Pay overtakes inflation for first time in nearly two years

Business / Tue 17th Oct 2023 at 07:27am

AVERAGE pay growth rose above inflation for the first time in almost two years, in a sign that the squeeze on living costs may be starting to ease reports the BBC.

Wages rose by 7.8% between June and August, according to official figures.

It is higher than average inflation over the same three months, which measures the rate at which prices rise.


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3 Comments for Pay overtakes inflation for first time in nearly two years:

gary roberts
2023-10-17 11:29:15

"Pay overtakes inflation for first time in nearly two years" And still many in this town has to claim Universal Credit while working full-time and/or use the local foodbank. How can that be in a supposedly rich country like the UK?

2023-10-18 06:57:23

Smoke and mirrors by what is supposed to a conservative government, with the highest peacetime levels of personal taxation, freezing of personal allowances that are dragging more people into the higher tax bands, also the freezing of the lower personal allowances, add on to that indirect taxes it's very clear we no longer have a proper conservative party but with no viable alternative at the moment things are going to get worse.

2023-10-19 21:48:33

This is absolute nonsense in reality. The ONS website states "The estimates in this bulletin come from a survey of businesses. It is not possible to survey every business each month, so these statistics are estimates based on a sample, not precise figures." The country is still in a race to the bottom despite what you might be told.

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