Remarkable turnaround at Jerounds as school rated “Good” by Ofsted

Education: Primary / Fri 8th Nov 2013 at 03:36pm

JEROUNDS COMMUNITY SCHOOL has received a glowing report from Ofsted.

The report makes the following observations.

1. Standards are above age-related expectations in Year 3 and rising rapidly in Years 4, 5 and 6. Some Year 6 pupils are already working at close to the national average.

2. Disabled students and those who have special educational needs do well from their individual starting points.

3. The use of assessment information is good. The accuracy of teachers’ marking has rapidly become a strength of the school.

4. The school’s checking and review of teaching is consistently accurate. An entirely new group of teachers were recruited for the start of the 2013 academic year.

5. Teaching is good. Pupils respond very positively to effective questioning. Some support staff contribute well in lessons.

6. Attendance is above the national average.

7. Pupils in Years 4 to 6 pupils do not all achieve equally well in writing and in aspects of mathematics.

8. Behaviour is good. Pupils work particularly well together, feel safe, and have very positive attitudes to learning.

9. Parents and carers are very pleased with the improvements made since the appointment of the current headteacher. Additional government funding has been used well to support pupils who need extra help. As a result, they achieve as well as their peers.

10.Leadership and management are outstanding; the headteacher expects high standards from both pupils and staff. Behaviour and attendance have improved significantly as a direct result of the improvement in teaching and achievement secured. A strong leadership team and a vibrant junior school have been created in six months.

11.An interim executive board has supported the headteacher drive to improve teaching.

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