Coroner “that cares” named in Queen’s Honours

News / Sat 10th Oct 2020 am31 10:59am

AMONG the people named in the Queen’s Birthday Honours was Caroline Wynne Beasley-Murray, JP. HM Senior Coroner for Essex.

Mrs Beasley-Murray was given the award for services to HM Coroners’ Service (Chelmsford, Essex).

Most residents in Harlow will never have heard of her but there is a sizeable number who, sadly, have.

This reporter has been attending inquests at Chelmsford for over fourteen years and have witnessed first hand the kind manner with which she conducts what can only be very delicate proceedings.

Every inquest appears to be different. Many are simply tragic an dit is hard for Harlow families to make the journey over to Chelmsford to sit in a form of court room to hear about the death of a loved one.

You can see that for some, it all comes flooding back. You can see for some that they are trying to make sense of it all.

From the outset, Ms Beasley-Murray makes it plain that the inquest is not a forum for blame to be apportioned.

And she concludes the inquest holding out hope that some form of closure can be obtained from the inquest.

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