Harlow MP Chris Vince sends message to residents following victory

Chris Vince / Sun 7th Jul 2024 at 07:17am

HARLOW’S newest MP Chris Vince has issued a statement following his election on Thursday night.

Mr Vince said: I want to say from the bottom of my heart a huge thank you to everyone who voted for Labour in the General Election across Harlow and the villages.

It is a huge honour to be elected as your MP, Harlow is my home and has been the community that I have represented as a councillor for the past six years and means a great deal to me, but I know that the hard work is just beginning.

I am determined to be an MP who represents all of this diverse constituency and over the next few months, I look forward to continuing conversations with residents, businesses, community groups and many more in Hatfield Broad Oak, Hatfield Heath, Sheering, Lower Sheering, Lower Nazeing, White Roding, Canfield and everywhere in between.

Details of local surgeries and community meetings will be published very soon.

I also want to thank everyone who came out to support Labour throughout the campaign. Much will be made of the national politics behind Thursday’s result but all I want to say is that I know I couldn’t have been elected as MP without the mammoth effort we put in, not just over the past weeks but months and years.

I must also take a moment to thank Robert Halfon for his service to our town. Like Bill Rammell before him, he has set a high bar which I am determined to meet.

Thank you

Chris Vince MP

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39 Comments for Harlow MP Chris Vince sends message to residents following victory:

2024-07-07 10:05:53

Can’t spell Thursday’s and missed half of the villages out. Welcome to our new highly intellectual MP.

Me, Harlow
2024-07-07 10:30:59

@Dan "and everywhere in between" for the villages.

2024-07-07 10:33:43

Nit picking. The ballot box told the story. Makes you wonder did RH have a crystal ball and knew he would be ousted

2024-07-07 10:42:48

Dan - 'highly intellectual'? - That's a rarely used word grouping! -- Though you may argue that 'in between' deserves a hyphen, I think it covers the other villages that haven't been mentioned. As a resident of Matching, I'm not offended, I'm delighted.

gary roberts
2024-07-07 10:46:00

At the hustings MP Vince commented that crime and ASB was at the top of his agenda after residents raised it on the doorstep. So now lets have a return to neighbourhood policing in general and Potter Street in particular. Further a push to return council services to every area and Potter Street in particular. And of course NHS services to every area namely fully resourced doctor' surgeries. As you attended the demonstrations in support of Osler House I hope this will mean you will push for a return of these services to Potter Street. Otherwise the "honeymoon" period will end in six months.

gary roberts
2024-07-07 10:48:56

And if the Dan is Cllr. Swords perhaps he should consider a higher standard of integrity as the leader of the council. For example if you claim to consult the residents' of Potter Street you should actually do it!

2024-07-07 10:51:03

I am more realistic, not possible to do everything we need and want in six months, with the country in the state it is.

Brian M
2024-07-07 16:01:56

80% of England didn’t vote for Labour! Make that make sense…. Good luck to everyone we have some very tough times ahead

David Uzosike
2024-07-07 16:16:56

Congratulations Chris, we are delighted to be part of your victory✌️. We believe in the consistent and exemplary leadership you have give to tge people of Harlow over tge years and wish you well in parliament. Look forward to working with you for the advancement of Harlow

John A Andrews
2024-07-07 16:17:51

Never Voted for Chris, but have spoken with him on many occasions. He's a decent man who cares and I have every faith in him. And we'll done for recognising what Robert Halfon has done for the town. Good luck

2024-07-07 16:22:52

Sort out Lister House. Not everyone is able to queue for fifteen minutes to get to the reception area. They have all the technology to book yourself in for appointments. I have never seen them working.

2024-07-07 16:29:25

Chris come to Fitzwilliam court in church gate st home for older people and see how neglected it is with repairs service it's a disgrace Mr Halforn didn't bother asked loads as John Charles, a resident

2024-07-07 17:17:31

Brian - Labour won 34% of the vote share. Not sure what Harlow School you went to but 100 - 34 = 66%. I do hope Labour focus on education. Personally never voted for Labour but tactically voted to block Reform. At least we won't have inexperienced, undeliverable promises leaving us in an even worse position than Brexit.

the former A414 sidekick
2024-07-07 17:27:10

Chris taught my nephew and niece Maths in secondary school, so its hilarious he is being maligned for his intellect! 🤣🤣 There are plenty of intellectual geniuses who focus on pursuits other than spelling... and this one got himself elected to parliament gaining cross party personal respect along the way. With his intellect, I am hopeful he will continue the hard work of his predecessors and keep Harlow on the map in Westminster!

2024-07-07 17:49:32

Gulible Daily Mail and Telegraph readers who digest the rubbish written by their mega rich non-tax paying owners. "Hard time ls ahead".... The rest of us are "thank god the Tory rot has been cut out of government. Cronyism, corruption, partying while the queen mourned alone, Michelle Mones millions."

Nick Gunning
2024-07-07 18:06:04

With-inne a thousand ȝeer, and wordes tho That hadden pris now wonder nyce and straunge Us thenketh hem, and ȝet thei spake hem so (Chaucer-Troilus and Criseyde) For those people who think it impossible to engage with higher intellectual ideas without 18th century spelling rules, Chaucer's thought has survived intelligibly for 625 years. The MP qualified as a teacher and, therefore, his spelling and punctuation got him through tertiary education and a career. There's the current problem that much mail writing software renders what's submitted unintelligible, often substituting total non-sequitors after the text is uploaded. It's the ideas that the MP has in his head and can communicate effectively that we employ him. The last five PMs have communicated with perfect scowling and an absence of critical thought, which is why we're in such a mess.

2024-07-07 18:24:50

Politically Educated. I know it must seem confusing . But Labour got 34% of the votes cast , and only around 50% of the voting public voted , and 50% did not bother to vote. So it was more like Labour only got about 20% of the whole voting public .Got it.

2024-07-07 18:33:26

John A Andrews. Just wondering if you found Chris Vince such a good bloke and had faith in him why did you not vote for him.

2024-07-07 18:37:10

Maybe it should read 'Politically un-educated' around 48 million registerd voters and the labour total was around 9.7 million. 20 percent by my calculations. Even corbyn managed more votes!

Been here before
2024-07-07 18:44:27

Welcome to the party pal

Mickley mouse
2024-07-07 18:52:02

But Starmer does not want to use prisons. States too many in gor wrong sentencing. So please tell what we are to do with law breakers.

Judith Foster
2024-07-07 19:03:08

I welcome Chris who is our new MP. He has worked hard and will continue to work hard for all of us. So refreshing and comforting to once again feel hope and belief in our government. It of course will be a hard task but one that needs to be addressed head on. If people expect everything to be magically remedied think again. Tough times will come to enable better lives for the majority.

David Bushnell
2024-07-07 19:14:49

It will be interesting to know if I can get a response to any communication from you regarding the parking of cars at ladyshot. I emailed RH plus 2 councillors from HC but no reply. ( probably to busy organising parties when they should be serving the community) I wait in anticipation.

Robert Jeakins
2024-07-07 19:47:33

Let's see what happens now with Labour wi they stand by thier words or is it all bull sh•t Like tax on pensions housing our own people .

2024-07-07 22:58:11

Starmer is your man he was head of the CPS . He decided Jimmy Saville had no case to answer. Sums him & the Labour lparty up really. Please don't moan when it all goes wrong but I acknowledge the Tories were shocking. & Boris was an insult to politics & the nation.

2024-07-08 00:04:07

Robert J, we pay tax on pensions if go over the threshold for earnings, the same threshold for all income. If on a state pension only, it isn't high enough.

2024-07-08 00:08:45

https://fullfact.org/online/keir-starmer-prosecute-jimmy-savile/ Matt, have a look at the link. Starmer did not decide that over Saville, that was a fib told by the tories, Boris if I remember correctly. So, no, does not sum him up, or the Labour party at all.

2024-07-08 00:13:15

The underlying numbers are quite stark. Only 60% of the electorate turned out to vote, Only 20% of those voted for Labour. 80% of those voters did not vote for Labour. Whilst they boast about the majority they have gained, even Blair and Starmer know just how fragile thier governancy is.

Me, Harlow
2024-07-08 08:04:44

It would be interesting to know what percentage of people did tactical voting in order to get out the conservative government.

2024-07-08 18:06:03

Me Harlow. Look at the percentage Reform got . That's your answer

2024-07-08 18:10:15

Trace . Basic pension since 2016 £221. So only by 1 or 2 pounds. Labour are leaving the tax threshold the same , so next rise pensioners will be paying tax.

2024-07-08 18:12:30

Sorry Trace , should have said pension now £221. I know you would have picked me up on that

2024-07-08 21:05:42

Herbie. £241 before tax stopped , but you are correct , won't belong before pensioners will have to pay tax on it

2024-07-08 23:02:21

Pensions are not the issue here, it's the frozen personal allowance amount which has been frozen since 2021. This has and will drag people paying more tax, including pensioners. It's one of the tories stealth taxes.

2024-07-08 23:10:49

Turkey, is that votes for real reform candidates, or AI? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/article/2024/jul/08/reform-uk-under-pressure-to-prove-all-its-candidates-were-real-people?CMP=twt_b-gdnnews

2024-07-09 06:02:21

Trace . I thought that was what I said about tax threshold.

2024-07-09 07:52:57

Sorrry Herbie, missed that bit! But won't go over threshold until 20026/27, so won't be next year. Let's see what happens. As bad as tax is on pensioners, it works out to be about £16 a month but who knows, maybe Labour will change their minds by then.. (ooh, just saw a flying pig).

2024-07-09 21:51:04

All these disgruntled voters upset by Labours share of the vote, Torys spent the entire campaign saying any vote for anyone but them was a vote for Labour, think that gives Labour an unbelievable majority! Or are you saying that those voters were too thick to understand the basics?

2024-07-09 23:22:42

Ann... I totally agree.. lister house is a absolute joke, can't ring for appointment, got to do it online, appointments are suspended for doctors comfort ( I know its not worded that way ) but near as.. so after weeks of trying you go to the out of hours who then ask why you decided to use out of hours.. I was told by a GP there that even though it was now proved there was a high risk of heart disease in family I wouldn't be tested ( even though I've high blood pressure n high cholesterol and have stopped smoking and eat a mainly healthy diet) until I had heart attack or stroke 😳 by which time it maybe too late

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