Letter to Editor: Harlow Tories and housing

News / Sun 21st Feb 2021 at 08:31am

Dear Sir,

I’ve always been aware that the Tories are loose with the truth, however upon reading Cllr Simon Carter’s recent letter to Your Harlow, it seems that they are twisting the truth a lot recently.

Cllr Simon Carter calls out Harlow Council for not building or developing any further council housing, despite the truth being quite far from his stance.

I’m proud to be standing as a Labour candidate for Sumners & Kingsmoor, for a Labour group that is producing Council housing for those that need it most. This has also been reported in YourHarlow…. https://www.yourharlow.com/2021/01/22/harlow-council-leader-announces-32-new-council-homes-for-town/

It’s hard for a Council to retain Council housing since the Tories implemented right to buy under Thatcher, where Council houses are bought by tenants at a fraction of the cost of the full market value. I am proud of our Council for being able to develop Council housing despite these challenges and a lack of central government funding.

I do agree with Cllr Carter on one thing. The choice IS clear: vote for a Labour Council who are already providing more and better housing, including more Council stock or a Tory Council who over promise without delivering. Let’s face it, the Tories run Essex County Council, who have raised Council tax much more significantly than what Harlow has* in the last 4 years, postponed fixing our roads until election year, and created chaos over at Edinburgh Way.

Labour is committed to providing suitable homes for all, and only Labour can provide this. It’s the Tories who allowed Permitted Development (e.g. Terminus House) and stripped away Harlow’s automatic right to reject office block conversions.

Only Labour will provide more and better housing for those in Harlow who need it most.


Many thanks

Aiden O’Dell

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