Bush Fair councillor to be new leader of Harlow Council

News / Tue 15th May 2018 at 01:29pm

AT its AGM held at the Civic Centre on Sunday night, Harlow Labour Group elected the new Leader and Deputy Leader of the Harlow Council. Mark Ingall, Labour Councillor for Bush Fair, was elected Leader replacing Emma Toal and Waida Forman, Labour Councillor for Netteswell, was elected Deputy Leader.

The appointments follow Harlow Labour’s success in this year’s local elections where it increased its majority control of the Council as a result of winning Bush Fair from UKIP.

Councillor Mark Ingall said today; “I’m deeply honoured to have been elected Leader of Harlow Council.

“When I look at the achievements of those who have gone before me, most recently the immensely talented Emma Toal to whom I extend thanks and appreciation on behalf of the Labour Group, I know I have got big shoes to fill. But I am excited by this opportunity and committed to achieving results for all our residents.

“Many challenges lie ahead. Chief amongst these is the implementation of the Local Plan and the establishment of Harlow as a Garden Town with housing, education and employment opportunities for all of our residents.

“On top of this, we must ensure that residents continue to get the services they need in return for the council tax they pay. This means safe, attractive and cohesive communities in which everyone can thrive and no one feels left out or isolated.

“Some big decisions will need to be taken to achieve of all this but I’m confident that with Deputy Leader, Waida Forman and the team I am assembling to support me, we can deliver this for Harlow.

Councillor Emma Toal said today; “It has been a huge honour and a privilege to serve as Leader of Harlow Council. I was born and raised here in Harlow, and the town is an incredible place to live and work. Due to my work commitments and personal situation I did not stand for re-election as Leader. I’d like to thank my fellow Councillors for their support and officers of Harlow Council for their hard work this year.

“I will continue to serve the residents of my ward Harlow Common and will continue be an active Labour member on the Council.

“Our new Labour Group Leader Mark Ingall and Deputy Leader Waida Forman have my full backing and support. I look forward to seeing the great work of the Labour Council continue under Mark’s leadership. ”

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28 Comments for Bush Fair councillor to be new leader of Harlow Council:

2018-05-15 14:53:54

Been with the council for a couple of years and suddenly becomes the leader, begs a question or two no doubt. So, momentum takes over, didn't take them long, and at the expense of us losing a very decent man, Paul Clempner. Some of Mark Ingall's previous comments and aggressive retorts, mark him out to be something of a hard character. Wait for the fireworks, and I don't mean November. Socialism breeds POVERTY.

2018-05-15 16:58:31

Mark is a magnificent choice to lead the council, his passion for making the town, the country and the world a better place makes him the perfect person to put Labour's ideas into action for the good of all residents. As a teacher who has been on the front line he knows the day to day struggles of ordinary folk and will bring that experience to bear in the most positive of of ways, as his great work in Bush Fair has shown. Waida Forman as deputy leader is an equally inspired choice, a renowned lifelong local and national campaigner who will inspire and support the town in its future endeavours as she has done with such distinction as a ward councillor. And as a nurse in the NHS, our most cherished and important institution, Waida has the attributes, skill and compassion to deal with residents and ECC members at all levels to get the very best for Harlow. Both have shown in the campaigns of Harlow Labour and Harlow Young Labour as well as the many many canvassing sessions over the last few years, whether an election is coming up or not, that they are visible, approachable and have the good of the town at heart. All in all, a great team to lead a successful Harlow Labour group in the council. For the many, not the few.

2018-05-15 17:55:24

Remind me, was that the same Waida Foreman who at the time the town was having major issues with illegal traveller encampments stood behind a union banner that said "Travellers Welcome"? Does that mean none of our green spaces are safe.

2018-05-16 05:42:27

Waida Forman represents the diverse members of our community, for the few not the many. Waida stands up for injustice, she is both caring, compassionate and a credit to the Harlow community. We are reminded of our diversity when Heart4Harlow host an International Day on Sat 26 May 2018, between 12-5pm at the Harlow Museum. ‘Socialism breeds POVERY’ interesting comment considering that our Labour Council replaced Kier by HTS so the people of Harlow benefit, including Harlow employees, rather than shareholders profiting. Who is Paul Clempner I ask myself?

2018-05-16 06:33:12

Most of the people working for HTS, appear not to be residents of 'arlow! More slippery comment to divert. I actually said.............. Socialism breeds P O V E R T Y

2018-05-16 08:13:02

TUTU Absolutely nothing wrong with Diversity it's what makes the UK so welcoming and unique however when it comes to blatant law breaking and Harlow residents are left to pick up the costs the last thing we need is support for Law Breakers from a local councillor.

2018-05-16 12:22:08

Sadly in any community there are law breakers that cut across all classes, races and ethnicities, labelling all travellers as ‘law breakers’ in this way is nothing short of discriminatory.

2018-05-16 12:32:18

You don't call yourself a maverick, that's what other people call you. Dirty Harry didn't call himself Dirty Harry did he. Typical Tory response, tarring all members of a minority with the same brush. It's the politics of division just like when their demi god Maggie destroyed mining communities all across this country and when Tebbit said unemployment was a price worth paying. Heartless, irresponsible and churlish. Same old story. Same old Tories.

2018-05-16 12:55:13

jfq. Now an expert on our virtually extinct mining communities. Ever been to visit a mining area? So, do you know any miners ? Why were the coal fields shut down ? Ever heard of Arthur ? Who instigated the violence at picket lines? Maggie and Tebbit were quite right. The NUM have questions to be answered, to this day, do you know why jfq ? Socialism breeds P O V E R T Y.

2018-05-16 15:04:58

JFQ just for your Info Of all the mines shut, an incredible two-thirds were shut during the rule of left-wing hero Wilson; hence most had been shut before Thatcher even became Prime Minister. In 1964, 545 mines where open, but Labour governments shut down 326 of them, more than half. When Thatcher took over, the pace of closures actually slowed, with only 6 closing in her first year as Prime Minister. Overall she only shut 154 mines over 11 years, while in just 4 years more Labour had shut more than double that number down.

2018-05-16 15:11:54

I'll go along with the facts as you appear to do Maverick. I await the response of the pseudo Marxist with baited breath.

2018-05-16 18:04:07

See, someone else is calling you Maverick. That's how it works. 43% of mining jobs went under Wilson in the 60s whereas it was 80% under Thatcher. The trend of economic growth was lower under your Maggie (2.4% against 3.4% under Wilson) and unemployment was considerably higher in the 80s than in the 60s meaning there were far fewer opportunities to get back into work for redundant miners. Who described striking miners as "the enemy within"? Not Wilson. Allegations that officers conspired to lie, under government pressure, about what happened in the battle of Orgreave have also surfaced in recent years. No wonder the Tories don't want a public inquiry. Striking miners wives were also denied hardship payments under the Tories when they had previously been allowed access to them. Have I missed anything?

2018-05-16 18:44:39

You know what you read, plagiarist that you are, actually you know very little jfq. Always quoting other peoples research, why, because you really don't have a clue.Answer a few of the questions that I offered you,if you can. Just to give you a little help, Orgreave was a ....... plant. And, the issue was about ?

2018-05-16 19:58:56

Someone's getting aggressive and stamping their feet again when their questions are answered. They should probably stop asking questions if they don't like the answers they get...

2018-05-17 09:50:49

Wrong again jfq. It seems that you actually haven't a clue what was going on north of Watford. What questions have you answered ? Not one. Because your out of your depth, yet again. Get back to Google and see what you can come up with. I wont hold my breath on this one. TTFN.

2018-05-17 10:47:06

Well I wish you guys who keep posting responses which have nothing to do with the subject in question would find something else to do with your time. I can say having worked for Harlow Council for over 20 years, it takes years for a senior officer let alone a senior Councillor to understand how a council works, the relationships one needs to build with other organisations and being able to put on a professional front when representing the Council. I am afraid that what Councillor Ingall said in his interview already demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the issues which face Harlow. Perhaps if JFQ would like to return to the subject, as a staunch Labour supporter, he can explain why it has suddenly been thought that Harlow has not been a garden town since it's inception. Also, why building on many public open spaces and play grounds designed by Frederick Gibberd, how building thousands of homes just outside Harlow's borders (so they won't actually represent an extended town), will make Harlow a garden town. This is a buzz word being used by developers all across the country to disguise the fact that they want to create urban sprawls extending into green belt land. The Harlow Alliance party will continue to oppose these plans, we believe that as they become more public, more and more residents will join us in our campaign.

2018-05-17 11:26:22

Harlow was never designated as a garden town, rather as a new town, hence the name Harlow New Town. The patches of land of which you speak are likely to come under the control of neighbouring councils and county councils. Might I suggest you speak to them before blaming me for all your ills. The new leader of the council I would say has a very good grasp of the issues facing the town and its people. Good enough to be elected to the council in the first place.

2018-05-17 11:27:20

Micky Micky Micky. What would you do without me. But seriously, your obsession is a bit weird now.

2018-05-17 11:48:47

Well JFQ, Frederick Gibberd took as his model Welwyn Garden City, the original garden city built in and around 1919. Hence the large public areas, separation between homes and industry and many other features.Harlow was a called a new town simply because it was a new town. All but one of the 21 'small' sites identified by Harlow's Labour Local Plan are Harlow Council owned but it already appears that many will never see Council owned homes built on them. As for the homes on Harlow's borders, you can see from the size of the land involved compared to the numbers of homes being planned, they will be more like Church Langley, which was 'sold' to many residents as a village of it's own. I certainly don't blame you for all my ill's, I do blame the Labour group for signing a deal with these other authorities, with little or no consultation with Harlow residents and perhaps you, if you were ever to make public who you are.

Brett Hawksbee
2018-05-17 15:17:05

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm really missing 'VOTE LABOUR AT YOUR PERIL!' Up your game Micky.

2018-05-17 15:35:11

I thought that the 'new town' name was given so that it would disassociate it from Harlow, as was.All the little villages surrounding the Harlow area were incorporated into one, namely Harlow New Town. I live in Churchgate Street, which is said by the original planners and councillors to be Harlow. But, on the new road signs they call it Old Harlow, on most maps, guess what. In the early sixties, my wife, who lived in Royden, used to ride her pony through the hamlets that we now know as Harlow, which has spread beyond all recognition. The plans in store for the Churchgate area are deplorable, this charming rural area is to be surrounded by bricks and mortar, and it's own personal motorway access. So much for the we know what's best brigade.

2018-05-17 15:37:30

Hawksbee, you're running late' Socialism breeds P O V E R T Y.

2018-05-17 16:31:19

He might have used that as an influence, but Harlow was a totally different proposition and I think you know that, Nine Pin. Well take up your concerns with the Labour group then, Pin Cushion! I know it's hard to believe, but I don't actually have all the answers. Your wife used to ride a pony through Harlow, Micky? Appropriate, as I can run a coach and horses through your every argument. Micky's a NIMBY!! I'm a NIMBY and I'm okay, I love the Tories and Theresa May, Strong and Stable was a good old laugh, until our exit poll turned into a bloodbath, Now we Tories are on here boring everyone, if you want misinformation we've got it by the tonne.

2018-05-17 17:23:06

More insults from JFQ, who chooses to ignore the facts and clearly does not wish readers to know who they are. Check your history, Welwyn Garden City's design is mimicked by Harlow. It was built after WW1 to house displaced people from London and offered a town which gave hope to many returning from war. In the 1920 and 1930's those training to be architects and town planners held W.W City as a model. This was reflected in Frederick Gibberd's design for Harlow. As for Labour's Local Plan, we are going to make formal objections and we already have hundreds of people signed up to make these objections known when the time comes. As for you not having all the answers, you appear not to have any. If you can't come up with some, I suggest that you find something else to do rather than clog up this website with pathetic comments.

2018-05-17 18:08:34

And I suggest that you read Harlow: The Story Of A New Town where Welwyn Garden City doesn't rate a mention beyond the first chapter and a small graphic. This is because Harlow was built to be completely unique, as is evidenced by the first residential tower block, pedestrianised town centre, and so on. "Pathetic comments", eh. You can take the boy out of UKIP but you can't take UKIP out of the boy. That hatred just below the surface as always but now dressed up in a supposedly respectable party. There are only two sets of people on You Harlow indulging in personal attacks on commenters and councillors, one set from the Tories, the other from the UKIP-lite HAP. Plus ca change.

2018-05-17 21:53:35

Yet more insults! I think the people that know me will think your comments cannot be further from the truth. I am sure the readers of this column can see what you do, apart from the first few posts, all the rest are way off the subject of the original article. I look forward to meeting you if ever the idea of hustings take place.

2018-05-18 04:53:25

What insults? I'm calling yours out. If the truth hurts... As you can see, our friend Micky pulls the conversation all over the place. All I do is debate each and every turn. I can do this because I have the confidence and the ability to win the argument. The real reason that people insult me on here is because they have no answer to child poverty rising, people dying in hospital corridors, those with terminal illness having to go through tests to show whether they're fit for work, this is just a sample of how this broken down and heartless government is ruining this country. So people pull out the insults because the truth is unpalatable. Often this is a result of fear. Fear that the tide is turning, that younger people are getting in touch with their future (hear the scaremongering shrieks of MOMENTUM!!! whenever that happens) and fear that a successful Harlow council could be replicated nationwide. This government and Tory Party are rapidly becoming an irrelevance, and with it their stone age print media acolytes and backward attitudes to the sick, poor and minorities. Some comments on this page are but a symptom of a dying ideology begging to be put out of its misery. Change is coming.

2018-05-18 11:44:43

The truth? The truth is, if you don't agree with someone else's views, your posts are littered with insults and untruths. If we go back to the origin of this article, I made comments about Cllr Ingall's appointment. You have a different view. So what? On many other issues I agree with your sentiments, as the officer dealing with homeless households many years ago I saw the outcome of failed housing policies, poverty and a lack of a decent education system on many occasions. Since then it has got much worse. The present government has relaxed rules about converting offices to flats leading to awful living conditions and it's public statement that every council home sold would be replaced by another has in fact seen one new home for each seven sold. The Harlow Alliance Party believe this situation is a disgrace. We can hardly be called Conservative light. Where we do not agree with the Harlow Labour Party is their apparent willingness to go along the Tory path and see their public land used not for homes at council rent levels but at the Tories 'affordable, rent or sales price. There are a number of other issues we highlight on our website. We also hope change is coming, but it might not be quite the same as what you are hoping for. I shall not be commenting on this article again.

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