all eh? Hopefully onto a better future.

2024-07-03 16:36:45

Ps, hope you're feeling better now and on the mend.

2024-07-03 16:39:34

I really hope so Trace, I really do. And thankyou, recovery is heading the right way so far thankfully.

2024-07-03 18:26:54

Good news Resident, long may that continue.

James Gamble
2024-07-03 20:17:05

One final day of 14 years of pain left.

2024-07-04 06:40:22


2024-07-04 15:38:43

Is this the Trace , I know it all show.

2024-07-04 21:32:02

@Me, it's the 'filling in before you finally came in with a worthy contribution show'. Glad you could make it!

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